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Darshan update- TRAYEE session
Brindavan Ashram. Bangalore

Up close and personal with Sai

 TRAYEE session 3rd -6th May 2006:

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Sai Darshan timings 8th may 2006: Swami came today morning at appx 8.50 am after half hour darshan Swami was offered Aarthi at 9.30 a.m. in the evening Swami came at 4.00 p.m. the evening darshan lasted for 40 minutes.

In the evening Swami came out for darshan at 4pm. After hearing about 10 bhajans, Swami indicated to the boys to sing songs. A few songs were soulfully sung. After that, aarathi was offered and Swami went in. After about 20 minutes we were called in for Trayee session. Swami came and sat on the jhoola and called the boys who sang the songs and said, I asked you to sing Meera bhajans and even the word Meera did not figure in your songs. If you sing the songs from the cinema Meera devotees will be able to relate to it and feel joyous. Tomorrow is a Thursday so there will be lots of devotees. Sing Meera bhajans and fill them with happiness.

Swami asked the students, How much of the speech did you understand yesterday“ and then continued along these lines:

The descent of the Lord occurs with both Manava and Daiva Prajna. The former is necessary to react to the ground situation and to inspire and teach man to live by setting an ideal. When the Gopis complained to Yashoda about Krishna throwing stones and breaking their pots, Krishna replied, Not me, but God“ indicating the Manava and the Daiva Prajnas. (i.e. Krishna not as the individual but as God broke the pots.) When the gopis complained that He had tied their plaits together, He defended Himself saying that He was lying next to Yashoda and she had her hand over Him. How could He have gone to their terrace at midnight and indulged in this prank? Thereby He indicated His Omnipresence. Even at the time of offering Agratambulam (the first offering) in the assembly of kings, Dharmaja who was convinced that Krishna was God chose Him for the honour. This angered Shishupala who commented, For which great feat of His are you offering the honour to him. Is it for roaming around with the cowherd women?“ Krishna threw the plate on which the Tambulam was offered and this sliced the throat of Shishupala. All avatars use the human frame to achieve their mission. Radha had a sister by name Chandra who was against Krishna and did not like Radha being in His constant company. In fact the villagers of Repalle were also against Radha. During the annual celebrations of the lifting of Govardhana Giri when Krishna came to the village, He heard a faint voice from a house to which He made a beeline. On opening the door it was found that Radha had been locked up to prevent her from coming to the celebrations. But Krishna knew the plot and came to her rescue. When the Govardhana hill was being worshipped, Indra let loose a torrent. All the villagers were drenched and fear stricken and sought Krishnas protection. Krishna lifted the hill on His little finger. There was no dearth of (doubting) scientists even then! They thought,“ Even if He has managed to lift the hill let us see how on earth will He keep it down as He is sure to be crushed.“ After the rains ended, there was a sudden cloud cover and the next thing everyone knew was that the hill had been placed down and Krishna stood there smiling. The villagers sought Krishnas pardon for not understanding His glory and Krishna remarked, You are worshipping Govardhana Giri but what about the one who lifted it?“

When Krishna was 6 years old, He came to Yashoda and said,“ Amma, I want to go with the cows to tend them in the forest. Yashoda said,“ Dear one, the forest is full of thorns and stones. They will hurt your feet as you have no sandals.“ Krishna replied, “But the cows too dont have sandals. So permit me.“ Krishna felt one with all creation. Yashoda got slippers made the next morning and permitted Krishna. In the evening Brahma, wanting to test Krishna hid all the cows. The gopalas came and informed Krishna of the missing cows. Krishna created all the cows by His mere will. It was so perfect that the calves of the respective cows went exactly to their mothers and the cows made a beeline to their respective houses. This continued for 10 full days after which Brahma realized his foolishness and sought forgiveness.

Kamsa was very fond of Devaki, his sister. He even volunteered to drive the ceremonial chariot after her wedding. Even as they were proceeding, a heavenly voice declared that the 8th child from the womb of Devaki would slay him. Kamsa immediately dragged her and tried to kill her. On Vasudevas pleading, he relented on being assured that every child born to them would be handed over immediately to him. The 7th child of Devaki (i.e. Balarama) was transplanted into Rohinis womb. The eighth pregnancy resulted in the divine birth. At the time of birth, (3:30AM) all the guards were overpowered by sleep and there was torrential rain. As Vasudeva went along the river the water was up to his chest. He went to Yasodas place and exchanged the child, brought the girl child and entered the prison. It was only after that, that the guards woke up and reported the birth to Kamsa. Kamsa came straightaway, caught the child (Mayashakti) and threw it up with the intention of chopping off the head. But the child flew up and said,“ Oh fool! The one destined to slay you is elsewhere and alive. You may kill my body but not me.“ Maya and Daiva Shakti have to get together to accomplish the divine mission. This was in Dwapara Yuga. In the Treta Yuga the Avatar followed the conditions (self)imposed like not entering others homes and staying only in the forest, eating as per the waxing and waning of the moon etc.

In this age too God has brought these boys together to transform them and make them agents of transformation of society in order to redeem the country. Sometimes evil thoughts do come. Treat these as mere passing clouds. These clouds cover the Sun of Truth and the Moon of Peace only for sometime. If you wait patiently the clouds will drift away and the Sun and the Moon will shine resplendently. The only difference between you and Me is that I have no desires and delusions. Therefore I am not bound by actions and reactions. God alone is your refuge. Whatever may happen, have full faith in God. Trust Him like Ramadas did. He was imprisoned and whipped for spending the tax collected in renovating the Rama temple. He sought refuge in Rama. Rama and Lakshmana went personally to the Tanesha, paid the money and got him released?.

Tomorrow is Thursday. Sing Meera bhajans-those which everyone is familiar with and fill everyone with joy.

Hmmmm its time for your dinner?

Saying this Swami got up. After Aarthi, Swami went up and waved and blessed from the balcony.

4th.May 2006 Thursday.

Swami came out at 8:45am and sat listening to bhajans till 9:15am. In the evening Swami came out at 4:05pm. After 3 bhajans, He got it announced that the students of the Music college would be rendering Meera bhajans. After about 7 Meera bhajans, other popular Telugu devotionals too were sung. Swami also indicated that group songs should be sung. After 3 group songs, Swami received Aarthi (5:15pm) and left.

We then had the Trayee session. As Swami came in, He commented about the low pitch in which some songs had been sung.
Swami then asked Mr. Sanjay Sahni to speak. He spoke about Dharma and the unity of thought, word and deed. He narrated instances to illustrate it. He concluded with the episode of how Swami kept up His promise to Karnam Subbamma. When he sat down Swami said that his speech was incomplete“. Mr. Sanjay prayed to Swami to make it poornam“ with His divine words. Swami continued the episode and narrated in detail on how He was away from Parthi at Madras when Subbamma breathed her last. It was wartime and there were a lot of restrictions on travel. Swami rushed to her bedside by which time it was already 3 days since she had expired. As Swami entered, the relatives who blamed Him for not being at the bedside of Subbamma during her last moments criticized him. Her body had already been wrapped in cloth and ants had started to eat away at it. Funeral arrangements were being made when Swami arrived. Swamis reply to their criticism was that she was just sleeping. Swami asked for the cloth covering the body to be removed and sprinkled water. She woke up as if from sleep and said, O Swami You have come to keep up your promise!“ Swami then made her sip water and permitted her to leave.

Sanjay Sahani translated this into English. He committed a few bloomers and Swami made fun of his Telugu knowledge and then continued in a lighter vein, Where is your wife? Do you want to get married?“ On getting no reply Swami said, Hmm?Mounam Angeekaaram (silence is assent!)(All laugh)

To warden, Isnt it?“ The warden replied, Swami he is very happy now(that he is single)“
Swami immediately retorted, “What do you know of that happiness?“(provoking hearty laughter)

Swami then spoke about the educational scenario in the country. Students are confused and depressed, unable to understand what course to pursue. Adding to their woes are the murky policies of the government, which keep changing with an eye on the elections. Swami said that our Institute should set an ideal and that it would remain stable and a guiding light for the student community. He said that education should be used in the service of society. Biology students should equip themselves with MBBS, MD, MS to serve the society. Education, health and water are the important spheres where service activities need to be carried out. Education for the heart, health for the head and water for the entire body are essential.

It was already 6:40pm and Swami said that it would be late for dinner and stood up. He accepted Aarathi and retired.


5th May 2006 Friday

Today morning the students bhajans were special in that they were all bhajans sung by Swami Himself. The following for the bhajans was excellent and the bhajan session was very good. Swami came around 8.25 and stayed till 9.05AM

In the evening bhajans began at 4.15 .Even as the bhajans were going on, the Governor,His Excellency Chaturvedi, came. After bhajans he went inside and returned within fifteen minutes. Even though there was no word from inside we waited . Our wait was rewarded when at 6PM we were called inside Trayee.

Swami called a primary school kid forward and said, see children have so much love. They are so anxious to come close to Swami.“ Taking the boys letter, Swami opened it remarking big letter“, He read it for a couple of minutes?.He read the last line aloud I want to do paadaseva before I go“. Then He asked what do you want?“.The small child answered Swami I have cough and cold“. Swami smiled and calling him close, rubbed his chest, throat and nose saying, tomorrow it will be gone“. What is your name? Sai Sriram“. Wifes name?“ the child was dumbstruck for a moment but gathering his wits said S.Krittika“. There was thunderous laughter but Swami quickly came to His rescue and explained there is nothing wrong when said in all innocence as he did . Its only people who have such thoughts and hide it, who are bad“.

Swami then asked one of the boys in the front Hows your brother? Has he got a job? How much is he earning? After some discussion, Swami said If some one stretches his palm in front of Me I will give. If they do not how can I give?“

Then out of the blue Swami called Bhisma“ noticing him sitting somewhere near the middle. Swami then introduced him saying very good boy. He thinks of Swami all the time. Even when he is going to sleep he thinks Swami is next to me He has been with me for 25 years. He came to me as a small lad . Swami then narrated the story of Mr.Jawa-an old devotee and owner of Joy ice cream company. He came to India from Pakistan with just 11 rupees. With Swamis blessings he started off in a small building and soon it grew into a huge company. He used to come regularly and carefully follow My advice. Those who listen to Swami are sure to succeed thus and those who dont will be losers“.

Speaking about His driving abilities Swami said Have you seen me drive? The wheels of the cars used to hardly touch the ground! Even though it takes 10 hours, in the normal course, to drive from Parthi to Madras, I used to start at 7am and reach by 10 am !

The Transport commissioner Hanumantha Rao was with me. He was the Transport commissioner for the entire Madras presidency (comprising the entire south Indian states).It was he who administered the test for my license. There were three other officials in the car and I passed all the test they placed before Me in flying colours. Those were days when petrol was being rationed- the (second world) war years. I used to ask for water to be drawn from the nearby well, fill the tank with the water and drive down to Madras! Once Hanumantha Rao brought to my notice some cracks in a building. I told him not to worry and that word was enough for him.“ [Some one in the front asked Swami how does one get such faith? Swami replied He believed that Swami is GOD, so whatever He says is the Truth and must be correct“ ].

Swami also spoke about the amritham He used to give on Vaikunta Ekadasi day. He asked the warden whether he had received it from Swami. Answering in the affirmative, the warden explained to us how Prof Kasturi used to bring an empty bucket and Swami would place His hand at the bottom of the empty bucket and as He raised His hand, the bucket would be filled with amritham with a sloshing sound!. Swami continued, There were no students then. Only the Veda Patashala (and the students learning Vedas) existed and Kamavadhani was the Principal. He was a great devotee. He was well-versed in the Vedas and had no need for mikes. When he started chanting, the whole hall would be filled with his sonorous voice. Once I had taken him in a plane . As the plane took off he said I am going to heaven. For 30 years, he did not even go home nor visit his relatives. I blessed him with a gold kankanam (wrist band). For such people I will give everything. When I asked him to go home to visit his family he said Swami you are my all“. On that day (his last), he performed Sita kalyanam ( it was Ratotsavam day). He chanted mantras, and asked Me to bless and tie the mangalasutram and after sending the idols for procession, had bath and came upstairs. We had lunch together. He returned to his room and went to sleep. He peacefully gave up his body. Others who came tried to wake him up. He looked like he had only gone to sleep! He had no health problems and gave up his body so easily. He lived for a full 100 years. So too Seshagiri Rao, the first priest in the mandir, Dr. Seetaramaiah, and Surraya. Surraya was a Diwan in Venkatgiri (kingdom). He was 7 feet tall. All these people lived upto a ripe age, were fully conscious till the very end, talked to Swami during the final moments and also had darshan in the final moments. Whomsoever leads their life for Swami I make it Poornam.

Kasturi was admitted in the hospital during his final moments. I was watching a drama rehearsal in the Institute and went to the hospital from there. I patted him on his back and rubbed him on the left side of his chest. Keep remembering Me incessantly I told him and coming out and asked Kutumba Rao to make arrangements for the funeral. He said Swami he is till alive. I said in a few moments he will pass away. Before departing, Kasturi told Me, Swami having stayed at your feet I want nothing else. Let this be my last birth.“ I too blessed him thus“.

Swami then pointed to the end of the room and said there is Chiranjeevi Rao- Kutumba Raos friend. He has come here from Hyderabad. One could see tears brimming in the eyes of Mr. Chiranjeevi Rao .

Swami then said Hmm it is time for your dinner“(it was 7.05 pm!) signalling the end of this wonderful Trayee session. He accepted aarathi and retired.

6th may 2006 Saturday

In the morning there were bhajans by the balvikas students from Bangalore. Swami came at 8 am and patiently listened to all the bhajans sung by the children- they had prepared 30 bhajans in all ! The Governor of Karnataka was present on the stage. After the bhajans Swami went down the lift and went to the kalyan mantap where arrangements had been made for Narayana seva and vastradaan. Swami spent almost 15 minutes there and even created a gold chain for a small baby.

In the evening Swami came out at 4pm. After a few bhajans Swami asked the warden to introduce Sri Sanjay Mahalingam to the gathering. Sri Sanjay spoke about the pure and selfless love of the gopikas. After his speech, Swami asked for the table to be brought. Even as the table was being brought, there was a loud applause as everyone understood that Swami would give a discourse. The main points of the discourse are as follows:

When one is born, one comes with the garland of karma-the results of the action of the previous lives alone. Brahma collects these neither neglecting nor adding any and send one with this garland. Enquire into this garland that inebvitably accompanies you at birth. What is bad karma ? bad looks ,bad hearing, bad taking, bad thinking and bad acting .what are your eyes given for? Is it to look at all forms ? no it is to enjoy the delight of seeing the form of the lord. Why is the mind given? It is to experience the delight of the divine name. None can escape this enquiry.

Sometimes you may have bad looks. Then correct yourself Chee are my eyes given to see all this?

To criticize others is the worst of the sins. Criticize the evil in you instead. Criticizing others will only earn sin for you.

The world is called prapancha It is a result of the punchaboothas. Use the sensations of sight ,hearing, seeing tasting and smell only for the right purpose.jantunaam narajanma durlabham is true only if the senses are used properly else it is equal to death.

Manava is Ma +Na + Va Ma is maya ;na is without: manava means without maya become pavithram. Manava also means not new.

What is the difference between you and animals if you also get angry like them and behave in a wild manner?

As you grow, your desires are also growing without limit. Put a cap on your desires. As if this is not enough modern society also promotes your rush towards doom. Take the cell phone (oka china phone untundi ) . It is to be used for communication. It is ruining the lives of students today.It is drowning them in illusion. Teach youngsters right things, for these cell phones are being badly misused today.

We are ignoring our glorious culture and foolishly following the western culture. There is no difference between men and women in their culture.

Many dont even know the meaning of culture.culture arises from the heart.

Our culture teaches that forbearance is our strength and there is nothing sweeter than mothers love. If you earn a mothers blessing you are equipped with a great power. Without understanding this some children are treating their mothers as servants and in their old age they send the parents to old age homes. Beware ! the same plight awaits you at the hands of your children none can escape the clutches of the results of karma.

There is none in this world who can change Truth. Truth and love are like positive and negative. Both these are essential.

Were not Savitri,Damayanti,Droupadi and Seeta Bharatiya women? Make them your ideals.

Ever being is but a part of God mamaivamso jeeva loke jeevabhoota sanathanaha . So respect all and love all. Love is foremost. Keep love and Truth as your companions. Never have worldly desires.

Have been born of you mother earn her a good name. Vidya sagar satisfied the 3 wishes of his mother . So to this Sathya sai Sagar! What started as a small school has now become a University; what started as a small hospital is now a super speciality hospital and what was a small well to slake the thirst of the villagers is today the water project. Do fulfill the aspirations of your mother. But within your means.

When women see neighbours suffering they should comfort and keep them happy.

Swami then sat down and sang Hari bhajana bina

After this we all assembled in the kalyan mantap for witnessing a drama entitled bhaktha sudama performed by the balvikas children of Bangalore. At the end of it Swami walked up to the children posed for photos, accepted aarathi and retired.


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