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Day Ten:  18th August ATI RUDRA MAHA YAJNAM
 Report + Photos Discourse

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August 18, 2006
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Quick Download Text file:  Ati Rudra Maha Yajna Elaborate Report  9th - 20th Aug 2006
This morning marked the 10th Day of the Athi Rudra Maha Yajna. Swami came out as usual and took a round of the entire Kulwant hall granting darshan. He went straight to the sofa onstage after getting down at the interview room. He sat down and graced the proceedings of the morning. At about 7:50 am Swami went into the interview room but came out in about 20 minutes time. He then sat till 9:45 am viewing with interest all the proceedings. Every moment for Him is new and every day and moment, His enthusiasm is the same. Swami called and blessed the birthday boys and also asked for the prasadam to be given to all. Maha mangala Aarthi was taken and Swami retired to Yajur Mandiram.

Possibly on the lines of the Sapthrishis and the Ashtalakshmis the Navagrahas must have found their way to Sai Kulwant Hall for day nine of the Athi Rudra Maha Yagnam at Prasanthi Nilayam along with thousands of devotees. The hall was agog with expectation and at 3:14 PM the most awaited moment arrived when Swami drove into Sai Kulwant Hall for Darshan. After driving through His usual path, Swami took center stage at 3:26PM. After the evening session of the Krama paatam of the Rudram was completed, Aarathi was offered to Swami and the Saieeshwara lingam. Following this, Swami asked Sri.Vinay Kumar for the programme for the evening. The evening programme had two distinguished speakers who were to address the devotees.

The first of them was Sri. S. V. Giri, an IAS officer of the Andhra Pradesh cadre, the 6th Vice Chancellor of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. Addressing the gathering for the second time during the Yagnam, Sri. Giri stressed on the need for Unity and Purity, which would lead to Divinity when present together. He had expounded the real power that the Rudram had, which he explained was highly dynamic and an energetic manthra. Sri. Giri went on to praise the Sri Sathya Sai Education system and how its main focus how to control the mind and thereafter to end the mind. He added that the mind had the potency to drive and evolve itself to higher consciousness. He concluded by recollecting some of the points that Swami had made in His discourses in the past few days especially with regard to the glory of Bharath. Another significant point that he mentioned was one of Swami's frequent injunctions to us, "Self knowledge promotes Self confidence; Self confidence leads to Self sacrifice which earns Self realization."

The second speaker for the evening was Sri. Gunaranjan P. , a devotee of Bhagawan from his childhood, currently the Vice President of an MNC in Banglore. He spoke on the topic "The journey of Sai Youth". He compared this journey of Life to that of one in a BMW car that Swami has given each one of us. He expanded BMW as Body, Mind and Word, and that goodness was to be radiated from our actions, thoughts and words in order to ensure that the "car" does not steer off control. Sri. Gunaranjan very beautifully elucidated that in order to make the road for this journey a smooth one, we need to have three vital components, that is Love, Humility and Service. He concluded saying that in any scientific equation the LHS=RHS ( ie: Left hand side is equal to the Right hand side). And similarly in this case, the equation simplifies to Love, Humility and Service (LHS) is the Royal Highway to Sai (RHS).

Out of His infinite Love, Swami consented to give us His Divine message at 4:25PM.

All the knowledge that you get out of books is of no use if you cannot fold your hands in humility before God. Today one is not able to speak one's own mother or father tongues. The Bharatiya culture has been forgotten and the innate nature & bliss have been forgotten. People wallow in ego and pride. They do not observe the social courtesies. What is left to be said?

Embodiments of Love,

We are in a fast world today. Time runs faster and the days fly by. 60 seconds make a minute and 60 minutes make an hour and the hours fly by. It is the nature of the mind that is responsible for the fast world. "Mana Eva Manushyaanam Kaaranam Bandha Mokshayoho"- The mind alone is responsible for either bondage or liberation. Mind is a bundle of desires and it has to be controlled. The fate of man is such today that he controls everything except himself! So, offer your minds to God. The mind is God's gift.

When a person is born from the womb, he comes with no necklace or chain of any sort. He only carries the necklace of the fruits of his past actions. God has given you this necklace and it is your duty to take proper care of it. The entire society is nothing but reaction, reflection and resound.

Today, I do not know what to tell you all. Man is composed of the three Gunas (qualities) - sattwa, rajas and tamas. It is the sattwik nature that has to be preserved. A wicked man always entertains wicked thoughts. But all these too are at the level of the mind. Spirituality lies in transcending the mind. Once upon a time, Ubhaya Bharati, the wife of Mandana Misra, was on her way to take bath in a river. She saw a renunciant lying on the river bank sand with a pot as a pillow. She laughed out and said, "I thought that this person is a Vairagi (renunciant). But he is so attached to a pot." When she returned from her bath, she saw that the person had thrown away the pot. She again laughed out and said, "I thought that he is only attached. But he also has the desire that I should think good of him!" Hearing this, the person fell at her feet. He said that she had opened his eyes and started singing Bhaja Govindam. (At this point Swami sang Bhaja Govindam and all of us followed.)

Ubjaya Bharati was a Jnani (one of wisdom) and yet she led a householder's life. She always obeyed her husband. She even debated with the great Sankaracharya. She said - The whole world is full of delusion and attachment to different forms. Everything is our making and we are carried away by bodily attachments. The body alone takes birth and it dies. The five senses belong to the body and the body is a gift of God. The indweller is God.

All the feelings that you have right now are foolish. They are not permanent. A body loves another body, but only as long as they are there. The bodies have not come together nor will they leave together. Today your life may be full of satisfaction. But what about tomorrow? The mind is not under control. The mind is the steering of this car (of the body). The Rithwiks here have their own feelings too but when it comes to God, they are pure. There are so many youth too amongst them. After the Poornahuthi, I shall talk to you and grant your wishes. Whatever the youth ask, I shall grant to them. All of you have Vairagya (detachment) but still some attachments remain. Tomorrow, I shall tell you an easy way to give up attachments.

(To the Rithwiks)The head priest here has assimilated everything and is guiding you well. God is yours and you belong to God. The relation between you and Me is like that of a mother and her child. Tomorrow, I shall also find it hard to part with you. But remember, we cannot be separated from each other. I too will be coming with you! I shall speak tomorrow on ideals.

Swami then called for Sathya, a Primary school student from Iran and asked him to chant the Rudram. The little one in all his innocence and charm made Swami a proud Mother and flawlessly chanted it. Thereafter He called for His students from America and Russia and asked them to chant various sukthams, and then to sing a bhajan together.

What followed next was a total surprise. Swami told something to the boy behind Him and a message was sent out. A lady from a corner of the hall was brought to stage. Swami took Smt. Sowcar Janaki (an actress of yesteryear) by surprise and asked her to speak in His presence. She recounted various instances in her life where Swami showered His boundless Love on her and her family members. She prayed to Swami that this Yagnam should bring about Loka Kalyanam (World Peace) as He has promised.

The fourth speaker was Smt. Anjali Devi (another old time actress). She too was overwhelmed at Swami's sudden shower of Grace. She fervently thanked Swami for having done everything for her, and also expressed a desire that in her next birth too, she should get a chance to serve Swami. She was grateful to Swami for allowing her the role of the divine mother Eashwaramma in the tele-serial, "Shirdi Sai Parthi Sai Divyakatha".

Swami blessed them and we were all touched by the frank and candid experiences of these devotees. The ninth day's proceedings ended when Swami asked for Aarathi and Prasadam to be distributed at 5:30PM.
Source: Prasanthi Bulletin radio sai


Athi Rudra Maha Yajna: Day 10 - Blog by Mark

 18th August:  - Morning
Sai Ram All - The morning’s proceedings started 5.00am sharp, with the prescribed Rudra chants and Linga abhishekams. Swami arrived in the car around 7.20am and proceeded straight to His chair. After a short while, He went to the interview room for about 20mins. He came back at the start of the Rudra Homan. He sat there watching the whole proceedings. At the end of the Sai Gayatri Homan, the head priest came up to Swami and Swami materialized a chain for him and put it around his neck. Prasad was distributed to all, in the Hall. Sweet pita bread in sealed plastic bags. Hopefully I can bring it back. Trying to find someone outside with a fridge. The final oblations then continued with aarti to Swami and the Sayeeshwara Lingam. Swami left. Linga offerings were again given to all, via a spoonful. OM NAMAH SHIVAYA. Break time. Starts again at 2.00pm. Quite warm today. More people are leaving. Mostly Indians. Less crowded now. By Mark Jai Sri Sai Ram [© 2006 Innersky at Prashanti]

Sai Ram All

Prasanthi bulletin (SAI GLOBAL HARMONY) and SSSBPT websites, have very detailed accounts of the
previous day’s proceedings. My interpretation of the events are seen through my own eyes and usually way back in the hall. So please forgive me for any discrepancies with the details. As someone mentioned to me it was not a golden lingam, but of different colors. So we are not sure now. I only saw a flash of it from a great distance. So you will have to wait officially from the Trust site. Also there is no point in me explaining in detail, what and who the speakers are, or even what Swami said, as I can’t remember everything. I’ll try my best.

Well, it started again at 2.00pm with the Rudram and abhishekams.
Swami arrived just near the end, about 3.00. He went straight to His chair. After that two speakers spoke on Vedic importance and about the Sri Rudram. After that Swami once again blessed us with a discourse. The main points I can recollect, is how the youth are His main property and He will guide and protect them always. He also said that all will be blissful and happy, and He will help us on the path of spirituality. He called three youth from different countries. A small young boy from Iran. This boy started chanting the Sri Rudram perfectly. He must of been about 6. Amazing. The other two I think from Russia also chanted perfectly. The message from this is I feel, is Swami is showing all of us, that Veda chanting will be an important aspect in all countries in the future. Two elderly Indian ladies were called up. One spoke about her miracles with cancer that Swami healed. The other sister spoke in Telugu. Aarti to Swami and Sayeshwara Lingam. Prasad to all was again distributed. Ladoo’s. Then Swami left.

Its still quite warm here.

Back soon

Jai Sri Sai Ram

[© 2006 Innersky at Prashanti]


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Bhagawan's arrival

Bhagawan inspecting the scheduled program for the MBA workshop. The Dean of the School of Business Accounting and Finance is also seen

Sai and Sayeeshwara

The chain with a linga as pendant materialised by Bhagawan

Shri S.V.Giri, the former vice-chancellor of SSSIHL, addressing the audience in divine presence

Bhagawan listening to a talk by a Karnataka Youth, Shri Gunaranjan

Bhagawan during His Divine Discourse

An Iranian student in primary school chanting the Rudram in accordance to Bhagawan's command

 International students of Bhagawan's educational instutions singing a song on Lord Shiva

Ms. Sowcar Janaki giving speech on her experiences with Bhagawan


Ms Anjali Devi giving a talk in the divine presence

Athi Rudra Maha Yajna: Day 10  Extra Update!

As part of this historic and grand Athi Rudra Maha Yajna celebrations, Bhagawan had blessed two more speakers to address the audience on this evening. The first speaker Sri S.V. Giri belongs to the Andhra Pradesh cadre of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). He served as the District Collector in Krishna, Kadapa and Hyderabad districts and later as the Relief Commissioner with the Government of Andhra Pradesh. He then moved to Delhi to serve as the Central Relief Commissioner and also served as the Secretary to the Government of India in Agriculture and Education. Then He was appointed as the Central Vigilance Commissioner which is an extremely important and coveted post reporting directly to the Prime Minister of the country. He came into Bhagawan’s fold in the early 1970’s when he was the District Collector in Kadapa. Responding to Bhagawan’s call, he resigned his post as the Central Vigilance Commissioner and moved to Prasanthi Nilayam to serve as the 6th Vice Chancellor of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning for two successive terms till February 2004. Since then he has been staying at Prasanthi Nilayam and continues to teach at the University. The second speaker was Sri Gunaranjan Pemmaraju, an ardent devotee of Bhagawan. He had the good fortune of his Namakarnam (naming ceremony) and Aksharabhyasam (initiation into learning) done by Bhagawan. He got his B.Tech. from IIT Madras and his MBA from IIM Calcutta. After working in India and abroad, he is currently serving in an MNC in Bangalore. Sri Gunaranjan is an active member of Karnataka Sai Youth. He spoke on the topic “Journey of Sai Youth”.

Sri S.V. Giri expressed his gratitude to Bhagawan for bestowing upon him the second opportunity to speak in the Divine presence. The erudite speaker quoted a couplet from the celebrated poet Kalidasa. We find in Bhagawan the manifestation of everything, no discrimination of gender, no discrimination of any other sort. He is unity, unity in perfection. We seldom have an opportunity to listen to the Rudram being chanted so many times and that too in the presence of the Divine. It is a rare opportunity to hear the young and the old chanting together and two-thirds of the audience chanting in unison. Rudram by itself is a dynamic and highly energy infusing type of Mantra. The youth have taken up the responsibility to organise this Yajna. The youth are the symbol of vigour and energy. Swami has said in one of His Sivarathri discourse that the number 11, (there are 11 stanzas in Rudram and Chamakam) represent 5 Karmendriyas (senses of action) and 5 Jnanendriyas (senses of perception) presided over by the mind, the total number being 11.

Speaking about the system of eductation in Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Sri Giri said that the integral education as designed by Bhagawan, the entire process is directed towards controlling the mind and eventually ending the mind. In no other educational institution so much emphasis is laid on controlling the mind.

Speaking on the Vedas, he said that the Vedas are not sectarian, they contain the eternal verities. What we need to do is to chant and practice. The learned speaker said that one has to practise the values. Bhagawan conducts various orientation courses so that one practices the values. -


Sai Baba Ati Rudra Maha Yajna Discourse on 18th August- Day 10

18th August 2006
What is the use of all your learning when it does not help you to change your destiny? When bad thoughts enter your mind, all your education and intelligence become futile and meaningless.
(Telugu poem)

You may study a number of subjects and learn many skills. But, the value of all that learning is zero, if you do not develop devotion to God. Unable to realise this truth, people become proud of their learning. Of what use is all that learning? What should I say in this august assembly about the end result of all such education?

The Vedic Dharmas have all declined;
Speaking one’s mother tongue has become a sin;
People are diffident to observe morality in society;
Oh! Devotees! It is your duty to protect Dharma in Bharat.

(Telugu poem)

Embodiments of Love!
Today, everything is moving very fast, unmindful of the fleeting time. Seconds, minutes and hours are rolling by, within no time. Sixty seconds make one minute and sixty minutes make one hour. Thus, even hours are rolling fast within no time. What could be the reason for this fast life? It is only man’s nature. Man’s mind is changing by the seconds. It is said, Manah eva manushyanam karanam bandhamokshayo (mind alone is the cause of bondage and liberation of man). What is mind? It is a bundle of desires. We have to control these desires to some extent. Man today is able to control everything, but not himself. Of what use it is to control everything, while he himself is moving about without any control?

Embodiments of Love!
First and foremost, our mind has to be dedicated to God. The mind is a gift of God. What has been given by God has to be offered to Him again. It is only when you follow this principle, you will experience total bliss.
When man emerges from the womb of his mother, he does not find any garland around his neck. There are no jewels made of pearls nor are there glittering gold ornaments. There are no chains studded with precious stones like emeralds and diamonds. But there is one garland around his neck. Brahma strings together the consequences of his past deeds into a heavy garland and puts it around his neck at the time of his birth. (Telugu poem)

Lord Krishna declared, Mamaivamsho jivaloke jivabhuta sanathana (the eternal Atma in all beings is a part of My Being). All this creation is a gift of God. We have, therefore, to preserve that gift carefully.

Embodiments of Love!
Man has three qualities - Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas. We have to preserve the Sattwic quality. A person of evil thoughts will see evil everywhere. A person of good thoughts will see good everywhere. However, a person with no thoughts at all, will become a full man. He is eternal and peaceful. A cloth is made of threads woven into warp and woof. From where did the thread called Karmaphala (the fruit of one’s actions) come? It has come from the cotton of Janmanthara Samskaras (the vasanas or tendencies acquired from several previous births). A thread is made out of cotton and woven into a cloth. And, that cloth is worn by us. The cloth called the human body that we are wearing is a gift of God.
Ubhayabharathi was the wife of Mandana Misra, a great scholar in Vedanta. She was a realised soul. She always used to obey the commands of her husband and perform the duties ordained on her, as a truthful wife.

One day, Ubhayabharathi was going along with her disciples to the river Ganga for taking bath. On the way, she observed a Sanyasi who was relaxing with a dried bottle gourd under his head. He was using this as a container for storing drinking water, and hence he was mindful of it. Ubhayabharathi saw this Sanyasi’s attachment to the bottle gourd and said to her disciples, “Look! This man calls himself a Sanyasi, but he is attached to a bottle gourd which he is keeping under his head as a pillow.” The Sanyasi heard this comment, but did not utter anything then. While Ubhayabharathi and her disciples were returning from the river, he threw away the bottle gourd in front of them in order to demonstrate that he was not attached to it. Observing his action, Ubhayabharathi remarked, “I thought there was only one defect in him, namely, Abhimana (attachment). Now I realise that he has another defect also, i.e., Ahamkara (ego). How can one with Abhimana and Ahamkara become a Jnani and Sanyasi?” Her comment was an eye-opener to the Sanyasi. He expressed gratitude to Ubhayabharati for imparting true knowledge of renunciation to him. Ubhayabharathi then explained to him further, “The whole world is illusory. There are several objects in this world which are attracting man. But, they are not outside. They are all the reflection of one’s inner thoughts. They are created by man himself. You develop attachment to the physical body. Later on, you yourself will discard the body. You are the one who develops attachment to the body and you are again the one who will discard the body. Developing attachment to the body or discarding it - both are the result of your delusion. You are developing Dehabhranti. Hence, discard Dehabranti and develop Daivabhimana (attachment to Divinity). The body is a temple of God. Consider the Indweller in the body as Devadeva (the supreme Lord).

The body is made up of five elements and is bound to perish sooner or later but the indweller has neither birth nor death. The indweller has no attachment whatsoever and is the eternal witness. Truly speaking, the indweller who is in the form of the Atma, is verily God Himself.
(Telugu poem)

All worldly feelings are born out of Ajnana (ignorance). They are not true and permanent. As long as there is life, one loves the other. As long as there is life in him, the husband loves his wife and vice versa. This love relates to the physical body. The two bodies did not come at the same time, nor do they leave at the same time.

Punarapi jananam punarapi maranam,
Punarapi janani jathare sayanam,
Iha samsare bahu dustare,
Kripayapare pahi Murare.
(Oh Lord! I am caught up in this cycle of birth and death; time and again, I am experiencing the agony of staying in the mother’s womb. It is very difficult to cross this ocean of worldly life. Please take me across this ocean and grant me liberation.)

Bhaja Govindam, bhaja Govindam,
Govindam bhaja moodha mathe,
Samprapthe sannihithe kale,
Nahi nahi rakshati dukrun karane.
(Oh foolish man, chant the name of Govinda; the rules of grammar will not come to your rescue when the end approaches.)
Man may be hale and healthy and happy today. But, no one knows what will happen to him tomorrow. The body is like a car. The mind is its steering. When the mind itself is not in his control, how can the physical body be under his control?

Embodiments of Love!
Each one of these Ritwiks who have gathered here and are conducting this Yajna for the last ten days is great. Irrespective of their mental make up, their minds are steadily fixed up on this divine assignment. There are several youths also in this group. The country needs such youths. I feel very happy in the midst of youths. I will give whatever they want. I will talk to them after the Purnahuthi and fulfil their desires. I will spend some time with them happily. There are several people who tried to develop Vairagya bhava (sense of detachment), but they are unable to give up their attachments. I will teach them a method by which they can easily give up this attachment. Our chief priest can guide you all in this regard. He can lead you by his own example. He is a person who puts into practice, all that he teaches to others. When you follow such an Acharya (teacher), you can overcome any hurdle and reach your destination. It is very easy for a human being to attain Divinity. In fact, God belongs to you; you belong to Him. The relationship between you and Me is that of a father and son. Hence, lead a life of happiness, courage and bliss. I am also feeling bad that you are leaving tomorrow. I will come along with you. We cannot live without one another. You should consider this sacred relationship between us as true and eternal and strive to maintain it. I will come tomorrow early in the morning and see you all again. I will give you a lot of happiness and bliss.



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