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Devotee's Experience


I have had so many miracles from Babaís blessings, that I donít know where to start. All that I asked Swami for in life has been given to my family and I.

There is just one that stands out in my life and I consider this to be one of the most important mahimas of my life presently, and that is my job.

I started working at the university on a contract basis. I was asked to come in for an interview for a 2 month contract position. I got the job and started to work. There were serverants packages offered to older members of staff just before I started, and this created a lot of vacancies within the institution thereafter. The first one I applied for was for a two year contract. I got this two year contract job and was very pleased with my job. After two years because of some contact in the Human Resource Division of the institution I lost my job, because my job was given to someone else. I was so disappointed as I had only one month left for my contract to come to an end. I was really desperate at this stage since I had to apply within this month for a job in the university to be able to be retained at the university, because if I went out the door there was no way I could get back because of restructuring process that was taking place at the time.

Here came the miracle that changed my whole life and my familyís lives as well. I always had a picture of Swami hanging in my office at the time. I took a few moments of my time and prayed sincerely to Swami to please make that miracle happen for me where I could get a job within the university in a month. In came the mail man with this vacancy which I am sitting in my present job.

I could not believe what I saw. This advert had all the requirements of my experience that I gained to do the job, but with a higher job title. I was reluctant to apply at first, but thought that if Baba brought me to it, he will bring me through it.

I never expected to be called for the interview. I went for this interview very confidently. I knew that I had performed well for it. I was not successful at first, since someone else got the job and was supposed to start the job within the next few days after the weekend. It so happen that she broke her limb and called in to the department to say that she is unable to start. Since I was second best, I was called in and asked to start the job if I had liked it. I am 100% sure that this was Babaís miracle to make it happen this way as it was merely meant for me.

I am now sitting in the job for the last 7 years and have progressed in leaps and bounds from then. I have become permanent in my job, I have done so much for my family financially including buying two cars, extending my house, my son is studying for free as a benefit from the university to me, went on a scholarship to Delhi through the University and many more successful achievements that I could relate to.

I thank Swami everyday for this miracle of my job that has changed my families life and mine so much , not for the material things that I could get from it but because I can help my husband financially to do a lot for the family. I have just bought two tickets to India for my husband and I, as we are going on this pilgrimage to Puttaparthi , Shirdi ,Whitefield and Haridwar Ganga River. Thank you Swami for making this possible.

I will never stop praying to Swami in my life as I know the benefits that I have gained by being on the spiritual path of Swami. Every Thursday my family and I have service and sing bhajans for Baba at home.

Submitted by Basanthie Sewsunker (
SBOI-Group member)

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