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How to ESCAPE from the entanglement of the world : Explained by Sai Baba

Index: Things Explained By Sai Baba

Mere drinking the amrita which I create will not confer immortality on you.

Everything is born but must die; everything that is constructed will disintegrate. But you can escape death, by not being born again. When you know that you are the limitless Atman, you are no longer subjected to the limitation of birth. That is the secret. How to know that? It is the result of a 10 process of sharpening the intellect and purify the emotions and the impulses. You may do the most rigorous Japa or submit yourself to the direst of austerities, but, if you are not virtuous, all of it is sheer waste. You may have the best of vegetable you may be the most capable cook, but if the copper vessel in which you prepare the "Sambar" is not ,tinned, the concoction you cook will he highly poisoness "tin" your heart with satya, dharma, shanti and Prema; it will then become a vessel fit  for japa, dhyana, Vrata, Yatra, puja and the other dishes that you prepare in it.

You should not be ever entangled in the meshes of the world and its problems. Try to escape into the purer air of the spirit as often as you can, taking the name of the Lord on your tongue. Of the 24 hours of the day, have 6 hours for your individual needs, 6 hours for the service, 6 hours for sleep and 6 for dwelling in the presence of the Lord. Those six hours will endow strength of steel. The only method you can adopt to escape from the coils of the mind is the cultivation of pure intelligence. This is the sum and substance of all spiritual discipline. And, the intelligence gets cleansed of partiality and prejudice, hatred and greed, only by the adoration of God through Love poured out of all the beings created by God and standing witness to His Glory and Beauty. Share with all; earn the treasure of Love, store it in your heart and invite all to share in it. When you try to distribute the property earned by your 'grandfather' or father, legal, moral, economic and ; practical obstacles will stand up before you. But, you are distributing your "self earned" property, nothing legal or otherwise can stand in the way.

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