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Day Eleven:  19th August ATI RUDRA MAHA YAJNAM
 Report + Photos & Discourse

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9th - 20th August 06

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Day 11  Afternoon - Prashanti Awash

Sai Ram All

Its about 7.45pm here now and the rain hasn’t stopped coming down since Swami finished His discourse. Thunder and lightning in the skies. The streets of the ashram are like little rivers everywhere. Mother Ganga has showered us with Her blessings profusely. Verily on Lord Sai Shiva Himself.

The afternoon proceedings started 2.00pm sharp, with the Vedic priest’s starting the prescribed chants with abhishekams to the linga. Swami arrived about 3.15pm with full round in the car and to the interview room. The day has been very hot with the blazing sun. Inside the hall was hot and humid. The smoke from the fires was especially strong this afternoon. Swami came out and sat in His chair just near the end of the Rudra chantings. Two speakers again. Sri Nira murty?. ( Narasimha Murthy -SBOI) Not sure of his name. He is the Vice Chancellor of the Sai School in Whitefield, Brindavan. He spoke on how the Vedas will be propagated to the world and also the Ati Rudra Maha Yagna and its significance. Best to get the full details in due time on the official sites. (Shri Vinay Kumar) Avil Kumar, the person who instigated this Yagnam, with Karnataka Youth, spoke on how Swami directed everything concerning the set-up of the Yagnam. The position of the fire-pits etc. Even the placement of the linga (Sayeeshwara), in the hall, so everyone could see it, no matter where they were. The color of the dress the priests wore on each day etc. After that, Swami once again blessed us all with a divine discourse. He was seated when He started. He spoke something and Anil Kumar ( Swami’s translator) couldn’t understand what He said. Swami spoke very softly. We all waited with a translation in baited breath. Finally he said Swami was still searching, searching and searching for His true devotee. What a moment of silence we all experienced with that from Swami. Swami sat still for awhile. Must of been a few minutes of silence. He was finally helped up, with a loud applause. He then spoke directly to all the Ritwiks (priests), praising them for their perfect intonations of the chants. Their devotion etc. What love Swami showed towards them. He also said this will not be the first Ati Rudra Yagna. One is planned in Chennai and hopes all countries will perform these yajna's. Mentioning America, Japan etc. So what does this mean! Yagna’s will unite the world in peace and unity. So start learning the Sri Rudram, as that's where Swami is guiding all of us to do. He mentioned that a group from Japan came recently and chanted the Vedas perfectly. Wow!

Just as Swami finished, He called up a few priest’s to receive some gifts from Him. Suddenly the heavens opened up with a huge downfall that hasn’t stopped till just now. The rain even entered the hall. I was sitting in the middle and the wind sprayed us wit
h light water droplets. On the edges of the hall, they all got drenched. Aarti to Swami and the Linga. Prasad was also distributed to all. Swami finally left in the car.

Tomorrow’s proceedings start at 4.00 am. Final day. Poornahuti Yagna etc. What a day, it was.

In Sai


Jai Sri Sai Ram

[ More detailed report will be published  later ] - SBOI

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Athi Rudra Maha Yajna: Day 11 -Morning
 Blog by Mark

Sai Ram All

This morning, my alarm somehow did not work. So my usual time of getting up at 2.45am, was not to be. But somehow I awoke at 3.15. So being the case, I realised I could not make the Omkar line, which I usually go to every morning. The line that allows you to go inside the inner sanctum. By the time you shower, dress and do your morning prayers, I would be too late. So resigning to this, I took my time. Taking things slowly was quite refreshing. I had time to go to the Gayatri Temple to do the 3 rounds and also the Laxmi Temple next to it. The ladies at the Gayatri Temple, were chanting Gayatri mantras and distributing prasad in the form of kumkum. It was now about 4.30, so I slowly walked to the Kulwant Hall. Did pranams to Rama, Sita, Laxman and Hanuman on the way. The hall was full when I reached the gate, so I decided to do pranams and the 3 rounds around Ganesh Temple. It was 4.55am, when I entered the Hall to sit down. Right at the back, but nice. The bell rings 12 times at 5.00am, then about 10 minutes later it rings another 5 times. Now usually the place is very quiet at this time. You can even hear the birds singing. But not during these past 10 days. The Vedic priests also start at 5.00am with the horns blowing and drums in full throttle and straight into the Rudram chants. Very loud. Just a note. Wherever you are in the ashram you can hear the chants. There are loud speakers everywhere. Even in the village you can hear it. So maybe if you all listen deep within, you might be able to hear it too. It eminates throughout the universe. Just need to tap into the right wavelength. Exactly at 5.20am, another bell rings and Omkar is chanted 21 times. You can’t hear it over the loud speaker because of the loud chanting going on at the same time, unless you are inside the mandir itself. After Omkar, Suprabhatam begins. Just another note. Two ladies chant this prayer to wake up Swami, in such a way that we can’t follow it ourselves. We are even told not to. Beautifully rendered. If your inside the mandir you quickly leave after and line up for Nagasankirtin (singing bhajans around the whole Sai Kulwant Hall). Starting at the Ganesh Temple and finishing up there. About 6.20am finish, and its light now. This morning, I did all this and slowly walked back into the hall to be seated. The pundits were now doing abhishekams to the linga and chanting the Rudras. Swami arrived about 7.20am, and went straight to His chair. He watched the proceedings with such a loving gaze. He left for the interview room about 8.00am. He came back just as the Rudra Homa began. He left again soon after back to the room. Sai Gayatri Homa just finished and then there was a pause, during this time prasad was distributed to all. Swami came back for aarti and left in the car. Begins again at 2.00pm. Crowds seem to have swelled again? The weekend, the final day tomorrow, maybe. Its quite hot here ,with clear blue skies. Last two weeks its always been cloudy.


Jai Sri Sai Ram

[© 2006 Innersky at Prashanti]

Photos from Day 11

 Click on the (below) photo thumbnails to see large size

Bhagawan's arrival

A yantra being displayed during the morning program


The chain with a linga as pendant materialised by Bhagawan

Homam in progress

Flowers offered in the sacrificial fire

Bhagawan arriving for afternoon darshan


Brindavan Warden Shri Narasimha Murthy addressing the gathering

 Karnataka youth wing leader Shri Vinay Kumar addressing the gathering

Bhagawan during His Divine Discourse


Bhagawan blessing the householder Ritwiks with sarees for their consorts


Bhagawan listening to the program by a musical group consisting of Shri Karthik (Ghatam & Konnakol), Shri Kannan (Violin), Shri Subramaniam (Mrudangam), Shri Sundar (Tabla and Morsing), Shri Sriram (Flute and Vocal) and Shri Sethuraman (Ganjira)

Bhagawan inspecting the electric violin of Shri Kannan


Bhagawan blessing the artists with clothes. Seen in the picture is Shri Subramanian (Mrudangam)

Athi Rudra Maha Yajna: Day 11

On the penultimate day of the Yajna, Sri B.N. Narasimha Murthy, a versatile speaker addressed the audience in the Divine presence. An engineer by qualification, he has been associated with Bhagawan’s institutions for almost four decades. He is presently serving as the Warden of the Brindavan Hostel of the Institute. A great motivator for the youth of Karnataka addressed the devotees for more than half an hour. Excerpts of his speech are given below.

Sri Narasimha Murthy began his speech by quoting a Telugu poem of Bhagawan. “The great land of Bharat is the mainstay of the Vedas. She is the abode of all sacrificial ceremonies, Yajnas, Yagas and Kratus. She is the great mother who has given birth to many Avatars. She is the very embodiment of morality and right conduct. This is the voice of the soul of India which speaks through our beloved Lord, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba today.” At the beginning of one of His Discourses, Bhagawan spoke on the Vedas, Yajnas, Yagas and Kratus, Avataras, morality and right conduct in human society. All these are inexorably interlinked that they cannot be apart from one another. A great French philosopher once said, “If there is a place on the face of the earth which has been the home for the highest dreams of all living men since the earliest times when man began his dream of existence, it is India.” The exalted ideals set forth in the Vedas, the idealism that manifests in Yajnas and Yagas and the Divine Mission of the Avatar and morality and right conduct in society. These are the dreams of all noble men and women all over the world. That is why the Rig Veda says, “Let noble thoughts come from every side.” The great poet Jayadeva sang at the beginning of his immortal work “Gita Govinda”, “The revival of the Vedas and the survival of this planet earth are interdependent.”

One of the prime missions of Bhagawan is Veda Poshana (fostering the Vedas). It is the Divine Sankalpa of Bhagawan that the Vedas are resounding in more than 100 countries of the world. Never in the history of mankind, has it happened. Where else you can find, children from America and Russia, and even from Iran chanting the Vedas.

Speaking about the essence of the Vedas, Sri Narasimha Murthy said that it is enshrined in the Upanishads. The zenith of sublimity, you find in the Upanishads. Those who would like to know, what Upanishads is, study the Upanishad Vahini written by Swami. Swami says the philosophy of the Upanishads is Advaita (non-duality). Seeing unity in diversity is the essence of the Upanishads. You cannot see through your eyes, you can only experience it and that is possible only when you control your mind and conquer your body consciousness.

Commenting on the way of life of a devotee, the learned speaker gave a few maxims for life, “Look behind, thank God, look ahead, trust God. Look around, serve God. Whom you see around are not others, they are your own Swami. Look within, see God. Finally look through and be God. Look through the veil of Maya, look through the veil of multiplicity, conquer your body consciousness.”

The next speaker was Sri Vinay Kumar, Youth Coordinator, Karnataka Sai Youth. Sri Vinay offered his loving, prayerful Pranams at the Lotus Feet of Bhagawan. Right from the beginning, i.e., on 9th, speaker after speaker have been showering accolades on the youth of Karnataka. They are giving full credit for all that is seen here to the youth of Karnataka. But the entire credit for all that is witnessed here, this magnificence of this great Yajna, the perfection, the unity, all that is solely and truly due to Bhagawan’s meticulous planning, His direction, His instructions, His advice to us at every step. On the 13th of June when the speaker submitted the proposal to permit them to perform this Yajna at the Lotus Feet, Swami said, “You watch what I will do. You are bringing it as a small proposal and now you see what I will make out of it.” And here it is right in front of us, we and the entire humanity is witnessing and so are the gods, as someone put it jealous of all of us. The gods are jealous because we have the god of gods with us. The dates for the Yajna were fixed by Bhagawan very meticulously, the location of the Siva Linga right in the centre of the Hall was His direction. In our ignorance we had earlier suggested that the Siva Linga should be on the left side, He ensured that it should be right in the centre. Out of His mercy, Bhagawan said, “Every person sitting in the Hall, even the last person sitting in the Hall should be able to see the Abhishekam being performed to the Linga.” Every Homa Kunda that is put up here, the layout of this Yagasala was personally decided by Bhagawan. The colouring of the Homa Kunda, the selection of the Linga, the methodology for setting up this Mandapa was all personally advised, directed and put into action by Bhagawan. The learned speaker said, “We have been fortunate to have been used as His instruments.”

Then Sri Vinay Kumar spoke on a personal note. Due to destiny, he lost his mother and father very early in life. It was then that Swami stepped in as the divine mother and father in his life. Recalling one of his interviews with Bhagawan, he said, “If your parents would have been there, they would have undertaken to do all these arrangements for you. Now they are not there. So, I will do it all for you.” Each time, the speaker took some aspect of planning related to the Yajna to Swami, He would say, “You don’t take any tension on your head, you remove all the worries from your head. I will take care of everything.” And truly, everything has gone according to plans.

Sri Vinay Kumar concluded his speech by praying to Bhagawan to use them as His effective instruments in His Divine Mission.

After his speech, Bhagawan delivered His Divine Discourse. (Full text of the Discourse will be given shortly).
19th August 2006

Embodiments of Love!
I am searching … searching and searching. I searched then. I am searching now. I have been searching for a true and righteous human being.
Will the hunger of a hungry person be satisfied
by simply hearing the names of the delicious dishes?
Will the poverty of those suffering from acute poverty
be alleviated by hearing the glory of the we-alth?

(Telugu poem)

Embodiments of Love!
Before you start teaching anything to others, you yourself must put it into practice. It is most essential to experience it and derive joy therefrom before you teach that concept / practice to others. All the Ritwiks (priests) who took part in the Athi Rudra Maha Yajna are very good. In fact, I could find the Ritwiks are to My liking. I am very satisfied with the way they performed the Yajna, as also the sadhana they did. They did more than what was expected of them. It is a good fortune to have such Ritwiks. Tomorrow, this Yajna will come to a close, but not the Mantras. The Mantras are eternal. It is not associated with the gunas (attributes). They are Nirgunam, Niranjanam, Sanathanam, Niketanam, Nitya, Shuddha, Buddha, Mukta, Nirmala Swarupinam (attributeless, pure, final abode, eternal, unsullied, enlightened, free and embodiment of sacredness). Such Mantras will always be ringing in our ears. A Ritwik is one who is always associated with the Mantras. The Ritwik is not separate from the Mantras. Devoid of the Mantras, the Ritwiks have no existence at all! Mantras like these will be chanted by only a few fortunate ones. Are there not any number of Ritwiks in this world! But, only 132 Ritwiks could take part in this Athi Rudra Maha Yajna.

“Oh! Vedic Brahmins, who always consider the sastras as true, how fortunate you are!” The Brahmins lead their lives in accordance with the sastras (scriptural injunctions), reposing full confidence in them. Can you find Ritwiks like these, anywhere else? Truly, every Mantra you chant is crystal clear and with perfect intonation. It is our good fortune to hear the Ritwiks chanting the Mantras in such a way. Many people are happy that this Yajna is being performed with such Ritwiks. Soon similar Yajna will be performed in Puttaparthi. That is the Veda Purusha Saptaha Jnana Yajna, which is being celebrated every year. That is a Jnana Yajna. A Jnana Yajna is one which is related to the Manasika Tattwa (mental principle).

Ritwiks! You will derive a lot of benefit from your effort for the last ten days. You may not be able to realise it right now. You go back to your respective places and contemplate on it calmly. You will surely experience bliss. There are a number of youths amongst the Ritwiks. This is a welcome sign. It is our good fortune that the youth are participating in such sacred activities like this Athi Rudra Maha Yajna. I told Vinay, “My dear! We are most fortunate to have such Ritwiks.” Probably you are all comfortable here; I presume proper arrangements for your food and residence have been made and whether Vinay has provided all the necessary comforts to you. I have been thinking on these lines from morning till evening these days. If you are happy, I shall be happy. These ten days have passed like ten minutes. You must have enjoyed your stay here for the last ten days. Similarly, I am also happy that you are here. Wherever you go, you must contemplate on this divine experience. These sacred moments must be preserved in your memory. You will come again to Puttaparthi, shortly. Not only that. I have decided to perform this Yajna in Chennai in the near future. I wish that all of you come there and participate in the Yajna. It is very important that you realise the uniqueness of this Yajna. What is Yajna? Is it physical or spiritual? This is a spiritual Yajna, not a physical or worldly Yajna. This Yajna has provided a physical, mental and heartfelt experience, which is unique in nature. I have taken care of every minute detail in this Yajna, right from the type of dress (dhotis) you have to wear. Just as a loving father takes care of everything in respect of his child, I have taken care to provide everything needed by you. I am very sad that I shall be bidding you farewell tomorrow, on conclusion of the Yajna. I know you are also feeling sad to leave this place. Such intimate relationship between us is real devotion. You cannot leave Me and I cannot leave you. I am always with you. Hence, you do not spend anxious moments with thoughts like, “Swami is very far from us in Puttaparthi or Bangalore.” I am with you, wherever you are. Our chief priest conducted all the rituals in this Yajna with full faith and devotion. He did all this with the conviction that it is his personal work. Such people are rare in this world.

The most important point I would like to stress is that you must develop a spirit of sacrifice. Man may have several desires. All those desires have to be offered to God to please Him (daiva preetyartham). Do not confine yourself to the self. Help is better than self. Whatever activity you undertake, consider it as something done for satisfying your heart, for the uplift of your Atma. This Yajna is conducted to realise the Atma Tattwa, not with a view to achieve some physical and worldly benefit.

You have participated in this sacred Yajna for your good, for your welfare and the welfare of humanity at large. This Yajna is not merely for a few individuals, it is for the entire world. The Mantras chanted here have mixed in the air and spread to the entire universe. These sacred sounds entered our hearts and purified them. Hence, do not think that the Mantras chanted in this Yajna are confined to only this place. They have spread to the entire world. This Yajna is not only for the benefit of India, but to all the countries in the world. There may be difference in the languages spoken in different countries. But, there is no difference at all in the bhava (feelings). People of many countries - America, Russia, Africa, etc., have participated in this Yajna with a lot of enthusiasm. They are also learning the Veda Mantras. On the 26th of last month, about 80 people from Germany visited Puttaparthi in a special plane. All of them, ladies and gents, chanted the Vedas. They told Me, “Swami! It is only these Mantras that are protecting our country. Hence, we chant these Veda Mantras from dawn to dusk.” There is not even an iota of selfishness in chanting these Mantras. These Mantras are for the entire humanity. They are essential for the well-being of every human being. The Veda transcends the individual (Vyashti) and concerns itself with the Samashtiswarupa (the collective form). Even Westerners are now printing Vedic texts, with an intention to spread the message of the Vedas to people of all countries. No doubt, it is difficult for the Westerners to chant the Veda Mantras, for, they have difficulty to pronounce various syllables. Some of the Mantras are tongue-twisting. But with sincere effort they are learning to chant these right. Man can achieve anything, if only he has a firm resolve.

Having resolved, what ought to be resolved, hold on to it till you have succeeded. Having desired what ought to be desired, hold on to it till your desire is fulfilled. Having asked what ought to be asked, do not leave the hold till you get it. Having thought what ought to be thought, hold on to it till you have succeeded. The Lord with mellowed heart must yield to your wishes. Persevere, be tenacious, and never give up, for it is the quality of a devotee never to retreat, or relent in his resolve.

(Telugu poem)

This Athi Rudra Maha Yajna has to be performed in several places, in future. This Yajna is everyone’s concern. It is not limited to one country, one religion or one caste. It is performed for the welfare of the whole world. If you continue to perform this Yajna, soon the people of the entire world will become united. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Japan, America and Germany - all countries will be united. You will now find several devotees in America. There are also several Ritwiks there. There are some Muslim devotees also. One lady has written a book about Swami. She presented it to her preceptor living in America. He was moved to tears on reading the book. He prayed that he should also be fortunate like her to write such a book on Swami. That book is now being printed and distributed to all. We must unite the entire world into one. That is “Unity in Diversity”. Look! Even in our country Bharat, there are different regions, languages, etc. The once composite Madras province has split into two - Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. There have been further divisions in the country. There is a clamour for some more divisions. It is no greatness in dividing the country into small regions by fragmentation. To unite the country into one is a great effort. Where there is unity, there will be purity. Where there is purity, there will be divinity. Hence, we have to strive for unity. There was a Russian boy, an Iranian boy and some Americans in the group who chanted the Vedas, yesterday. You have to realise and develop such unity. If at all, there is some difference of opinion amongst you, remove it forthwith. Be united. All should live and move like brothers and sisters. Then only will you have value and your birth as human beings will be sanctified.



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