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One year during the vacation period, Swami asked a Greek lady to address the gathering. This lady happens to be a doctor, actively involved in Sai service. One of her service campaigns was in Croatia, then torn by war and conflict. She organized a volunteer group and took it to Croatia for rendering assistance to the war victims. The members of the group distributed packets containing food, medicines, clothing, and along with these, a small photo of Swami. Recalling the service experience, the doctor said, "The people were very happy that we had come to help them. One of the people there held up Baba's photo and said, 'We know this person'. I was very surprised and asked, 'How do you know Him? Have you heard about Him?' They replied, 'No, we have actually seen Him here.' I was astounded and asked, 'Seen Him? Here in Croatia? And what was He doing here?' They said 'Just what you are doing; distributing food, blankets, and medicines.' I was stunned." After the electrifying narration was over, one of the devotees present remarked, "Swami this is absolutely extra-ordinary!" Swami replied, "For you it is extra-ordinary but for Me, this quite ordinary and routine." A hush descended on the audience - naturally.

Source: http://www.radiosai.org/Journals/05NOV01/TemplesLearning/Trayee.htm

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