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PRASANTHI NEWS - PRASANTHI NILAYAM - Veda Purusha Sapthaha Jnana Yagna

‘Veda Purusha Sapthaha Jnana Yagna' Day 4 - 30th Sep. 2014

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Prasanthi Vidwan Mahasabha, ensemble of the learned, entered into day-4 today here in Prasanthi Nilayam. Two speeches, Bhagawan’s Divine discourse and a musical offering featured today’s schedule.

In the evening, proceedings commenced at 1640 hrs. with resonant Vedic chanting by the spirited boys from the Brindavan Campus of SSSIHL, invoking The Veda Purusha, Beloved Bhagawan.

An introductory speech followed next: the speakers were, Ms U Suma Rao, Asst. Professor with Dept Of Commerce at Anantapur Campus and Prof A Anantaraman, Honorary Professor with School Of Business Management & Finance at the Prasanthi Nilayam Campus.

Ms Suma Rao, speaking with great clarity, deliberated on the subject “Purusha & Prakruthi” quoting Bhagawan intermittently. Speaking high of the goldmine of Indian culture and spiritual tradition, Ms Rao explained in the next fifteen minutes how Bhagawan was a perfect confluence of Purusha & Prakruthi, detailing on the lessons one learns out of it. Narrating her own personal experience with Bhagawan, Who stressed on the importance of obedience, Ms Suma Rao, speaking further, drew upon the parallel from the story of Mahishasura, embodiment of ego, with man’s present day plight. Relating the same with man’s present day predicament, wherein man often changes his colours, inflicting himself with greater ego, only to get more of inbuilt agitation, Ms Suma said, similar to the ancient story wherein Goddess Durga had to be pacified from her raging, fierce onslaught, man has to get connected to the Divinity within, Purusha, to set himself free, free from evil, to get enlightened. Jeevatma is Purusha Himself, The Supreme Source. Stressing on the greater importance of the three essential processes of centering, aligning and awakening for spiritual evolution, Ms Rao concluded her enlightening exposition with a self-composed prayer hailing His Love…Him Being The Essence.


  Prasanthi Photos 30 Sep 2014 

Watch the Recorded Video Webcast of the Prasanthi Vidwan Mahasabha (Day 4) as part of
Dasara Celebrations from Sai Kulwant Hall - 30 Sep 2014  -



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Dasara 2014 in Prasanthi Nilayam 25 Sep - 03 Oct, 2014 - Programme schedule      

Prof Anantaraman, a man with vast international business and teaching experience for decades, spoke next, on the theme “Bhagawan’s Life & Message”.

Beginning with, touching upon the legend of the festivity and his personal entry unto the Sai-fold, the Professor further elucidated in the next half-an-hour about his personal perceptions on the Sai influence in our lives, post Bhagawan’s physical disappearance.

Physical absence of Bhagawan has in fact brought the enormity of His mission much more; today, we see His all-pervasiveness, through several institutions…not to miss His Supreme Mission of transformation. Every act of Bhagawan was (is) an education as He perfectly practised the art of being in the present, the Power Of Now, said the Professor illustrating the same with His own experience. Alertness and awareness in every living moment is an absolute must, said Anantaraman narrating a Zen Master story. No need to lament about the absence of His voice in answer to our prayers…when we are truly attuned to Him our voice becomes His Voice. It is time, post Bhagawan’s physical absence, for everyone to introspect within, asking ‘ourselves’…various how’s with reference to practising His precept, concluded the Professor.

Bhagawan’s Divine discourse followed next, played on the public address system. Bhagwan ended His Divine discourse with the bhajan “Prema Muditha Manase Kaho Rama Rama Ram…”

Bringing out their innermost emotions for Mother Sai with great touch of devotion, girl students from the Anantapur Campus then offered the last item of the evening, a musical programme entitled “Madhura Varshini”.

Commencing the offering singing paeans to the remover of obstacles Lord Ganesha with the song “Jayaho…Jayaho Sai Gajanana…” the girls continued for the next half-an-hour singing “Nee Namame Madhuram”, a Telugu composition on Mother Sai, Prem Ki Jyoth Jalayi…Ab Tho Aao Sai…” an invocatory song to Mother Sai, to end up with a gratitude song to Beloved Bhagawan calling Him out passionately, “Oh Maa! Oh Maa!…”

Two Speeches and Anantapur Musical Offering…

Bhajans continued and ended with Mangala Arathi at 1700 hrs.

Fifteen villages of Bukkapatnam and Kothacheruvu mandals were served today, on the sixth day of Sri Sathya Sai Grama Seva – 2014.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II



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