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Journey to puttaparthi 8th June
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  • Sai travel News: June 8th Swami arrived at His Puttaparthi Ashram 10 minutes ago (Local time - INDIA) appx 1.50. welcomed by devotees gathered on the decorated streets and ashram. Swami blessed and smiled at the devotees standing on the both sides of the street. Many devotees threw flowers at Swami's car and few devotees broke coconut in front of Swamis car. The Local puttaparthi drum band was present at Vidyagiri arch playing drums to welcome Swami's arrival. Swami has been away from Puttaparthi for over 2 months. Puttaparthi is once again full of life & joy furthermore, with devotees arriving from Brindavan , Bangalore, it will be back to typical "Parthi day" very soon.  

    First Sai Darshan after 2 long months:
      Bhajans were in full swing when Swami arrived inside the Kulwant hall, Veda chanting was going on by the vedam students. Swami came out of the car and sat on the already arranged chair for the delight of the waiting devotees after appx 10 minutes of darshan  Swami was given the customary Arathi  after the Aarthi Swami went inside the interview room, after appx 10 minutes Swami came out again blessing all of us with darshan and drove back to His residence.  Prasanthi Bulletin:  June 8th-   Swami left from Brindavan at 10.10 this morning and arrived at Prasanthi Nilayam by car at 1.50 pm. The road leading upto the Mandir right from Vidyagiri gate was strewn with flowers: banners and festoons welcomed the Lord back home. On arriving at the Mandir, Bhagawan got down from the car and sat onstage for five minutes listening to the welcome song being sung by the students before taking Arati and walking to the interview room. After spending a few minutes there, Swami left for His residence in the car. At 4.40 pm, Bhagawan came to the Mandir again in the same Mercedes car with the Vedam chanting in the background. After getting down in front of the interview room, He entered the bhajan hall and sat on the throne there. Bhajans started at 4.50 and went on for an hour, following which Bhagawan accepted Arati and retired for the day.

    Sai Baba's Stopover at Bagepally: Sai Ram to all the members of the Sai family. Today Swamy visited the Bagepally Ashram on His way to Parthi. Swamy arrived at about 12.10 hours and was there for 30 mins. He blessed all the students, staff and devotees assembled in the auditorium. We will post you the photos at the earliest.

    Jai Sai Ram  (Sri Sarva Dharma Samnvaya Trust, Bagepally
    (running Sri Sathya Sai Prem Kutir - Home for the aged and Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Niketan - primary to secondary school)
    submitted  to SBOI Group

    Below is the msg/photo sent by Member  Satish Naik  to the Sai online community [ SBOI Group etc.]

     Sairam to the most beloved members of this Holy Group,
    The streets of Puttaparthi were beautifully decorated reminding Mathura in Dwapara Yuga commemorating the arrival of Sai Krishna. There were beautiful flowers and Rangoli on the road on which Lord of Lords would be arriving in no time. There were banners Welcoming Swamy ... One banner said.... Suswagatam Eswaramma Priya Sutha (welcome to the Darling child of Mother Eswaramma). Men and Women, children and elders were standing on either side of the road waiting for Swamy to have a glance, smile, blessing and if lucky an eye-to-eye contact.
    Sai Geetha, Swamy’s darling elephant was brought on the road. She was eagerly waiting along with us for Swamy. It is said Elephant's have a very good sixth sense, and no wonder, she being a special one, knew exactly when Swamy was closer to Parthi. She started to get closer to the road indicating all of us assembled there that Swamy was VERY close. In no time We could see Swamy's car, exactly at 1:50pm Swamy’s convoy entered the Vidya Giri premesis.As expected Swamy smiled at her beautifully and also halted for a minute or so while she was raising Her trunk in Joy and Ecstasy.
    Swamy was seated on the right side on the rear seat and the car moving very slowly giving a chance of close darshan to those hungry eyes, which were devoid of darshan for good 2 months.
    Swamy was very cheerful, smiling and sometimes blessing to the devotees assembled on either side of the road.. There were at least 50 cars following Swamy’s car. Puttaparthi is back to what it is known for. Fully crowded, Happiness in every one’s faces and TONS of DIVINE ENERGY....
    Thank You Swamy.. bless us all to be Your darling children…...
    Sai Maha Deva.... Meeku Sata Koti Pranamamulu

    Above msg by Member  Satish Naik is also sent separately to the group


  • June 8th Sai News Flash! Swami has left for Puttaparthi after Darshan. Sairam, Today , Swami gave Darshan for 20 minutes in the morning.  Gave prasadam- Mango fruits to all devotees and then left for Puttaparthi by road.

    SBOI group

  • June 8th Sairam to most beloved Sai family, The latest news running around in Puttaparthi is Swamy will be arriving to His abode today.. All the streets have been cleaned and decorated for our Lord's arrival...Even the local news papers have carried this news quoting ashram sources. Puttaparthi is already crowded with devotees and parents who have come here for thier childrens' admissions. Nice to have Swamy back after a gap of 2 months....Hearty Welcome to You Swamy.

    SBOI group

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  • Sai Baba's General Travel Plan (entire year)










Swami's address in Prasanthi Nilayam Swami's address in Brindavan
Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Prasanthi Nilayam,
Anantapur Dt., AP 515 134,
Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Kadugodi, Bangalore 560 067

Please note: Generally, Sathya Sai Baba does not make His travel plans known in advance. For example, residents of Prasanthi Nilayam may find out that He is going to Brindavan only when He is actually leaving or even a few hours later. All the information we have about His travels is given below.

Swami usually spends most of the year in Puttaparthi, but He does visit Brindavan (near Bangalore) and Kodaikanal. Going by Swami's past travels, the following may give you an idea for planning purposes, but there is no guarantee that this itinerary will be followed.

  • January: Swami is usually in Puttaparthi until mid to end January.
  • February-March: Swami may go to Brindavan for a couple of weeks in early February, but He usually will be in Puttaparthi.
  • March:By the end of March, Swami usually goes to Brindavan.
  • April: Swami usually goes to Kodaikanal. The climate in Kodaikanal is very good at that time. A hill station, it is cool in the daytime but cold at night.
  • May-June: Swami is usually in Brindavan. He sometimes leaves for Prasanthi Nilayam about mid June.
  • July-September: Swami is usually in Puttaparthi.
  • October-November: Swami is usually in Puttaparthi where Dasara and the Birthday celebrations take place. He may go to Brindavan between Dasara and the Birthday celebrations.
  • December: Swami is usually in Puttaparthi for Christmas, but He may go to Brindavan in the first week of December (after the Birthday celebrations in November) and return before Christmas. However, He has spent Christmas in Brindavan in a few of the past years.


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Check out the latest Photos: Kodai Kanal With Sai - 2006  Index Page  (New set of photos added everyday [June month - 2006])