A surprise letter of comfort from
Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba...

postage stamp sri sathya sai baba -A surprise letter of comfort from Swami



An elderly woman grieving her husband's passing, received a surprise letter of comfort from Bhagawan, expressing:

Wedding binds two persons together as husband and wife. What were they to each other minutes before? The one would not have worried for the other if the wedding had not happened!

Where were the son, and the brother before they were conceived and born? Life is an interlude between what was and what will be. This interlude should be used not to lament over what cannot be helped or set right, but to seek God, see Him and take refuge in Him. Your husband lived such a life in the light of Truth he had glimpsed. He did no wrong to anyone; he loved and served the suffering and the illiterate. He salvaged many families from penury and infamy. He helped many young people to go through college. Many sick persons were saved by his timely donations. He was ever cheerful and spread cheer wherever he went. And, at last, God willed that he cast away the body that limited him. Of what profit is it now to calculate what might have happened, had he not gone to Madras that day?

Your duty from now on is to sustain the fame he earned, to follow the ideals he had placed before himself. Your husband is here, in MY presence now, and he will be there forever as he had wished to be when alive. Swami will not allow him to be separated from the Presence. He is now free from bonds and boundaries.

You are indeed fortunate that destiny drew you to him and gave you so many years of loving companionship with such a fine person. His thoughts were pure; there was no blemish of envy, hatred, or greed in him. So his place is with Me, forever. I am writing this letter to you in order to shower on you the cool rain of love. That rain will scotch the flames of grief that are now raging in you. Your husband is at Prasanthi Nilayam, in the presence of Sairam, having attained that climax by his spiritual attainments.