This is the reason why I believe in Miracles
This is the reason why I believe in Miracles

I had all the requirements to graduate with honors. I had the required Grade Point Average, I finished all course work within the time frame and I was never been on probation. However, I had U grade for a non credit subject twice. When I checked with the university registrar, he said I am not getting honors as I have 2 U's in my transcript. It was another regulation which was not shown in some of my transcripts. I did not know about that until I was in my junior year. I was really disappointed. I gave up on honors as our university is very strict about the rules and regulations. I always asked my mom to pray to Sai Baba to ask help for my education. So I thought if Sai Baba loves my mom, I will get it. I was not a very good devotee, so from my side I didn't think I will get it.  
The day before I was about to leave the university,  my aunt said why don't you go and talk with your Dean about the problem you have.

I went to meet my dean and she asked me to talk with the IT Dean as I had U for his course. So I went to meet him and he was not there. I thought it was a useless trip but I had little bit of hope at the same time. I remembered my sister saying, gayantri mantra is very powerful so I started singing it in my heart. I prayed that the Dean I had to meet will be a nice person. I was asking Sai Baba to be the Dean though I thought it was little silly for me to ask such things that is very unlikely to happen. For my surprise he was extremely nice. He attended to my work immediately. He called all the places. When he was calling, I was singing Gayntri Mantra again in my heart. He finally said I think we can change your grades. This is a very special case. We usually do not change any grades. He said he will change 2 U's Unsatisfactory to W- Withdraw. He was telling it was partly their fault that the transcripts the university gave were old and some of the bulletins were not changed as the rules changed they will help me.
I looked at my transcript online today. And it was changed to W. I am graduating with honors thanks to Sai Baba. Thank you Sai Baba for making me believe in miracles, prayers and all the beautiful things in the world.
I am expecting to receive a medal and hoping to give it to Sai Baba.
Because I know that I wouldn't have got it without him. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.