9 Silver Coins Given by Sai Baba to Laxmibai yet Preserved.
26th June`2008

Shirdi (Maharashtra) – Before Sai Baba took Maha Samadhi, with his own hands he had given Laxmibai Shinde 9 Silver Coins as a token for her nine fold path Bhakti & Seva. 

And, even today Laxmibai Shinde’s descendants have preserved these 9 coins as they were then when Baba had given Laxmibai.
At present, these coins are with Laxmibai Shinde Patil’s fifth generation of descendants. 

Nobody knows as to how Sai Baba got these coins which belonged to the British Era.

But Laxmibai was present with Baba, in his last few moments before taking samadhi. 
Baba had put his hands inside the pocket of his Kafni and removed these 9 silver coins. 
He then raised his hand high up to give them away. Seeing this, other devotees standing there asked Baba as to what was in his hands. 
Baba replied that he had 9 silver coins in his hands. Hearing this all were very surprised as Baba had never kept anything with him and so how and from where had Baba got these 9 silver coins!!! 
They then asked Baba as to whom did he want to give those coins and Baba replied that he would not give these coins to anyone, 
except Laxmi maa, and saying that he placed those 9 silver coins in Laxmibai’s hands.

Laxmibai had whole heartedly served Baba for 45 years. 
Infact when Baba had come to Shirdi for the first time, it was Laxmibai only who had fed him.

90 years have passed by since then but even today these 9 silver coins shine the same way as they used to when Baba had given them to Laxmibai and never had this family ever faced any financial problems.

Inspite, of being offered crores of rupees, by many people who want to get their hands on these 9 silver priceless coins, this family has refused to sell or part with it absolutely whatsoever as who would want to give away something which Baba himself had touched & given with his own hands.
 Infact this family wants to take care of these coins till the end of time.

Now many devotees come to this house also for the darshan of these 9 blessed coins and it is believed that just by the mere darshan 
of these 9 coins, one’s problems go away.