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‘Look at what we can do together’

“Vinayaka changed His address to Prashanti Nilayam”

The Sunday Talk Given by Anil Kumar

“Ganesh Chathurthi”

August 31st, 2003

I happen to be the student of a great poet, who is a great devotee of Bhagavan. He composed a beautiful poem on Vinayaka and read it in front of Swami. Swami was very happy. What are the contents of that poem? The meaning of that poem is this:

You know, Lord Shiva and Parvathi stay there in Kailash. Vinayaka is their son. Their other son is Subramanya. So, Parvathi and Shiva have two sons, Vinayaka and Subramanya. The poem goes on like this:

One day, Shiva, the Master, started complaining about Vinayaka to Parvathi, His wife. He said, “Look here, Parvathi, I find our second son, Subramanya, reporting here everyday; but I don’t see our eldest son, Vinayaka. What happened to Him? I have not seen Him in recent times. He is so irresponsible. I don’t find Him anywhere.”

Parvathi, being the mother, very compassionate like any other mother, wanted to defend the absconding son. What did she say? “Look here, He is so busy; why don’t you understand? He has not even a moment of free time. He is very busy because He is there at the entrance of Prashanthi Nilayam accepting the fruits and flowers from devotees! Therefore, you don’t find Him here.” (Laughter) “You don’t find Him in Kailash, because Vinayaka changed His address to Prashanti Nilayam. He is there at the entrance itself.”

It was a lovely poem, which he composed and rendered in front of Bhagavan.



‘Look at what we can do together’

Saturday, August 26, 2006 20:39 IST

A hospital, a school, a hope, a piece of paradise—a belief can change our world. Pravina Mecklai finds these lessons in her personal heaven.

Pravina Mecklai

MUMBAI: Several years ago I had the privilege of being invited to participate in the Paduka Festival at Puttaparthi—the sublime temples of Satya Sai Baba. I was delighted to accept but also a little apprehensive—I do not believe in the Divine. And although I have heard Sai Baba speak on several occasions, I am not a devotee as such. But Kiki is a very good friend and I was happy to go along with her.

Flying over arid Andhra, I suddenly see a Patch of Heaven. Verdant green, beautifully landscaped, well planned, and this huge building shaped like an Om. This was Puttaparthi. I could not wait to get out and enter the abode. What a place!

More than the physical, it was the spiritual atmosphere that was so appealing. Everyone content. Everyone engrossed in their work. And most important, everyone happy. What is this place that can have this effect? Who is this Being that can inspire this?

Time for the evening aarti. And the air is almost perfumed, such sweetness! We all are dressed up and sit down. Suddenly the mood is charged and a hush descends all around us. Baba has arrived. He glides to His seat, and the world sways. Beautiful discourse, elegantly spoken and everything makes sense.

He gets up to leave, stops and turns to me, raises His hand to bless me, and mouths “So, you have come”. I am just dumb-struck. Me, who never is at a loss for words! All around people are patting my back and smiling. That night I sleep blissfully and get up like a baby-happy, content.

In the morning there is a Maha-Arti. Just imagine hundreds of people up at dawn, dressed in their best, carrying their arti thali. We enter the beautiful temple grounds and all are in harmony. The bells ringing, the incense burning and the resonance of a thousand voices singing. This is heaven! Baba moves among us and showers gold leaf on us. My hair is spangled with this. Truly blessed am I.

The Paduka festival itself was awe-inspiring. All of us dressed in identical saris and lungis. Standing under the pink dawn sky with the padukas held on our heads. People from all over the world. different hues, different languages but one heart. Peace, joy.

A multi-denomination temple. Icons of every practicing religion. Hushed darkness as we go in. A universal prayer for togetherness and co-operation.

It is the final morning. I decide to not go to the Hall, instead sit outside by the side. Baba walks in, talks movingly, and, as He is leaving, turns and waves me good-bye. I weep as if I am leaving my home. This has become my home, my Heaven.

It makes one think. It makes one believe. This is what life is about. There are no separations. We are all one. One human family.

Look at what we can do together—a beautiful hospital, loving doctors and nurses, amazing schools and universities, inspired teachers. Happy people. Baba has done all this and more.

The few words I heard. The few thoughts exchanged. The few deeds done. It gave me so much strength, so much help, so much love.

A job well done, kind words exchanged, a helping hand extended, loving family and friends around. This is what makes me happy, and I am in Heaven.

(Pravina Mecklai runs Jamaat Art Gallery, Colaba.)

Source: http://www.dnaindia.com/report.asp?NewsID=1049513


Note: This Audio & Text has the copyright of the author - Prof. ANIL KUMAR . It is "reproduced" on this website only for the purpose of (seva) service so that Sai Baba devotees  can download  AUDIO  Of Prof. ANIL KUMAR SATSANG Sunday Satsang at  Prashanti Nilayam.

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