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By Sri K. Suresh
- A Former Student of Swami’s Institute.

It was a serene evening in the Mandir during the rainy season of 1990. Swami had completed His usual Darshan rounds and had called some devotees for interview. All the students were eagerly waiting for Swami to come out and spend some time with them. They were surprised by the sudden brush of a cool breeze that heralded soothing showers.

It was the time when the Sai Kulwant Hall had not yet been built. To those directly exposed to the scalding rays of the sun, the rain was a welcome relief. To the students it meant a blanket permit to rush forward and occupy the front portico of the Mandir. It was a vantage spot as it gave us the advantage to be very close to the interview room door so that when Swami came out, His gaze in our direction was guaranteed. I was then in my second year of the MBA programme. Along with another brother of mine I was blessed to secure a strategic spot in the front portico. From here we had a clear view of Swami’s throne in the Bhajan Hall.

As the rain persisted without any respite, I began reading a book on Swami’s miracles in Africa. I was particularly drawn to an incident where two of the devotees who were driving a car on an express way at speeds over 110 km/h suddenly met with an accident. Their car was thrown out of the express way and into the bushes. The car was totally smashed and there was no chance that its occupants would survive such a crash. The devotees in the car however had taken the Lord’s Name on their lips at the critical juncture and had escaped unscathed. They were nonplussed and thanked Swami for His Omnipresence. I was quite overwhelmed by this incident and happened to share it with the brother beside me. I couldn’t but help remark – ‘Look Swami is in Africa also’.

African Avathar

Some moments later the interview room door opened. Swami came out and stood on the upper portico of the verandahh in the Mandir. He paused and looked at me and my brother for a few seconds. I looked at Swami with reverence. Suddenly Swami asked the students sitting in front of me to make way. A path was made for Swami in the tightly packed verandahh. Before I could realise Swami walked straight up to me and then paused. Gazing into my eyes He remarked –“Dunnapotha! You are talking in the verandah.”

Then after a small pause He continued, “I am here. I am in Africa. I am everywhere.” Saying this, He walked away with a nonchalant gait. Do I have to say anymore?

Six years later while I was in search for a job, a Singapore based multinational company hired me and sent me on my first assignment to guess where: West Africa ! It has been six sweet years in Africa. I have been blessed to get involved in the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation here as an office bearer. I try to serve the Lord in my own little way, feeling and experiencing His constant Presence and Guidance.

One important truth that we, His students, must cherish always in our hearts is His Omnipresence. Wherever we are, we need to conduct ourselves accordingly. Swami is our Inner Soul. He is always with us, in us and around us. The awareness of this truth suffices to boost our confidence and help mould our lives in the right direction.

Heart to Heart

During my student days at Swami’s Lotus Feet, I learnt a lot through innumerable such instances. Many times it happened that Swami would refuse to accept a letter from me and I used to feel completely dejected. On one such occasion, Swami gave me the ‘cold storage’ treatment by not accepting my letter for many days at a stretch. One fine day, He suddenly called me and literally grabbed the letter from my hands. Even without opening the letter, He went on to reveal its contents and concluded with a great revelation, ‘I need not go through your letter to know its contents. The prayer in your heart reaches me instantaneously, even before you pen down your thoughts.’

To be frank, after this incident I reduced the ‘written mail’ and instead concentrated on heartfelt prayers. This is what Swami implies when He exhorts us to develop ‘a heart to heart relationship’ with Him.

I Shall Write Anew

On another occasion, Swami walked up to where I was seated, looked into my eyes and said ‘Faithkaawali raa’ in Telugu, which means – ‘You need Faith’. Putting His hand on His forehead He went on ‘If you have faith in Me, I shall wipe out your old Karma and write a new one. But faith is required.’

Swami is Premaswaroopa. Just pure, unsullied Love on two Feet. He loves His students so much. His love for us is unfathomable and indescribable. Let me share a very cherished incident in my life.

Baba’s Bangra Boys

It was the time of Swami’s 60th Birthday in the year 1985. A group of 25 boys, which included me, were selected to perform the Bhangra dance before Swami’s chariot as it made its way from the Mandir to the Shanti Vedika in the Hill View Stadium. We had practised more for a stage performance rather than for a procession in front of Swami’s chariot. But then, Swami’s message came on the evening of November 22nd that we need to be prepared for the procession the next day. All of us were too tired because of various activities on 21st and 22nd November. But we had Swami in our hearts.

Though we slept very late on 22nd night, all of us got up by 3 a.m. on 23rd morning and managed to reach Mandir before 3.30 a.m. Even at that time, all the streets of Puttaparthi were overflowing with devotees moving towards the Mandir. We managed to squeeze through the crowd. We were tired and by the time we reached Mandir we were already feeling drowsy. But nevertheless, we started dressing up and were ready by 6 a.m. for the procession. The procession was scheduled to commence at 7 a.m.

Students Come First

Swami had already come out at 6 a.m. He then summoned all of us, the Bhangra group boys, into the Bhajan Hall. We were quietly dressing up at the car shed behind the Mandir when we received this message. We rushed into the Bhajan Hall. Swami then enquired from us whether we were ready for the procession and we replied in the affirmative. Then Swami said ‘Oh no! You boys did not have anything to eat or drink since morning and you need to be in the procession for at least one and half hours.’

While everybody including the VVIPs were waiting for Swami to come out for Darshan, Swami was inside the Bhajan Hall, catering to the little needs of His little ones. Swami then sent someone to bring breakfast for us from the canteen and ensured that we had had our fill. He also went into His room and got apples for us to partake. All the while Swami was waiting for us to say, “We are ready Swami, we can start”. At about 7 a.m. when all of us were ready, Swami put on His white robe and walked up to the chariot and stood on it while the first golden rays of the rising sun fell on the Divine Lotus Feet. The procession started with us performing ahead of His chariot. By His Grace everything went on well. In that huge crowd we were thrown around like puppets. But for Swami’s Love and Grace in the morning, we could not have performed the dance. That is the Love of Swami for His students. Students always come first for Him.

Spiritual Practice in Business

Such incidents are unlimited. Each one of His students have baskets-full of such stories to narrate. The underlying theme is Love, Love and Love alone. Swami loves us so intensely and expects us to share this love with the people around us in the same way. He wants us to look at the unifying principle that binds us all. We need to start in our own little way to practise what Swami says. I would like to state how this has helped me in my day to day business.

When I deal with my customers I feel that it is the same Swami who is also in them and that I need to approach them with the right attitude and love in my heart. This has always given me an upper hand to solve the most difficult issues which could not be handled by others. When I am at peace, have Swami in my heart and look at my opponent as a reflection of the same Being, positive vibes are generated and that gives me a cutting edge. While other preparations are definitely required for a good negotiation, positive attitude and good vibes can change the whole negotiating atmosphere. In the corporate world, my company calls negotiation and wheeling as dealing skills. I am ranked highest on these skills in my company. But for me the real skill is ‘Love in the heart’.

I end this article here with a small prayer to Swami……

“Dear Lord, Let our Hearts overflow with Divine Love for Thee at all times”.

- Courtesy: ‘Fragrance’.

- Heart2Heart Team


Text & photo source - copyrights:   -  Prasanthi Diary -    | Web layout - Photo graphic design :  "SBOI" | -

We gratefully acknowledge the publishers Sri Sathya Sai Sadhana Trust &  Sri Sathya Sai Media Foundation  



11 assurances of
Sri Sai Baba

 Live video Darshan from Shirdi Sai Baba Samadhi Mandir

Satcharitra Parayan