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16th Feb. 2007

Maha Shivaratri

Prasanthi Nilayam

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Note: Discourses of Sri Sathya Sai Baba
on this SBOIwebsite/group are unedited, authentic & only
 sourced from the official Sai baba Org.


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The creation emerges from truth and merges into truth,
Is there a place in the cosmos where truth does not exist?
Visualise this pure and unsullied truth. (Telugu Poem)

Truth is all-pervading. Truth is omnipresent. We are witnessing Truth everywhere. In fact, all our Darshan, Sparshan and Sambhashan are associated with Truth only! Where is Shuddha Sattwam (pure consciousness)? It is everywhere. Truth has no form. Whatever we see is Truth! (Swami has created an object) This is Truth. From where did it come? It has come from Truth and it will merge in Truth. It is said, Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma (verily all this is Brahman). Truth is the embodiment of Brahman. Truth is indivisible. It is not two; one and only one. Yet, people have to make a lot of effort to realise this Truth. Truth is not merely a word. It assumes several forms. Similarly, Brahman assumes infinite number of forms. Yet, Brahman is one only. That is the reason why it is said, Brahma Sathyam Jagan-mithya(Brahman alone is real, the world is a mistaken perception). Everything else is the reflection of Brahman, nothing else. Truth is one, but the wise say it in different ways.

Everything in this Universe is born out of Truth. Dharma (righteousness) has emerged out of Sathya (Truth). It is said, Sathyannasti Paro Dharma (There is no Dharma greater than adherence to Truth). When Truth and Righteousness go together, Peace is the result. From Peace comes Love. This Love envelopes one and all. There is no place in this world, where Love is not present. Similarly, there is no place in this world where Truth is not present. Thus, from Truth and Righteousness emerges Peace and from Peace, Love; and finally from Love emerges Bliss. Where there is love, there is no scope for hatred. It is exactly at such a place, non-violence makes a beginning. Hence, if you wish to promote non-violence, you must cultivate love. If only there is love, all will become one.

The Bhagavadgita says, Mamaivamsho Jivaloke Jivabhuta Sanathana (the eternal Atma in all beings is a part of My Being). The impact of this declaration is “All are My Amsa (part). You are not different from Me. You are My own reflections! You are Me and I am you.” Names and forms may be different, but, the Atma present in everyone is the same. Each body assumes a different name. These names are given for the purpose of identification. They do not, however, reflect your true self. It is the same Atma that is in all life. Hence, love that Atma. Then, it amounts to loving yourself. Today, love has assumed different names and forms in the world. The love between a husband and wife is termed as Anuraga. Similarly, the love a mother has towards her children is referred to as Vatsalya. These are all mental feelings only! However, the love that permeates all individuals is only one. With such a universal love, all can be united. There will be no scope at all for differences. There will be no duality. Where there is no duality, all are one! A man with dual mind is half blind. We are not blind. Are we? We have two eyes; together, they see one object only. Hence, we are all one.

When the feeling of fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man is cultivated, the feeling of difference, fighting with one another, unrest, agitation, etc., will be wiped out from the world. All are children of one father, God! We have to foster such a noble feeling today. Only then will humanity become one. How do you refer to yourself? You say, “I am a human being.” Who is a human being? A person full of Kama (desire) and Krodha (anger)? No, no. The real meaning of the word Manava is one who conducts his life with no feeling of difference. In fact, we should not entertain any feeling of differences. We are all embodiments of Divine Self! We are the children of one father, verily! The names and forms appear to be different. Basing on these names and forms, we should not develop a feeling of differences. Wherever we go, we must all be united. Is it not a fact that the hand is only one, though the five fingers are different from one another?

Jewels are many but gold is one.
Cows are many but milk is one.
Beings are many but breath is one.
Castes are many but humanity is one. (Telugu Poem)

We have taken birth as human beings. We are all human beings. Though we are all human beings we may have differing capabilities, but the Atma in all the human beings is one only. Look! There are several electric bulbs glowing here. Though the bulbs appear to be different, the current flowing in them is only one. Human bodies are like those bulbs. Each bulb may be of different wattage. I will always be happy to drive home this point of oneness. I have received lakhs of letters recently urging Me to restrain Myself from drawing out lingam from My body. They prayed, “Swami! You are making the Atma Linga emerge out of Your body. The doctors are also advising against it. You are, of course, required to produce the Linga to make the human beings realise the truth and experience its divine effulgence.

The Hiranyagarbha Linga will be in liquid form in the body. For it to solidify, a lot of energy is required. To expel the Linga calls for a lot of strength of the body. Each Linga that emerges out of your body has much weight. It is not good for your physical body to spend so much energy to draw out those Lingas. Let those who believe your Divinity do so; have no concern for others who do not. Please do not strain Your physical body under any circumstances. Your body is very important for us. We have, in fact, sought refuge in You. If you thus weaken Your body, we are very anxious. Hence, kindly restrain Yourself and conserve Your physical energy.

God, by His Divine Will can achieve anything. He can change the earth into sky and vice-versa. It is very easy for Him. But, of what use it is? What will happen to the Sadhakas, thereafter? Hence, please do not make use Your precious divine energy to make the people happy or to satisfy them.” True. This body is already 81 years old. This will last for a few more years. I have to maintain this body to provide joy to all of you in several ways. Very soon, I will provide you infinite bliss. For those who will be happy to see My physical body in good condition, the body is important and necessary. Hence, it is also My duty to take good care of My physical body.

In Bharat devotion is very important. You call this country as ‘Hindu’ country. The five letters in this word ‘Hindu’ stand for several pentads of entities such as Panchabhutas (five elements), Pancha Pranas (five life-breaths) and Pancha Koshas (five life sheaths). Then, what is the inner meaning of this word ‘Hindu’. The letter ‘H’ stands for Humility, ‘I’ for Individuality; ‘N’ for Nationality; ‘D’ for Divinity and ‘U’ for Unity. It is only when you maintain unity, you can achieve divinity. Similarly, it is only when you develop divinity, you can achieve peace and happiness. We have to safeguard the national feeling. We have to develop faith in the unity of the nation. If we lose the national feeling, we cease to exist. What is it that protects national feeling? The individuality will sustain humanity.

We have to set a limit to our aspirations in this world. Only then will we have peace. God is omnipresent. The entire universe emerges from truth. The entire creation reflects collectivity. Wherever you see, it will only be equality. Do not imagine that God is somewhere far away in a niche of his own. You are all embodiments of Divinity! You develop that feeling. In fact, this truth is being experienced by every human being directly. You just reflect on yourself for a moment, closing you eyes: “Who am I?” What did you see on closing your eyes? Nothing. But, you hear one question constantly ringing in your ears: “Who am I? Who am I?” Then you will realise, “I am not this form.” All these names and forms are transient. They are never permanent.

The body is given to you to toil hard. You should not feel bad about sorrows and difficulties. If there are no difficulties at all, you will not know the value of happiness. Pleasure is an interval between two pains. In fact, we derive pleasure out of pain only. Even difficulties are only for a short period. If you wish to acquire more happiness, you must experience some difficulty and pain at least. Saint Purandaradasa sang thus:

Oh! Rama! Who is the one that painted the peacock’s feathers?
Who is the one that gave a red beak to a green parrot and made it beautiful?
Who is the one that watered the tree on a hill?
Who is the one that provides food to the frog in the rock?
You are the sustainer of the entire universe. (Telugu Poem)

Divinity is the direct witness to humanness
May you therefore protect all!
May you pervade all living beings!
You are omnipresent as the Divine Atma
The Atma protects Atma, none else;
Oh! God! May you grant all, the awareness to realise this truth. (Telugu Poem)

We have to develop faith in the Atma Tattwa. Atma has no name and form, whatsoever. Yet, if you develop faith in the Atma Tattwa, it will protect you always. In fact, Atma is the living divinity!

Sarvatah Panipadam Tat Sarvathokshi Siromukham, Sarvatah Sruthimalloke Sarvamavruthya Tishthati (with hands, feet, eyes, head, mouth and ears pervading everything, He permeates the entire universe).

The Atma Tattwa that pervades all living beings is true and eternal. The Atma is indivisible. The same Atma permeates all, just as the same current flows through all bulbs. If the electric wire that carries current to all the bulbs is cut at one place, all the bulbs cease to glow.

Dear students! The scientific advancements are creating lot of havoc in the world. Several difficulties are arising on account of these scientific experiments. Cows are being fed with tripe in America, with an expectation that they will yield more milk. But, those cows are suffering from several other diseases. In fact, those who drink their milk are also exposed to diseases. Each country is experimenting with some new changes. It is only the Bharatiyas who are leading a natural life till now. One should not lead a life of artificiality. If you lead such a life, everything in your life will be artificial. For example, you might have observed a lot of changes in the vegetables we consume of late. We the Indians consume a lot of green leafy vegetables. The leafy vegetables provide good strength to our body. Now, they are grown with the polluted water flowing through the drainage system. Today, all the vegetables and green leafy vegetables are polluted. Several people in India, especially those living in the southern states like brinjal curry (called Vankaya in Telugu). There is a poem which extols the taste of this curry thus:

Matchless is the taste the curry of Vanka(ya)
Matchless the face of virtuous Sita like a blossomed Panka(ja) (lotus)
Unmatched is the compassion of the Lord Sanka(ra)
Unequalled indeed is the valour of the victor of the Lord of Lanka. (Telugu Poem)

But, this poem does not apply to the present-day brinjals. They are totally polluted. Because of this increasing pollution day by day, our minds are also polluted.

Dear Students! You are well educated. You should not read all sorts of trash and pollute your mind. Follow our glorious Indian culture. Indian culture is very sacred. Our ancestors experienced the glory of our great culture and led their lives happily. I am sure that in the very near future even the people from overseas will fully realise the greatness of our Indian culture and adopt it. We, however, need not wait till such time. Let us take to the noble path right now. God protects all in every way. He knows everything. When God Himself is in us and with us, we need not fear anything.

Prior to independence in our country, I used to conduct meetings in villages. I used to tour the villages with a view to help the poor people. When I was moving about in the villages wearing a knicker and half sleeves shirt, people used to restrain Me treating Me as an immature boy. They used to bring a dhoti and make Me wear it over My shorts so that I may look like an adult to match the kind of activities I was doing. I used to go to the houses of the harijans and teach them some folk songs. Here is one such song that is meant to bring about a transformation in the rich, in their attitude towards the poor:

We toil in the fields day and night
ploughing and sowing and harvesting;
You sit in the cozy comfort of your mansions
eating, drinking and making merry;
You don’t even get down and enquire our welfare,
Toil is ours and all comforts, yours;
Is it proper? (Telugu Song)

The harijans used to sing songs composed by Me in the public. Whenever anyone questioned their intransigence, they used to sing another song composed by Me, as a reply:

The earth is God’s gift, not the property of the rich,
If you attack us with your might, God is there for us;
Great souls there are, charged with the feeling of brotherhood,
Awake! Awake! Rise up from the slumber of Maya. (Telugu Song)

While I was thus charging the poor and downtrodden with My songs, the rich used to feel embarrassed and attack Me. Even the elder brother of this body used to reprimand Me, saying “Why do you engage yourself in such activities in the public? You don’t go out. Sit quietly in the house and study Your lessons. You should not stir out of the house, hereafter.” So saying, he used to lock Me up in a room at home. All My regular companions would come to our house and call Me, “Raju! Raju! Raju!” Poor souls! They were so much attached to Me. I used to counsel them saying, “My dear ones! Bear with Me for sometime. I shall surely come out and fulfil your aspirations. I belong to you.” Thus, I have been helping the poor since then, till date.

To protect the poor, provide succour to them by giving food, shelter and water and thereby make them happy is My duty. Even now I am sending My students to every nook and corner of the villages to distribute food to the villagers. Whenever a hungry person stands in front of our house, I used to provide food to him even foregoing My share of food. For those who had no clothes to wear, I used to give away My clothes. Thus, I have been helping every needy person since My childhood.

My motto then as now is Help Ever, Hurt Never. I had a lot of experience in helping others since childhood. Several people pay ‘lip service’ to the poor, but they do not really help them. Manasyekam Vachasyekam, Karmanyekam Mahatmanam; Manasyanyath Vachasyanyath, Karmanyanyath Duratmanam (Those whose thoughts, words and deeds are in perfect harmony are noble ones; those who lack harmony of these are wicked). I have been protecting, fostering, counselling and making the people tread the right path since My early days till today. I never did any harm to anyone. I have never shown anger or hatred on anyone. However, some people out of egoistic envy are fabricating some stories about Me and publishing them in the newspapers. They are resorting to false propaganda about Me in the print and electronic media. All this does not perturb Me. I am not afraid of anybody.

My very name is Sathyam Sathyam Sathyam (truth). I am bound by truth. The name of this body is Sathyam (Truth). I will never stray away from the path of truth. Persons indulging in vituperative publicity impelled by envy, greed or hatred will reap the appropriate consequence. The time has come when proper action has to be taken to dissuade these people from resorting to such false propaganda. Of course, they are also not to be blamed. They are resorting to such false propaganda for the sake of money. They must try to realise their mistake. There is not even an iota of dosha (impurity) in Me at any time. Hence, you all follow Sai. You can achieve anything in this world by following the path of truth. Tread the path of truth by constantly contemplating on God. (At this point, Swami enquired the children whether He is causing any inconvenience to them by giving a long discourse. The children replied in one voice, “No, Swami!”)

It had never been My intention to cause suffering to anyone. Such thoughts do not come anywhere near Me. Whatever I do is for your own good, not for Me. In fact, even the food I partake is for you only! The water I drink is for you! Thus, all the activities I undertake are for your good only! Those who realise this truth will be benefited. Their lives will be sanctified.

I was deeply pained to know that people in some upland areas of the East and West Godavari districts are drinking polluted water. Immediately I arranged for the supply of pure drinking water at a cost of rupees two hundred crores. Nearby in the lowlands the Godavari flows, but they had not even a drop of water to drink. Hence, I arranged for lifting of the Godavari water to the upland areas through pipes. They are all very happy now. I intend to visit those people shortly. That is great news for them. They are very happy and give expression to their joy thus: “Swami! We never imagined that You will shower such abundant grace on us. Your love and compassion are unparalleled. We are extremely happy and grateful to know that You are visiting us.” They are cleaning all the roads en route and making all arrangements for My visit. Ramakrishna and Kondal Rao, who executed the project, are accompanying Me. Thus, we must help others and do good to all, to the extent possible. If you thus lead your life, you will also be happy. Everything will be turning out good for you as well.

Dear students! Whenever you come across an enemy, offer Pranams (salutations) to him lovingly and say, “Oh! Brother!” They will also wish you in the same way, with love. All are brothers only! It is only when you conduct yourself in such a manner that you would have earned good name to our Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. We are not taking even a paisa from the students. Not even examination fees. Students from different parts of the country and even abroad come here, pursue their education and go with high academic degrees. We are even providing for research degrees like Ph.D., at great cost. If all the students develop such exemplary character as in Sathya Sai Institute, our country will earn great name. We have good news about our past students pursuing their vocations in America. Recently, a plane load of our past students from U.S.A. visited Prasanthi Nilayam. The plane was specially chartered from America for their visit in appreciation of the services rendered by them in that country. They said, “Swami! There are several students from your Institute in our country. They are great people. They are giving us a lot of joy.” There are two hundred past students from our Institute. They, along with their families, numbering 250 in all came here. They experienced great bliss during their stay in Prasanthi Nilayam. While leaving, they expressed their gratitude saying, “Swami! We never imagined even in our dreams that You will provide so much grace to us.”

I intend to undertake a world tour, shortly. Several devotees are coming here from Africa and Russia. The devotion of the Russians is indescribable. There are several Russian devotees sitting in this hall. They enjoy a lot, My discourse. (Pointing towards the Russian devotees) “Look! Those devotees with raised hands are all Russians.” They are all very devoted. (Pointing towards the Russian devotees again …) “You are not Russians. You belong to our country only! I love you all.”

Dear students! There are several countries in the world like Russia, America, Germany, Japan, Italy, France, etc. Though the countries are different, the people living in all those countries belong to us only! They helped a lot for the construction of the Indoor stadium in Prasanthi Nilayam. They worked hard day and night. They love Swami intensely. Wherever I go, they follow Me. They run after My car. They even came to Chennai (Madras) recently when I was there. They are coming here, unmindful of the great difficulties and expense. You have to learn a lot from their devotion to Swami.


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