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Original, handwritten, unpublished letter written by Swami decades ago


English translation

Sai Devotees and Members attending the meeting,

Accept My Blessings.

On this 17th anniversary occasion, I am witnessing the happiness being felt by the Sai Devotees, though not present physically with you. Direct physical experience and indirect experience are the same. Attributes could be many but they are imaginary. Paddy and rice are different for name sake but the difference is only in the husk. If you remove the husk, it is rice only. As long as the rice is covered with husk, it has to germinate. When there is moisture paddy has to germinate and sprout into a plant. If you remove the husk, it can only be used as food and so loses the potential for rebirth.

Worship of the All-Pervasive Sai Rama is to experience the physical body outside and the astral body inside. Bodily illusion belongs to man (Nara) and atmic illusion belongs to God (Narayana). So if you continue to be enveloped by bodily illusions and earthly attachments of this world, when do you experience atmic illusion and see the cosmic form of God? Search for truth should become a daily ritual for Sai Devotees. Love is the quality that endears you to Parthivasa. Inferior qualities should be discarded as superior human qualities confer divinity. So first devotees should develop a clean and clear conscience and shed external pomp and show. You should remain unattached to everything, because this is the truth. Devote all your time and actions to God. Realize time as the vehicle of Sai and do not count the amount of time you spent in prayers as the quality of devotion is more important.

Instead of expressing your devotion towards Sai in words and songs, express them through your deeds. That is the truth. If you say something and do something else or sing one thing while meaning something else, this show becomes a no-show and harms Sai’s fame. So Sai Devotees should exercise restraint in their behaviour. Your heart should melt like butter, looks should shower cool moonlight and the words should be sweet like honey – that pleases Sai.

Selfless devoted love and passion-free balanced love are the two eyes of Sai. Sai likes practice and not publicity. Sai can be captured with love but not treasures. Only when Sai devotees treat these principles of truth as a command will the whole world become Saimayam (permeated by Sai) and Brahmamayam (permeated by Brahman). When our vision is turned towards divine knowledge, the world becomes an abode of God (Brahma). If you want to see the world in a particular colour, you have to wear glasses of that colour first. So all of you start experiencing Sai in your own way and reform yourselves with acceptable behaviour. That is my wish.

- Baba

How this letter was discovered -

"Dear Brothers,

I am thrilled to share a letter written by Swami which, to the best of my knowledge, has never been published but contains a profound message, a wish from Swami, as to what His expectations are from His devotees.

Just before the 1984 Dussera celebrations, Swami called some of us senior students upstairs to clean the store rooms situated on the left side of the Prasanthi mandir. It was one of those thrilling chances to be close to Swami for several hours while He supervised the project. While cleaning the rooms I came across several interesting items reminiscing the old days of the Paatha mandir and the events that took place then.

One such item was the pot held up by Prof.N.Kasturi while Swami performed the vibhuti abhishekam to the silver Shirdi Sai statue in Poornachandra Auditorium. Though I have never witnessed the abhishekam in my life it was thrilling to touch the pot. I also came across a packet which contained several old letterheads that Swami used over the years to write letters to devotees. It also contained Swami’s old passport that He used to travel to East Africa. When I approached Swami with the packet, He kept the passport aside and then instructed me to cut off the top part of all the letterheads and distribute the blank paper to the research scholars for their use. Later in the hostel, I carefully went through the pages of each pad before cutting the sheets and was delighted to find two invaluable documents: One, a letter written by Swami in His own handwriting which was perhaps for an article written for the Sanathan Sarathi. The second, a poem written by Swami about Himself entitled “Udayamu”. Swami permitted me to keep these documents and a few copies of each of the letterheads as souvenirs.

The message contained in it is profound. Swami actually expresses His wish as to how He wants devotees to conduct themselves. I am excited to share the original letter and the English translation with my alumni brothers.

I hold this letter dearly to my heart as a family heirloom but felt impelled to share both the original as well as the translation with you all. So far only a handful of people have seen this letter. I am sure each of us will take away a unique message from this letter as if Swami wrote it just for us. Please share freely with one and all.

shared by MM - 24.11.2011






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