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Darshan update- Eswaramma Day 6th May 2006
Brindavan Ashram. Bangalore


issued - 4 Easwaramma & Sai Baba WallPapers

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 6th May 2006 - Eswaramma Day : Sairam dear SBOI members of our SAI family
today the 6th of may the day when our dear swamis revered mother left this world ,is celebrated as ESWARAMMA day and we in Bangalore are fortunate to be part of this celebrations at Brindavan in the divine presence of SWAMI.
the weather here is very hot......... the gates of the ashram are open at 6 am and my my the line of devotees is already huge.............. inside the ashram we get into the token lines ,the ladies side we can see those who have got in rush to get a good seat.......... at around 7am we are allowed into Sai Ramesh hall. somehow SWAMI makes good arrangements for all his devotees as I get a fairly good seat. while the hall is getting full very fast
.there are devotees from all parts of India and all around the globe.....
excitement is writ large on all the minds of those present .....
.When will Swami come?
will he give a discourse?
will he come down from the stage as he used to earlier?
these thoughts fill our minds.... sevadal are hurriedly arranging chairs outside to make more room...
the stage pillars are decorated with beautiful flowers and pictures of Swamis parents are kept on the stage on the left side in full standing pose decorated with beautiful roses... the vibrations are terrific ..........all are eagerly waiting for the programme to begin.
the time is 8 am and we hear the music of Nadaswaram [a kind of South Indian music] playing followed by the stage lights coming on
......... chanting of OM>>>OM>>>>OM>>>>> begins followed by
invocation of lord GANESH ...........Gowrinandan Gajanana Girijanandana he Nandana............ Swami has arrived behind the stage with the Naadaswaram band still playing........... SWAMI enters the stage walking escorted by a very tall student, till the railing ,stands for about a minute and sits down on his sofa.......
the bhajans continue......... sung by Balvikas students since ESWARAMMA was very fond of children today is also celebrated as balvikas day and we can see all children dressed in their best white occupying the special front places reserved especially for them today
all age groups boys are there mostly 4.....8 years boys...... meanwhile Swami is engrossed in the bhajans tapping his hand on his thighs and blessing us all in between.......... the hall is packed to the brim............. lots of VIPs are also present on the stage....Swami enjoys the bhajans and in between is briefed about the arrangements for the days programme......... at around 9:15 am swami stands up and AARTI is taken......... meanwhile the students bring huge containers of prasadam on stage which is blessed by Swami and first given to those on stage by Swami himself and then swami signals to distribute the LADDOO prasadam to all present in the hall...after Aarti swami signals to come down and again there is excitement in the hall SWAMI comes down in his chair on the right gents side lift and goes through the front row only blessing the small children in front....and goes out through the ladies side and blesses some devotees in the portico outside the ladies side for about 10 minutes .... meanwhile there is an announcement that today evening there will be a play by balvikas students of Bangalore after the evening darshan and bhajans.... i manage to get prasad and as i open it and take a piece i hope you too can feel the taste of this divine prasadam ...
the atmosphere here is terrific and looking forward to the next darshan............ there is an aura of celebrations engulfing all around the ashram..and today we got an extended stay for darshan by SWAMI.................... ..............SAIRAM

Eswaramma day evening: Swami came by 4.10 p.m after the twenty minute speech by student Sanjay mahalingama, Bhagawan started his discourse at 4.40 p.m. Swami concluded His discourse at 5.30 p.m. Bhagawan explained that how he fulfilled His mothers desires like He built schools hospitals etc. In His discourse Swami also touched the subject of new technology and how Indian Government is encouraging the cell phone technology and how youth of today are misusing their time and energy thru this medium or facility. After the evening Aarthi there was a cultural programme at sai Krishna kalyana mantapam the drama was 'BHAKTA SUDHAMA' the programme went on till 7.15 p.m

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Sanajana  source - SBOI

7th May, Sai Baba darshan update: "Sairam to all today its a Sunday and a holiday, here in Whitefield-BANGALORE. we arrive for darshan of swami the time is 6 am the gates are open and we enter the ashram. The festive look is still there inside the ashram.There are small colourful triangle flags strung all along the portico,... Read more


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4th-5th May SBOI darshan update:  4th may Swami came out & granted His divine darshan at 8.55 a.m. during the bhajans Swami sat on the chair placed on the dais, Swami remained in the hall for over 40 minutes at around 9.40 a.m. Aarthi was offered to Bhagawan.  4th may evening Swami came at 3.55 p.m. after 10 minutes of bhajan session Mr. Narasimha Murthy announced that our Mirpuri music college students are going to perform, that is, sing Meera Bhajans at the lotus feet. The melodious Meera bhajans went on till 5.10 in the evening, Swami as always enjoyed these Meera bhajans, one could visibly notice the blissful face expressions of Sai Bhagwan.  After the Meera songs Bhagawan was offered  Arathi. At 5.15 Swami retired back to His residence.
Today (5th May) Morning Bhagawan gave an hour long darshan Swami came at 8.25 a.m. Swami remained on the dais during the morning darshan. After the morning Arathi Swami went back to TRAYEE. It's been quite a while since Swami came among the devotees, i.e. down in the hall darshan lines where the devotees sit. Tomorrow 6th May is the auspicious Easwaramma Day perhaps Swami may bless us the devotees by coming in between the lines.
Source: SBOI 
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