"...Devotees all over the world are immersed in prayers. Devotees in VIzag have started Maha Mritynjaya Yagna the whole night. Even in Parthi, devotees are chanting Rudram, there were many bhajans sung by small groups in houses.
Even though, it is a very emotional affair, for we devotees, We all know is Swami is very much in control of all the affairs. Swami knows the best. Only He knows the reason behind this Leela.
The chief minister of Andhra Pradesh,Mr.Kiran, Ex-Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Sri.Ashok Chavan, Chief Minister of Karnataka, Sri.Yeddurappa and other ministers are planning to come to see Swami.
Mean while, some devotees in Parthi are feeling that this situation of Swami and also the accident to brother Ratnakar in december is because of the removal of Sathyamma statue. For those who don't know about this, Mother Sathyamma, is the village diety of Parthi, which the legend says that Swami's grand father had built this temple (this temple is situated just opposite Kalayan Mandapam, Swami's Old Mandir). A year ago, there was a slight
breakage in the statue and according to Hindu tradition, any statue that is broken is not good for worship.
So the villagers of Parthi decided to replace it with a new marble statue which was consecrated and brother Ratnakar was invited for the same and this happened about a month ago. Mean while the old statue of Sathyamma was immersed in Kotha Cheruvu river as old statues are not supposed to be thrown instead immersed in water.
Last night about 2000 local devotees went to the river in search of the old statue. Every one were very sure that this TWO MIS HAPPENINGS IN SWAMI'S FAMILY (brother Ratnakar's accident in december and Swami's present hospitalisation) is only because the old statue was replaced. By Swami's grace the villagers who jumped into the river, traced the statue.
Now as I type this email, arrangements are made to take the statue in procession in the streets of Parthi to consecrate the statue back into the temple. Every minute chances of Swami's recovery is done by local devotees.
Swami, who is the ETERNAL WITNESS, will definitely come back to us, give us ONE MORE CHANCE to practice His teachings, after His hospitalisation, we all are aware how hard it is to imagine a LIFE WITHOUT SWAMI and the whole world knows nothing is going to happen to Swami...
Swami, you know each and every thing, Swami you are eternal witness, Please Swami we want to see You hail and healthy... GET WELL SOON..
With Pranams at the Lotus Feet of our beloved Lord,..."

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saibabaofindia/message/22020


Om Sairam dearest Sai Family,
(First of all, I want to apologise you all, as some devotees did not like some of the words that were used in some of my updates about Swami.. I whole heartedly apologise and they are not intentional. In future I will be doubly careful and I really don't have any intention of sensationalising this particular episode of Swami's hospitalisation)
The Village Deity Sathyamma's statue, which was thrown in the river because of a small damage a year ago, was brought back to Parthi in a huge procession.One lady from Puttaparthi, was possessed by Goddess Sathyamma and she said, all will be fine if the statue was brought back to Parthi. Hearing this every one rushed to the river but couldn't find the statue which was immersed in Bukkapatnam river less than a year ago. Immediately that lady who was possessed by Goddess Sathyamma was taken to the river and she showed the exact place where was the statue was deep
under water.
Here is a small video attatched which shows the happiness of the villagers of Parthi, while the Goddess was brought back to Parthi.
This might sound bit weird to many, but FAITH IS GOD. When it is comes with Swami and His (physical) well being, we are ready to do anything... All the positive Vibes will definitely yield positive results.
While I am typing this email, watching the latest news in various telugu news channels, just now Minister Mrs.Geetha Reddy who is camping in Parthi for a week now, speaking to media persons said this good news about Swami. to roughly translate, she said, Swami's all the vital organs are functioning properly. He is still on ventilation and the CRRT dialysis is being continued. She said, if Swami's kidneys get back to normal, He will be perfectly normal without any more complications. Swami's BP and liver is fine. His temperature is also normal. Only thing is Kidneys have to become normal. If He wills it will definitely happen even without the help of the doctors. He is opening His eyes and His holy Feet and hands are moving. His respiratory system is fine. She continued: I JUST GOT INSIDE INFORMATION, TODAY MORNING, BHAJANS WERE SUNG FOR SWAMI (PROBABLY IT HAPPENED IN THE HOSPITAL BHAJAN HALL AND IT WAS AUDIBLE TO SWAMI WITH THE HELP OF SPEAKERS IN ICU) and after some time when some one approached Swami asking if arathi is to be given, Swami signaled for Arathi!!!! This news is a VERY VERY GOOD NEWS for every one us... It is just a great relief and definitely a welcome news. Because of tubes in His mouth, He is not talking but He is nodding His head.
Former Chief Minister of Maharashtra Sri.Ashok Chavan came to Parthi. Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, who was expected to come to Parthi didnt come. (the above information is not an official one, but as seen on TV while the minister was speaking to the media) For the video of Goddess Sathyamma's procession please click the following link.
According to sources, there are good chances of one more medical bulletin by Dr.Safaya and this time it will be a Video Medical Bulletin which will cover the whole medical procedures done on Swami since His hospitalisation.

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saibabaofindia/message/22027

*******************OM SAI RAM**********************




Get Well Soon! Dear Swami, We Love You...

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