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18th November 2006

Om Sairam to most beloved Sai Family,
The atmosphere in Puttaparthi is catching up to the birthday celebrations. As the President of India and few cheifministers and governors are expected stringent security arrangements are being taken up. About 1500 police personnel have come here to foresee the security arrangements.
For the first time iron barricades have been put up on either side of the road. Starting from Super speciality hospital to Puttaparthi, About 10 meter long Iron poles have been put up to hold the flags of all the nations besides the road.
This morning, I left home in my motor cycle and when I reached the new stadium I saw many devotees leaning on to the iron railings, I was sure they are waiting for Swamy and I thought is He already in or expected any time from now?There were many VIP devotees, students seated in the chairs right infront of Sai Geetha’s new house. It was 9:30am then and Swamy usually prefers to finish His street darshans before bhajans. But since many arrangements were already made, I was very sure Swamy would come there any time.

Curiosity started mounting up and I was praying to Swamy to give me a nice spot to witness the Griha pravesh (opening ceremony of new house) of Sai Geetha. I was wandering here and there and looking for a right spot. I saw very few people were seated infront of the new house of Sai Geetha and wondered, how lucky they are Swamy? They are your special guest. When will I get this chance Swamy? Will you give me a chance also? With all these thoughts I was looking at the new building. There were VIPs on one side, 50 odd workers (who built this house) were on the right side and few students and staff on the other end. I had NONE of the qualifications, but was still praying to Swamy to let me in. I knew it would be a long programme and there would be a good chance to see Swamy from close angles.

I was praying very hard… waiting for a miracle… What will Swamy do now, just a week ago, on 11 november Swamy let me in to the new stadium through a seva dal brother, and now when I see at the gate, the sevadals were very strictly looking at each and every one entering the premises.. I was praying very hard.. Swamy, pls let me in … I will do any thing you want me to do.. provided you let me in!!! As I was praying I see a friend of mine, who works in hospital entering the premises. No body stopped him. I thought, let me try my luck. I walked towards the gate but didn’t have the courage to take another step, just came back, many thoughts were pondering in my mind.. what if they stop me? What if they suspect me of a foul play? There are many security personnel in Puttaparthi now and its not the usual Puttaparthi. Inspite of all the what ifs I thought to my self, why fear when Swamy is here, with prayers and chanting sairam.. sairam I dared to get into the gate.. No one stopped me.. I pretend to be brave and casual.. but very much scared from inside.. My heart beat doubled and the heartbeats were clearly audible to me.. I had no idea what will happen to me.. I was praying..praying..and just praying.. I was expecting the sevadal brothers finding out a trespasser, catch me red handed.. but nothing happened..

I entered the premises.. very quietly and offering thousands of pranams to Swamy, for letting me cross the first barrier…I find a spot.. the person sitting next to me,says sir you please go and sit there. He was pointing to the first row and with no hesitation I went and sat there, very much surprised and thankfull to Swamy. I see thousands waiting outside.. I thanked Swamy for picking this monkey out of the thousands and now He has given me a first row. If Swamy comes I can see all the rituals very clearly and He would be only 10 meters away from me.

Just to make friendship with my neighbour, I ask him what is the time sir? He replies 10:25. Immediately I ask him What time Swamy is expected here sir? He gives a serious look at me, I thought, O No!! did he find out that I am a gatecrasher my heart beat again audible to me.. and I start sweating, yet again I pretended to me brave and relaxed. He replies, upto 10:30 its rahukalam (inauspicious time)and Swamy will come after 10:30. I wanted to ask him, if there is such a thing called inauspicious time, for some one Who is beyond time, but I thought, its better I shut my wide mouth to avoid un necessary troubles.

Sai Geetha, the pet elephant of Swamy was beautifully decorated with red carpet like thing on her back, huge ankle chian with bells of the size of our fist. She was dancing and raising her trunk in happiness, as her sweet heart is coming all the way to inaugarate her new house. I was watching her mood and estimate Swamy’s arrival. As she intensified her happiness, I knew Swamy is very close to the venue. It was 10:45 am and I couldn’t resist to inform my neighbour about Swamy’s arrival and he said, I told you only after 10:30 and I smiled at him.

As Swamy’s car entered the premises, Sai Geetha started dancing and getting closer and closer to the car. The bond between Swamy and her is so intimate and they share a very good chemistry.. Swamy’s car haulted infront of the new house and just 5 meters away from where we were sitting..

Swamy looked at all of us with His most beautiful smile as the door opened and here He is … the Lord of the Universe, coming out of this tiny Toyota. Two eyes were not sufficient to see His beautiful form, His magestic smile, His beautiful hair, His soothing eyes, His Wheel chair and above all the divine lotus feet. I was like a hungry monkey trying to push in every thing into the throat sack.. had no idea what to do.. He is right there…

I prayed Him for letting me and in He very kindly permitted me.. I asked Him to give me a good spot.. This is the BEST spot any one would ask for.. Swamy looks at me, tears rolled down my eyes, in happiness… ”Swamy you give us every thing.. every single thing that we ask for..but we never give you atleast one thing that you ask for… How compassionate you are Swamy…” As the wheel chair landed on the ground, Swamy was helped into the house where His own photo was placed as a preist was ready to perform the rituals. Swamy, majestically looks at every one of us.. probably checking if any one were missing from His invitees list. The preist was doing his job and now and then asked Swamy WHAT NEXT SWAMY… Swamy was more keen in looking at us and Sai Geetha. There were half a dozen photographers and Swamy gently smiled at each one of them.

The preist now brings a coconut and places before Him for His blessing… Swamy blesses the coconut.. and one devotee breaks it. The preist now calls Mr.Goldstein to break the coconut. Mr.Goldstein, had no idea has how to break it and Swamy laughs at him and makes fun of him. At last he faces Swamy and gets ready to break the coconut. Instead of breaking it bit carefully by bending a bit, he bangs the coconut on the floor. All the people seated around Swamy pull back a bit with a big smile on their faces.. Swamy also joins them.

After about 5 minutes Swamy blessed the engineer and asks him to distribute clothes to the workers. All of them got clothes and a wrist watch.
Swamy then signals Sai Geetha to get into the house. huge plates of apples, were brought and Swamy first fed her with apples and again with bananas. She was not co-operative some times and atleast three boys had to raise her trunk to get closer to Swamy’s hand. After eating the bananas she turned back and Swamy had to call her back and gave her Sugar cane. Swamy was seen speaking to her and caressing her. At one point, Swamy called the caretaker and pointed out to a sore on her leg. The sore was so tiny and it was hardly visible with all the ankle chains and decorations.. With a stern voice Swamy said, “baga choosukovali kada” (you have to take care of her properly) and the care taker nodded in acceptance and seeing him bit worried, Swamy adjusted His tone and called him closer and gave him an apple and also padanamaskar.

After sitting there on His chair for some more time, He asked for Arathi and we all of us got closer to Swamy. Prasadams were distributed and before anything happened I saw myself in the first row, close to Swamy’s car. I was just next to Swamy’s door and any time Swamy would be there. Swamy blessed all the devotees present there and the chair was positioned to be taken in. Swamy just 3 inches away from me and I was praying to Swamy “Swamy how should I thank you!! This morning I just asked you to let me in and here Iam right next to you.. The chair slowly raised Swamy and was going in. Swamy was looking into my eyes… For those few seconds.. I forgot my self… It was like being hypnotized.. I have no words to describe this feeling. Sitting next to Lord of the Lords…He had His beautiful smile, automatically I smiled at Him,… the smile which relaxed all the cells in my body.. The smile which I had never experienced.. The smile which came from the bottom of my heart..

I was looking at Swamy from top to bottom. I was saying to my self, Swamy! You are beyond time and space.. Why don’t you stop the time and let me see your beautiful Form to my heart’s content…The holy Lotus Feet just infront of me, I was so tempted to touch, half stretch of my hand would reach Them.. I looked at Swamy and asked from inside.. Swamy can I?(touch your feet)? Swamy never says NO.. He gently nodded His head in acceptance…luckily the boys next to Swamy were watching Him… Inspite of all the security, I managed to touch His left Lotus feet. . The feet which every one of us long to merge into..The feet which sanctifies the whole world… After touching the feet, I just put my hand on my head… Swamy kill this monkey mind, let me be YOU…
I look upto Swamy and He is looking at me.. nodding His head like a pendulam.. very softly says… chala?(is that enough?).. the word which was directed to me.. the meaning of which was known only to Him and me… I know, it was all His grace that I am here.. right at His lotus feet…and now He is asking me if I was happy with His ARRANGEMENT……With tears and prayers, I got up, while Swamy’s door slowly closed and the car headed to the ashram.. All this happened in seconds.. but very slowly, marking yet another GOLDEN day of my life in Prasanthi….
With pranams at the Lotus Feet of our most beloved Lord, I end this play scripted and directed by the DIRECTOR of the Universe… our beloved Swamy…
Jai Sai Ram

Submitted to SBOI by: satish Naik


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