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Beautiful Darshans
17th JUNE 2007: Om Sairam dear sai Family
Its been a fantastic 10 days or so that Swami is giving very nice darshans reminding those days when He was walking.. Almost every day, especially in the evenings Swami first comes in the car and after a 30 minute gap He comes in wheel chair, with a beautiful smile, more loving and is not missing to take any letters.
We devotees have no words to express the joy and happiness seeing our Lord, so open in His wheel chair. This afternoon, Swami came around 3:30pm in His car to the Kulwanth hall. the crowd interestingly has doubled in number in just 1 day. Swami took some letters from the ladies' side and didn't take any letters from gents side. Just before He entered the gents lines, He spoke to some students who were dressed up in a different way as if they were going to enact a drama.Seeing the boys, we all stuck to our seats, after darshan, expecting Swami to come out any time from the interview room. The students were called in the bhajan hall and after a gap of 10 minutes, Prof.Anil Kumar, came forward to announce that the
students of Sathya Sai university, hailing from various states of India and speaking different languages, are here to perform KAVI SAMMELAN (congregation of various poets). The students speaking various languages were ready to render their own poems written in praise of Swami.. Swami now was seated on the dias and the students rendered excellent poems praising Swami and His service activities in
English, telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, oriya, Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujrati and also in tulu.. Swami seemed very happy listening to His chosen students sing poems so well a perfect example of unity in diversity..   After each one finished Swami personally called them and spoke to them and also gave padanamaskar... Many times, He was even giving directions to the poets (students), not to face towards Him instead face the audience..After the programme, Swami signalled the boys to come closer to Him and waving His hand two times He took out a ring and
presented to one of the boys.. He then spoke to each and every one as every one posed for a group photo with the Chancellor of their university, our Beloved Swami...
It was 5pm by then and Swami signalled for the bhajans to start.. thousands assembled in Kulwanth hall enjoyed singing the glory of the Lord in His immediate presence.. Swami then signalled for the prasadam to be distributed.

The KING OF THE FRUITS, Mango, weighing at least 1 kilo each, was given to each and every one as the KING OF THE UNIVERSE watched all of us. Swami then blessed the birthday boys by sprinkling holy rice (akshintalu) on their heads..

Swami then asked the boy sitting next to His chair to give the letters He got from the devotees mainly from students, He read each and every letter (at least 30 of them), many times looking at His students, probably looking at the boy who wrote the letter, some times smiling, some times sending positive signs, it was a treat to watch Swami during bhajans.  After He finished reading letters, He got immersed in the bhajans, closing His eyes, waving His hand, according to the rhythm of the song. It was around 5:30 by then and Swami spoke to the boys again and after few minutes asked for Arathi.. thus ended another memorable day in my prasanthi diary...
For those keen to know the latest about Sai Geetha  after her sudden demise, very shortly a Samadhi will be built in the place where she was buried and the news is there is going to be a huge life size statue of Sai Geetha just next to her house, and will look exactly how she used to be decorated for festivals in prasanthi Nilayam...With pranams at the lotus feet of our beloved Lord...from Puttaparthi
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