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Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai

Dear  Sai Devotees,

I want to share my experience with all the Sai Devotees. My name is Subash. I am 25 years old. From past 1 year I was suffering from severe stomach pain and I also had kidney stone problem. I had no peace of mind. I was not able to sleep at night. I was not able to concentrate on my work. The pain was very severe and I could not tolerate the pain. I had consulted nearly 10 famous doctors. It did not help me. I was not knowing what to do. I am a Sai bhakta since 6 years. I started to pray to Sai to help me out. At the same time while I was browsing the net, I came upon this site. I was very happy when I read the devotees experiences. My bhakti increased towards sai and I realised that it is only SAI (my God, my friend) who can help me. From that day onwards I started reading the miracles of baba and the experiences of the devotees. It helped me a lot. By the grace of baba my pain reduced and within a month I was completely fine. I could not believe it. It is a miracle of SAI, which I have experienced myself. I have no words to explain my joy and happiness. Now, I am very happy. I and my family members are grateful to SAI. Last month I and my family members visited Shirdi (first time) to receive Baba's blessings and by the grace of SAI I and my family members are experiencing the miracles regularly. Om Sai Ram. O Mere Sai sometime you are very near to me and sometime You are too far. Why? I know I am wrong, I am still not able to devote much time for your Pooja, but still I am your child. Do punish me for the mistake I committed in my life, and still committing. I have surrendered myself to 'shree Sai Charano par'. Give me your love and affection which I need badly. Please be with me and my family always, everywhere, every time, in my happiness and sorrow. Om Shri Sai. I am a regular visitor to this site. I am very grateful to the team for providing the devotees of baba this beautiful site. I request you to inform me regularly about your activities and any information about baba. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share my experience and feelings with all the SAI DEVOTEES.

Give peace and happiness to one and all.




My dad's 60th birthday was last Saturday. My mom and I gave him the surprise of celebrating it for him at a girls' public school. He loved it. We took sandwiches, which were really good; soda, and a big cake. Our guest list (the girls) was supposed to be of 60 girls, but since it was raining and some have to come from other towns, not all showed up. But, anyways, we served the sandwiches. My big brother helped with the drinks while my dad listened to the school band play, which was made up of about six or seven girls who played really good. Even my 4year old niece got in to the fun of service. She express fully enjoyed handing out bon-bon candies.

At the beginning my mom and I, especially I, were a bit confused About the environment. Of course, it was not what we expected it, or the image we'd created of it in our minds. We expected a bigger number of young girls but most of them were adolescents. The actual phrase in my mind is: "I expected more innocence". We'd brought toys to give away as prizes after a few games. But we didn't have any games. My mom is holding the toys to give away in another instance. To be honest, at the beginning I was a bit disappointed because it wasn't what I expected. But I knew BABA had a purpose for it. So I went along. And when I least expected it,

I was having one of the most astoundingly memorable moments of my life.

I was running around to get more sandwiches, helping with the drinks, and cleaning up before we left.

And of course, I felt HIS presence so intensely, I even thought He was there physically. But it was a woman who was the mother of two of the children at the party. But, physically she looked very much like BAGHAVAN SRI SATHYA SAI BABA. She had brown skin, dark, thick hair, and even That passionate look in her dark eyes. And she even seemed to enjoy it more than the children. And both times I approached her to bring her a drink and a piece of cake, I could feel a peacefulness and a purified happiness emanating from her so strong it "swung" me. Again, of course, it was BABA's action. I didn't and haven't mentioned this to anyone yet. I'm afraid of getting an unconvinced reply or just not the one I would expect to hear. To bad we weren't able to take any pictures to show you. I would've loved to. I wanted clowns and a big thing as I'd told you, but my mom couldn't afford all that I had in mind, much less I. But I sure am looking

forward for my birthday. It's going to be a ball. Just like the one

I picture in my mind.

Nontheless, I had a wonderfully lovely time. What I liked most about the whole idea is that my dad really enjoyed it. I could not only see it in his smiling face, but his eyes shone a bright full happiness and satisfaction. He said that he didn't really like those loud dinner parties at home, and never really knew how to celebrate it. I'd told him about your idea with which he agreed upon. But he never suspected the surprise party. I loved it! I HAD A GREAT TIME! MY DAD LOVED IT. HE HAD A





Respected Sai Bhagwan

I am really at a loss for words to describe about HIS Divine Personality which is unfathomable. Quite a few incidents in my life made me look up to THE DIVINE FATHER and exclaim 'You are indeed a saviour for humanity'. A few years back I lost my ATM card along with the pin number written on a piece of paper. After two days I realised that an amount of Singapore dollars 1000/- was withdrawn f rom my account. A thought just flashed across that Bhagwan Shirdi Sai would probably do the needful to salvage me from the crisis. After a week or so, much to my surprise I received a call from one of the bank officers that the amount was deposited back to my account. Well,this is a miracle which is beyond human rationale. As a matter of thanksgiving I visited Shirdi last year. Likewise I got through my engineering exams about 12 years back with the grace of SAI, despite my average performance. After all HE is the cosmic examiner auditing our thoughts and faith and knows what is to be done when. Nothing is impossible for Lord SAI. About 4 weeks back I appeared for my last Oracle certification exam and got through with HIS Grace. The day prior to the exam, I opened the Sai Satcharit in a very tensed mood only to read about SAI comforting a student that he would secure a pass notwithstanding the astrological predictions working against him. It was indeed a tremendous source of relief and I was confident that HE would guide me through the exam. True to HIS reputation of being 'Apathbandhava' he made me get through with the exact pass marks! I got choked with emotion. I do pray that SAI would have the entire humanity in HIS fold so that the world would be a wonderful place to live in.

OM SAI RAM Your child S.Sounderrajan



Nita Patel, New Jersery

Dear Sai bhaktas,

We have been strong believer of baba since last three years. I am basically from Nairobi, Kenya. As the matter of curiosity, me and my husband thought of applying for visas to USA. In July one fine day we called up the embassy to fix and appointment for interview, we got the appointment fixed on August 18, 2000. As 18 = 1+8 = 9 being a significant number I had confidence we will go thru it. We had to prepare paper work for an interview, we were suppose to give strong proof of our ties in Kenya, good financial background. Since me and my husband were working, and had responsibilities of two girls , my daughters, The savings were not that much to make them confident. But we had strong background of place where we both were working. We prepared the necessary paperwork, I started reading Sai Satcharitra the week before so that I can finish and go for an interview. I finished reading on Tuesday and Wednesday morning we had to go for an interview. We had left everything on baba saying "YOU KNOW WHAT IS GOOD FOR US". As we reached the embassy, there was a long queue.., and in that queue I saw a person who seems to be of Arab origin, but the clothes he had put on were white kurtan with white turban and had long white beard, when I was chanting sai sai he just turned around and I could see baba in him. As our number came …One of officer who was checking all the paperwork, as per attached to the form, and there was one section mentioned …if children are below certain age no photographs are required , so we didn’t take any pictures of girls. She told us to go and get them done at he near mall and be back before 10.00. As it was early morning 8.00 and the malls open at 9.30 . We had to go and wait till the mall opens we tried other places also they were closed. After taking the pictures of girls we returned to embassy , just thinking why is this happening ? When we reached it was nearly 9.50 somewhere. And there were few ppl ahead of us in that line, for interview. We were called . Me and my girls were chanting baba’s name, having a baba’s key chain in my hand. As the officer was going thru papers, he just asked what were we working as and spoke to girls nicely and there he said go to other window pay your fees and get the passport next day. SAI RAM was the words came out of me and my husbands mouth. and i couldn’t believe it. The Officer didn’t even go thru the bank statements. We paid the fees and we were silent all the way to our home and went straight to my mandir and bowed before him, and due to him we safely reached USA without any trouble. Since then me and my family have become more believer in Baba, he has been there when ever we called him. MAY SAI BLESS YOU ALL



hi today i want to share my experience with all the of you. last week i went for an interview with a company , i did not get any feedback in the given time. today morning i dreamt that i am going on jumping and arguing , i did not understand the dream that time. i prayed to sai baba that if i can get into company i will come to shirdi and whole day i was thinking why cant some miracle happen, and at last in the afternoon i got call from manger telling that he cannot give me job at this point , then i explained to him that i knew what was asked but since it was first time i was little panicked ,i made a suggestion telling that has can take me as a trainee and evaluate my performance accordingly, the manger told that he will give me a chance , this the miracle of saibaba at last by his grace i am getting employed in the same company by the end of this month ,and i will surely go shirdi when i go to India.

siddharth mahodaya






My Prayer to Sai Baba

I had a recent experience which made my belief stronger that saibaba will take care of me and help me in any situation. recently I got a new assignment and joined this new company for software consulting. The client had a problem and he wanted me to fix it. And I had never worked on that software product before. Besides there was no manuals available for that. And being new in the company I hardly knew anybody there. So I just prayed to saibaba and thought that he will take care of my problem. And within minutes I met this guy thru a my only friend there who had worked on this software before and he helped me and explained me how this was supposed to work. After which I could fix this problem very easily. And wouldn't you know at his desk was a picture of sai baba. Now some of you might say 'hey thatz just a co-incidence'. But I believe that there's god (saibaba) who takes care of me and helps me out in every problem in my life. And I am always very relaxed and happy because of THEE.



He has made THE DIFFERENCE in my life

Baba is great.....He has made THE DIFFERENCE in my life! I was introduced to Baba by a friend (unfortunately who is no more now). Ever since I have to come to know Baba I have received numerous blessings for me and my family. His ways, though mysterious, are simple wonderful. Till today, I can proudly say that Baba is my everything, my all, the air I breathe, my substance and my life! No one can take His place. My day does not start on a good note if I do not go to His Mandir and touch His Beautiful Lotus Feet! Every evening I must go and thank Him for all His blessings for a good day if not I feel very guilty and miserable. I just want to thank my friend who passed away and who I know is now with Baba for her love and affection and for showing me the path to the truth. May Baba shower His blessings on all other devotees who so lovingly follow His path and I only ask for Baba to help me to continue to look to Him for guidance in be a good, pure person, an example of all goodness and truth in my family.




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