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  25th Dec. 2008: The kids rose and with wonderful co ordination and harmony played a few carols and bhajans on the violin. Towards the end, they played the famous "Jingle Bells" piece and with that popped up half a dozen Santas! They moved to the stage where Swami took chocolates from their bags and threw them to the students nearby. Then He bid them to go around spraying their chocolates on all. All the devotees leapt and rushed for the chocolates foor they had been blessed by Swami and just receiving one made them feel that they had a part of Him with them!
Swami watched these scenes from the stage and soon two "snow machines" installed on the roof of the hall began to emit snow flakes adding to the Christmas atmosphere. As the violins completed their performance, Swami blessed the University students to begin their carol programme. Swami looked so beautiful and like the embodiment of purity that He is in the silken white robe. A mere sight of Him was enough to send thrills of joy through ones being. People drank in thirstily at His form and the eyes feasted on a magnificent supper!


  The students beginnning with the Aumkara, presented a most joyful gift of Christmas Carols tied together by a thoughtful and informative voice-over narrative depicting the entire course of the story of His Divine Advent - the Christmas Story, to all assemblage consisting of a sizeable number of western devotees.Starting with "Light one thousand candles", they sang a variety of carols covering all the significant aspects of Christmas. As the programme went on Swami sifted through the various letters that He had collected during the rounds. The programme climaxed with the song, "Come everyone to Santa Claus's Party". It was at this time that the "senior" Santas came onstage. Swami blessed them and their bagful of chocolates too. Then they hopped and skipped around throwing chocolates to all the devotees and students. The programme continued after that with a few more songs. Swami then blessed the more "traditional" prasadam also to be distributed to all.

  The Christmas day also happens to be the hostel opening anniversary. So a few students moved to Swami to show the pictures of the decorated hostel. They also showed Him pictures of His visits to the hostel with the aim of (as they put it), "making Him nostalgic and inducing another Hostel visit!" Swami smiled (for no motive is secret from Him!) and blessed the students. A few more Christmas cards were blessed before Swami received Aarthi.  
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Christmas 2008 Divine Discourse

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Christmas with our beloved Lord Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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