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Shirdi Mandir - Shirdi Sai Baba - Samadhi Murthi at Shirdi

Devotee's Experience - Contributed to SBOI-Group
Sai Ram

On 7th January 2007, my wife, daug
hter and I reached Shirdi to have darshan of the Sadguru Sainath. Our tickets for returning from Shirdi to Delhi were booked on Jhelum Express on 8th January 2007 and we were to depart from Kopergaon Railway Station at 22:35 hrs. After spending the entire day at Shirdi we attended
the evening Aarti at Dwarkamai (Masjid) and sought permission from
Baba for our journey to Delhi. We left Shirdi in an auto rickshaw at 21:00 hrs so as
to reach Kopergaon from where we had to board
thetrain for travelling to Delhi. The distance between Shirdi and Kopergaon is around 20 kms and most of the
y is traversed on the state highway, which isconnected to other major towns located in and around Shirdi. It was dark and the only light was from oncoming vehicles travelling at very high speed. The January evening chill made the journey tough for our
daughter and we wrapped her in a shawl in order to
provide her some comfort and warmth. The windows of the Rickshaw were open and there was no covering /
sheet to thw
art the cool breeze coming through the windows.

Before we left the hotel
and proceeded to Kopergaon, I gave the train tickets and some cash to my wife to keep in her purse. The bag also contained my wife's
identity card, some documents, a diary and other miscellaneous items. After travelling around 12 kms from Shirdi, suddenly my wife tried to reach for her
purse to get cough syrup for our daughter. To her surprise she could not find the purse in the autorickshaw.

Shirdi Sai Baba - Present - Pia
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The face of Baba in the above picture is taken from a Portrait (below) of Sai Baba by Jaykar on which Sai Baba commented " This Picture will live after me" presently displayed inside Dwarkamai - Shirdi


This portrait is an oil painting by the famous painter Shyamrao Jaykar. Moreshwar Pradhan had brought Jayakar to Shirdi and requested him to make two portaits of Baba. After Jaykar met Baba he on his own accord made more than two paintings, at Baba's bidding, when Baba said 'Aur Banao Jyada Banao, main gulli Gulli mein rahnewalla hoon'. This painting was received by the Sansthan, and after Baba's Mahasamadhi, was installed in the very place where Baba sat.

I told her she might have left it at the hotel counter but she was sure that she had carried it along while moving into the auto. We requested the auto rickshaw
driver to halt so that we could search for the purse. He stopped the auto and our frantic search started but we could not locate the purse. There was total
darkness and silence and I used the searchlight of my mobile phone to look for the purse in the corners of the auto but met with no success. We requested the
auto rickshaw driver to return to Shirdi in the hope of finding it somewhere on the way, though I knew this was `wishful thinking.' I realized that we would not
be able to retrieve a small purse on the stretch of 12 kms that we had already covered from Shirdi towards Koperagon.

Shirdi Sai Baba - BOW TO SHRI SAI, PEACE BE TO ALL - The train arrival time was approaching and we were in a fix regarding what to do, as the tickets were in thebag. We kept requesting the driver to move as fast as he could towards Shirdi in the remote hope of retrieving the purse but he saw no merit in driving
aimlessly. My wife kept pestering him to drive a few more kilometres as we had already covered 4-5 kms towards Shirdi.

After realizing that it is next to impossible to get the bag on the highway where vehicles are plying without interruption, I remembered my Sadguru and
prayed Him. I prayed to Baba that we cannot not leave Shirdi with such unpleasant memories in our mind. Within minutes of remembering Sai, I could see a small
object lying in the middle of the road and from the distance I presumed that it could be the purse.

I requested the driver, who by now was not willing to travel any further, to drive slowly as we approached the object. Meanwhile a heavy truck was approaching
from the opposite side and with the help of its headlights I was stunned to find that the black object lying on the road was indeed my wife's purse. I
alighted from the Rickshaw and pulled the purse inside and heaved a sigh of relief and thanked Baba for HIS merciful deed. There was no damage done to any items
kept inside the purse except a minor cut to it's exterior surface.

We started the journey to Kopergaon with only 15-20 minutes left before the scheduled departure of the train. It appeared that we might not be able to make it in time though the rickshaw driver was trying his best to reach the station. On reaching the station we
heard the announcement that the train was running late by half an hour. What a miracle!

Finally we boarded the train with sweet memories and our hearts filled with love and gratitude for Sadguru Saibaba.


Anil Tickoo

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