Sai Ram All

Well its over. After this mornings proceedings, I was beat. Meaning, I need a holiday. A quiet place to sit and reflect, what I, and all here, have experienced over the last 12 days. I decided not to line up this afternoon, as usual. But just arrive around 2.30pm and walk straight in, hoping there is a spot for me. The hall was almost full at that time, but there was space at the back. Swami arrived soon after and went straight into the inner Mandir. After a short while, we heard the priest’s chanting Vedic mantrams inside. Swami was obviously giving them private darshan. It was now about 4.30, and He then went straight to the interview room. The fires are still burning. I presume they will let them burn out themselves. Someone told me, once they are extinguished and cool, they do a certain pooja and break down the ash. Hopefully before I come home, I can get some to bring back with me. The Sayeeshwara Lingam was not in the hall. About 5pm, the Sai bhajan group started singing bhajans. About 5.45pm, aarti was sung and Swami was taken away to His abode. That was it. The crowds will probably disperse quickly from here now. Ganesh Chathurti is on the 27th. The day I leave, back to Australia. So I presume the crowds will gather again during the week. I will continue this blog till then, if anything is worth mentioning. I hope at least, I have in some way provided a daily insight from a devotee point of view. And that at least, in part, you have experienced in some small way, what it was like being here during this most auspicious time.

Also most humble loving Pranams to our beloved Lord, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, for allowing me to daily keep you all up to date and a special thankyou to Chris Parnell for setting this whole blog up. And to you all for the encouragement to continue. Swami, forgive me if any of my information was not correct.

May Swami bless you all in abundance.


Jai Sri Sai Ram