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'Cultural Programme by US Youth'
August 1, 2007


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USA Group Interview

What more could the group have asked for? But the all-giving Swami wanted to give them more: a group Interview! From an initial 320 devotees, the group was merely a 70 or so during the last group darshan on the afternoon of July 5th. As usual, Swami waited until the last possible minute to grant their wish and called the group for an interview. Once the group was seated, Swami lovingly asked the ladies in the group “What do you want?” “We want You, Swami …only You,” some women called out. Swami smiled.

“Where is God?” He asked the group. Various responses came forth - “with us”, “in us”, etc. Swami smiled and nodded!

After a while, with the love and compassion of a thousand mothers, He looked around and said, “Many people have gone from the group….there will be disappointed….you must make them understand that God is in you, with you, in front of you, around you….tell them….My Blessings are with them always!”

Someone asked, “Swami what message can we take back with us to the USA ?” Swami repeated, “God is in you. He is not separate. I am with you, in you, around you!” The man added, “Swami, I know that I am God, but I do not feel it”. Swami replied, “That is your imagination. You are thinking with your head, not your heart. You are not the body, you are not the mind. You are the atma. The one you think you are is the body. The one that others think you are is the mind. The one you really are is the atma.”

After a couple of moments, Swami looked at one of the Spanish women, and asked “How is your leg?” He continued “Pain, in your leg?” In fact, this woman had severe pain in her hip and had recently undergone hip surgery. “OK, Swami,” she replied. Swami later gave her vibhuti and told her to rub it on her hip and her pain will be gone.

“What is your name?” He asked a lucky lady in the group. “Gabriella”, she answered. “Husband?” He asked. “Swami, David is my husband,” she said. Swami asked Gabriella and David to come up and sit beside Him. Swami looked at her and asked, “What do you want?” “I just want You, Swami”, she answered. He asked her again “What do you want?” She said, “Just You, Swami. I want Your love”. “You have My love”, Swami confirmed.

After asking them several personal questions, Swami raised His hand and started waving it around in the air. Through the fingers of His hands the group could see a chain materializing. Swami pulled out a beautiful chain, with a huge pendant encrusted with stones. At first, the chain was short, but Swami pulled it and it got longer, though the thickness remained the same. As the devotees peered at it, Swami saw them looking, smiled and held it up and said to all of them, “Can you see?” He looked at the woman and said softly, “Sai Geetha on both sides… It has everything there for you.” He told David to put it on her neck. Then He put His hand on each of their heads, and said a mantra. What appeared to be unfolding in the mandir was a divine marriage being performed by the Lord of the Universe, Himself! “Are you happy?” Swami asked them, smiling lovingly. “Yes, Swami. Padnamaskar?” They asked. “Yes,” He said. “Both together,” He indicated, and then both husband and wife took padnamaskar together. Swami then gave each of them vibhuti packets and said, “Keep it for yourself, don’t share it”. He then asked the couple to return to their seats.

Next Swami indicated for the men to come one by one to take padnamaskar. When each person approached Swami, He would sometimes ask them personal questions and enquire about their profession. He waited patiently for each person to offer pranams. To the young boys, Swami would sometimes smile and say, “Come on, boy!” He would also ask them their names, how old they were, and what standard they were in. After the men were done, Swami asked the women to come up one at a time, sometimes talking to them about personal matters, and giving them vibhuti packets. When all the women were done, Swami blessed a couple of large bowls full of prasadam (strawberry flavored wafers) which were then distributed by a couple of volunteers on the men and women’s side.

Swami then turned to the crowd and said “Are you happy?”, “Yes, Swami, Yes!”, “We love You”, “Thank You, Swami”, the devotees called out! Swami held up His hands, smiled and said “Very happy.”

For the pilgrims from the Southeast region of USA , it was perhaps the culmination of prayers of life times. The lord had blessed them beyond their imagination and filled them with boundless bliss.

July 8, 2007 – SSSIHL Programme: ''Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye''


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