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Kodaikanal Resource: Kodaikanal Ashram - detailed Info & photos

30 New Photographs: A Flight with Divinity pictures & detailed Report  A flight with Divinity is indeed one of the most priceless rewards a devotee could aspire to achieve in this plane where the Lord walking on two feet has chosen to bless His devotees with abundance of greater compassion in the form of proximity to His physical frame with darshan, sparshan and sambhashan. Read more 

9th April Sai darshan and travel report

"It is said that Prasanthi Nilayam is Swami’s office, Brindavan is His home and Kodaikanal is His playground...." 

9th April Swamy has left puttaparthi for Madurai and from there to Kodaikanal by road. Swamy's Indian airlines airplane with chosen devotees, students and staff took off from puttaparthi airport at around 9:45am.

Today morning at around 8.50 a.m. Swami came out in His Mercedes car, which is a sure sign that Swami is going outside the ashram. Swami was sitting behind that is, on the back seat and Swami’s 'chauffeur' Mr. Balaram was driving the car; there was no regular darshan since Swami didn’t come out of His car. Therefore, devotees sitting on the granite floor of Sai Kulwant hall had to crane their necks to catch a glimpse of Swami behind the car window glasses.

Outside the ashram, the main road was crowded with devotees waiting for Car Darshan and to say Happy journey Swami moreover, the popular "car darshan" as its called over here  provides an opportunity to be quite close to Swami without being “stressed out” by any sevadal, in addition if one is blessed with good fortune then one may get an eye contact with Swami or Abhya hastha blessings thru the car window.

Seva dal and the police security had hard time keeping the road cleared of traffic mostly auto rickshaws and also ordering all the devotees to stand up on the sidewalks only.

Bird eye view of Swami's ashram & airport click on the picture to see large size

A fusion of emotions: emotionally devotees were  in pretty 'mixed' mood , both sad and happy that is, happy to be waiting for Swami for His Darshan & still sad since Swami is leaving Puttparthi and would be back after a month or two.

 Inside the Kulwant hall Swami was given Aarthi but Swami remained seated in the car, after the Aarthi Swami drove out towards Puttparthi airport on the way blessing His pet Elephant Sai Geetha. Swami’s Mercedes car followed by  caravan of devotees, students, staff and security vehicle all headed to the ready and waiting Indian airlines plane, an Airbus A320. Not much could be observed since there was tight security at the airport too. However, one thing is sure that Swami left on that plane for Maduhrai – Kodaikanal, that is, to His Ashram in Kodaikanal

Birds eye view of Kodaikanal area click on the picture to see large size
Sai Sruthi, Lake Road, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, 604101 INDIA.  Text 

9th April- Sai Sundaram Rama: wallpaper update [SBOI member Sri Lanka] download  size:  800x600  & 1024X768

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Sai Sruthi - Sai Baba's Kodaikanal Ashram

Kodaikanal Resource: Kodaikanal Ashram - detailed Info & photos.