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25th November Puttaparthi is still full of devotees from all corners of the world. Though, large numbers of devotees have left for their respective home towns, states and countries. Moreover, i anticipate many to leave today & tomorrow after darshan.  In few days, Puttaparthi will come back to its own calm self until the next big event.

No more jam packed (dusty) roads, no more queues at shops to buy some snack or cup of coffee. Just a few days back you couldnít find an auto rickshaw since they were in demand.  Now, the ratio is 1:3, you get three auto drivers signaling at you expecting you to ride with them; I guess thatís what they call law of demand and supply. For those who couldnít come for the 80th birthday, you have no idea how many 80th birthday souvenir you are going to miss, Almost all the shops selling rings, lockets and other trinkets studded with Sai Baba images have 80th birthday souvenirs or mementos. So, be sure to tell your visiting friends or fellow devotees to bring back few for you. Also, many new books regarding Sai Baba are on sale inside as well as in the book shops outside.  Inside the Ashram the spiritual and cultural activities were in full swing, this evening there was a drama show, performed by students, can't exactly remember from which country , Singapore?!. Russian devotees also presented their program, since, i was not present at the program i can't give you the details. Apparently, there may be more programs the coming days. Also, the talks given above the north Indian canteen etc. will return to there normal routine.

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