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Om Sairam to dear Sai Family ,warm regards and merry Christmas to all,
Don’t know where to start and how to put in words the IMMENSE mercy and love shown by our beloved Lord, Jesus Christ of this KALI AGE.. Sri Sathya Sai Baba. For the past 20 days or so, the streets of Puttaparthi were full with overseas devotees, HAND PICKED by Swami to celebrate holy Christmas at His immediate presence. 400 gents, 200 ladies and 100 Children were engaged in choir practices morning and evening. At last their turn came when Swami, out of His immense mercy, gave permission to sing on Christmas eve. First there was choir by children who did an excellent job with perfect rhythmic singing and devotion. Swami seemed VERY HAPPY and next programme was adult choir which was also very impressive.. After hour long programme Swami blessed all of us raising His right hand as all joined our hands out of joy…As Swami’s chair was going in He raised both His hands to bless us… making all of us VERY HAPPY… After darshan, there were smiles all around….

25 th December 2006.

This Christmas morning.. devotees were lined up as early as 4am and the Christmas choir was sung while the nagarsankeertan was going on. I just thought of the days when Swami used to come in His white robe early morning and give darshan from the balcony of the mandir. “Oh Swami!! are the days gone?? At least come in your white robe… which you wear on this body’s birthday… Your are none other than Christ re-incarnate.. please Swami give us darshan in white robe… As all these thoughts were pondering in my mind..I saw the time and it was 8am and all of us were waiting for Swami… It was 8:30 am and yet no Swami and there was bit uneasiness and restless amongst devotees.. and many were wondering if Swami would come out at all

In about 10 minutes as the clock was ticking 9am the security boys in front of Swami’s residence get alert signaling the arrival of Swami….. and as usual I get curious and thrilled to see Swami and this morning it was VERY SPECIAL for me… a prayer answered.. I couldn’t believed my eyes to what I was seeing.. I saw Swami clad in a white robe… pure white… the colour which spreads the message of Love. Here is the LORD OF LOVE…with His beautiful smile… His face glowing and His hair, as predicted in the holy Bible.. He will have crown of crowns. He whose name will be known only to Him… Sathya Sai Baba… what a boon to see Swami in less than month’s time in His white robe… my happiness knew no bounds. His beautiful smile…. No words can express the feelings. tears rolled down my eyes.. for answering my prayers.. a prayer by a simple person like me.. I'm just an drop in a ocean of His vast number of devotees… I'm NOTHING in worldly sense Its He and He alone who can come down to such MINUTE level to answer our prayers. As He passed by I thanked Him from the bottom of my heart for letting me witness yet another Christmas and also for the white robe…

and the very next moment, my MONKEY mind was asking for more. You never get satisfied with Swami we always ask for more.. more and more blessings.. more prayers to be answered… I said to my self.. Swami you are so compassionate.. merciful.. please come down from your car and take a round in Your wheel chair. So that we can see your FORM to our heart’s content… As the car passed by the verandah….He got on the dias and there was music programme by children…

It was already 10:45am by then and suddenly Swami asked the boys to push the wheel chair… all of us thought He is going back to the car to drive home.. but the wheel chair was coming down the dias.. I couldn’t believe my self.. CAN THIS BE REAL?? Swami took a full round to the ladies side blessed them.. smiled at them.. as devotees were still in disbelief as what was happening.. Some stretched to touch Him.. some to pass on their letters…some were crying… for some it was their first VISIT to the divine Abode... what a THRILL for such people…..there was no one assembled there who didn’t cry… TEARS OF JOY.. and now He was facing the gents side.. He could take immediate right and get back to the dias. We all were praying very hard.. .. Swami You made it till here.. few more meters will make these MONKEY MINDS happy…..the boys behind Swami confirmed with Swami and slowly wheeled Him to our side. He blessed all of us raising His hand.. smiled at all of us that SMILE which will make any CASTOR OIL FACE (as Swami many times says) smile.. that SMILE which is familiar… His face was glowing and yet as innocent as a CHILD smiling and looking at every one.. without any trace of indifference, colour, caste, creed..…

The Lord, who has come on this earth with a MIGHTY task of transforming all of us into TRUE HUMANS…. Unlike many of us.. who have not less than 10 lines on our forehead as if we are bearing all the responsibilities of the world… There was neither a WRINKLE on His beautiful face… nor any parallel lines on the forehead… His one glance into our eyes… will make you feel He is scanning all your past, present and future… He very lovingly took letters from few devotees. and looked at each and every one with His beautiful smile… There was NONE who couldn’t stop crying … He answered the prayers of devotees. Around 11am the Arathi was given and He returned to His abode making all of us immensely happy..Another MEMORABLE darshan in my Prasanthi diary….

It reminded me this year’s Birthday celebrations.. right after morning darshan on the 81st birthday.. I met one South African devotee who felt very sad for not having at least a glimpse of Swami on His birthday.. This morning I met the same lady after morning darshan and she had no words to express her happiness.. She even said, Satish, Swami wore white robe just to make me happy as I was complaining on His birthday.

In the afternoon He came out around 3:30… this time in His usual robe..After getting down from the car He walked on the dias and listened to veda chanting and also blessed a dozen birthday boys….
This afternoon there were two speakers Mr.Arthur Hill Coat and Mr.Charles, a catholic church father from Nigeria . Mr.John Behner introduced the speakers and also shared his experiences with Swami which happened just a week ago.. It so happened that his left eye was not visible and not in co-ordination with his right eye.. He was very worried about this and when he visited the super hospital in Puttaparthi, the doctors suggested him to undergo an operation. Just a week ago, this couple were blessed with an interview which was mainly to discuss the arrangements for Christmas. Mrs.John took some courage and discussed the eye problem and Swami very gently dusted John’s left shoulder as if there was dust on it… He then adjusted this gentle man’s shirt collar..Not knowing what happened the couple came out of the interview room and just then he realized that his eyes were back to normal and he could see every thing (loud applauds)… He then continued..”Swami thank you very much!!!”..Swamy had cured John in fraction of seconds…

The next speaker Mr.Hill Coat, spoke about Swami His teachings.. He was of the opinion that Swami’s teaching will be accepted all over the world in the coming time..

The following Speaker was very impressive.. a Catholic priest by profession but an ardent devotee of Swami. Unlike others he started his talk saying in the name of the father, son and holy spirit… He shared his experiences with Swami and how he was mistaken by his fellow men for his devotion on Swami. After about 20 minutes … he concluded his talk and went to Swami for his blessings.. Swami blessed him with a gold chain as there were loud applauds….

It was 4:45 by then and all of us were wondering as what would happen next. Swami slightly rose from His throne and we all thought He is going into the interview room but instead.. He asked to bring the discourse table and the mike.

After every one were ready and as we and Prof. Anil Kumar lend our eager ears … Swami started His Christmas discourse with a poem…

Excerpts from discourse (based on memory and not the official version.. if any mistakes have rolled in is heart fully regretted )

The knowledge of Atma is the supreme one and one who shies away from this knowledge cannot be called a true human.. what else can be conveyed to this gathering.. (telugu poem)

Swami then continued..”all are equal. Its only the man who has created the boundaries and rules.. (Picking a small garland from the table) This is a garland made of flower.. They all are united… (now Swami detaches the flowers from the garland using both His hands) now they are separate…. All flowers are separate now.. and just a moment ago it was united…

A child when she is very young is called child.. and after some years she is called daughter and after few more years she is called daughter-in-law and after she has grandchildren she will be called grand mother.. Its only one person but has different names during the course of time.. In the same way all of you are EQUAL.. but its only the difference of the time and place where you live in creates this confusion..

Many pray to me.. Some consider me as grandfather (laughs all around) and some call me father.. some call me Swami but at every time its Me Who is referred to.. many people like me a lot.. The person who spoke before (referring to the catholic father from Nigeria) is a very good man. . He likes Swami a lot. When ever he comes here, he cries Swami I want to be with you.. But I sent him back and told him be in your country and serve your society as much as you can…

Swami then shifted His discourse referring to African people… “African people are very kind. Full of love.. when I went to Uganda people were VERY HAPPY TO SEE ME. There was one Military officer(?) a very heavy and tall man.. I looked very short when I stood next to him..His name was Idi Ameen (?) He liked Me a lot..He was with me for the whole time. He had 40 wives ( all of us laughed loudly).. Yet he preferred to spend time with me.. When he knew that I was going to his house, he bought all new utensils and specially enquired the food which I like most.. When I went to his house.. all his wives were lined up ( all of us burst into laughter again).. He went on introducing my first wife,.. second.. third and so on.. All were happy to see me..

He never left me alone.. He fell on my feet and asked Me not to leave his country .. I had to come back to Mumbai for Gurupoornima festival but none of them let Me go.. All of them came on my way … and cried.. Swami Please don’t go.. Seeing their devotion I had to oblige.. The main reason for my visit to Africa was because of Dr.Patel.. He was an ardent devotee. He used to pray every day for me to visit Africa . On the last day of my stay in Africa thousands came to see Me off at the airport. All of them were crying some even stood in front of the plane. After more than a hour the pilot and crew members came and pacified the devotees and only then I could board into the plane. On the way to Mumbai, I was thinking of the devotees. I could see their over flowing love for Me. Such is the devotion of the people of Africa . Since then I resolved not to visit any foreign country because this SEPARATION is unbearable.

Later Swami shifted to another interesting episode in his visit to Africa which at one stage reminded OUR CROCODILE HUNTER from Animal Planet. “ We all were going in a boat across the Victoria river. As you all know it’s a huge river and it takes about 1and half hour to cross the river. As we (Swami and other devotees boarded in the boat) were sailing we came across crocodiles.. Not just CROCODILES.. in fact HUGE CROCODILES.. They were so many in number and there wasn’t enough room for them to accommodate that they were cramped one up on another. All were eagerly looking at Us. With mouth wide open. Many devotees in the boat were scared and I (Swami) took some apples and threw into their mouths (laughs).. Even after we came back, the crocodiles had the apples in the mouth…As we went further we found a big NEETI ENUGU (water elephant).. At this juncture Prof. Anil Kumar couldn’t get the English name and looked at the students and they prompted him Hippopotamus… Even that stood still looking at Me..

As we got down the boat.. herd of huge elephants came running towards us.. I went to them and caressed them. Their ears were so huge that they would throw away two people by moving one ear. They did no harm to us. They enjoyed My company. All the elephants raised their trunks, doing Namaskar to Me.. Such is the devotion of Animals. Today’s man is not like that.. They are behaving much worse than animals. Animals are far better than human beings.

Today is Man is running after positions, power and money. Recently in Hyderabad one person bought one acre land for 45 crore rupees. The person who bought it and one who sold, both are FOOLS. Man today is concentrating on procuring lands, buildings etc.. what will you do with all the PHYSICAL WEALTH? Many people come to Me and say, Swamy, we have every thing, cars, buildings, but no peace… Where is Peace? Peace is WITH IN YOU.. Just ignore all the worldly pleasures and the peace WILL MANIFEST FROM YOU…

How much land one needs.. You need only 6 feet land (grave). nothing more than that.. One person told a man, come to Himalayas I will give you a vast land. He asked the person to run around the Himalayas and all the distance he ran will be his land. This man, thought this is a GOOD CHANCE and kept running day and night.. At last he finished one round of Himalayas and just about 6 feet distance to cover one full round, he fell down and died. This means, one needs only 6 feet land and that too to dispose this physical body.

This planet earth has seen innumerable rich men the richest of the rich left this world with EMPTY HANDS… None could take even a fistful of mud with them. Alexander the great when he came to India , while crossing river had a heart attack and was immediately given first aid. The doctors examined him and said, he cannot move nor do any thing.. He was helpless. A great king who conquered half of the world was in a HELPLESS situation...There were hundreds of his devoted army..but of what use? He cried aloud… Is there any one who can take me out from this SITUATION.. Only then he realized the ULTIMATE TRUTH.. One takes nothing when he leaves the body..

Immediately he ordered his men and said when I die let my hands be raised to the sky and let the people know that Alexander the great, who conquered the whole world could take nothing and there is no chance for any other person to take anything..

Minimise your desires. God helps those who love Him and to those who has control over their desires. That’s the message I want to convey on this occasion.. so Saying Swamy took His seat and said BHAJAN CHEYYANDI..(do bhajans)

Thus ended another BEAUTIFUL day at the Center of the Universe, Prasanthi Nilayam, the Highest abode of Peace and Tranquility.. This Christmas will be cherished for years to come for who ever witnessed this at His immediate presence.. It went on very quietly, with out any Hype or Anxiety.. thanks to the absence of VVIPS, there were no SECURITY BLANKET over Parthi neither there were any restrictions.. the sevadals were very co-operative very liberal and added to all Swami’s LOVE was over flowing and I had never seen such a SWEET festival….

Thank You Very much MY LORD… Help US to be U… Help US to LOVE our fellow being.. Help us to be YOUR darling CHILDREN…

Thank you My LORD.. Thank YOU…..

Jai Sai Ram
satish Naik

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