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Turban Shaped Gold Crown Donated to Baba at Shirdi

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Turban Shaped Gold Crown Donated to Baba at Shirdi
On 03rd June`2011, a Surat`Gujarat city-based leading builder Mr.Sandip Nayak offered a Gold Crown worth Rs.17 lakh to Sai Baba at Shirdi.
He was in Shirdi along with his family and friends to offer the Crown to Baba.
Mr.Nayak visits Shirdi every month.

The Crown made of 695 grams of Gold & weighing 710 grams is studded with Rubies & city polished Diamonds. Prepared by a local city jeweller, it is specially designed as per a few suggestions made by Mr.Nayak's family, who wanted the Crown to look like a "Pagdi" (Turban).

Mr.Nayak said that a year back, he had promised Sai Baba that if he would come out of his struggling phase,he would offer a precious gift to him at his Shirdi Temple. He said that the Gold Crown, with its modern design
looked magnificent when placed on Sai Baba, was not too big a gift but only
a small token of his love for Baba and the Crown .

The wife of Mr.Nayak said that it was a once in a lifetime experience feeling so close to Baba especially when they performed Baba's Aarti at the Temple and that they would continue to offer gifts at the temple as they have deep faith in Sai Baba.source: