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Don't Worry, Be Happy, for Baba loves Us So
Illusions Are Many, but Underneath Them All
There Is One Reality That You and I Are One
That God Is Love and Love Is God and God and Man Are One


Experiences of Devotees

I work as system administrator. I had lot of problems in my last office. I was unable to continue working there and I can't even resign, that's my bread. I started looking out for a job almost from 30 months. I was unsuccessful. I almost lost hopes in life. I don't know what to do. Suddenly one day I remembered that I bought "SAI SATCHARITA " in1994 in Shirdi, which I have not read at all. Decided to read SAI SATCHARITA. Thursday 26th February 2004 I started reading, same night around 9pm I got a call from US for an interview. I finished my interview at 10PM. being it was Thursday I need to rush to SAI Mandir. Where the mandir closes at 10pm. and when I reached it was almost closed people were coming out and nobody were allowed. I was almost in tears; suddenly one security guard of the mandir helped me for darshan of SAI. Wednesday 3rd March 2004 I finished reading SAI SATCHARITA . Same day after lunch around 2.30pm I got a call from Indian office saying I have been selected and I have been asked to collect my offer letter. I almost jumped in air, I could not stop my tears and, everybody in my house was very happy. My family and I will always be thankful to SAI. After this incidence every month, I am finding new things happening in my life. No, I don't worry for anything everything SAI will take care. THANKS VERY MUCH SAI
- Shiva Prasad



Om Sai Ram, I would like to share one of the wonderful experiences that happened in my life. For a very long time, I have been having pain in my neck. It used to be mild and over period, it has increased. Few weeks back it became very painful. I had the blessing of Baba to visit SHIRDI last December and have been reading SAI SATCHARITRA since around that time. So I started applying UDI to the neck. It started to reduce and last few days the pain has practically reduced to nothing. I have to thank Baba for this and many more blessings and protecting me from time to time. - A Sai devotee




This incident occurred to me three days ago. Saturday, 12th of Jun, was my Nephew's birthday. Early in the morning, I woke up from my bed, got ready and flew off to my Nephew's place. Recent days, I was a bit disturbed with all the happenings around, and so, was feeling a bit unpleasant. After I reached there, everything was set ready for my Nephew to cut the cake. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and a little girl came in, gave us a packet, told "Shirdi Sai Baba Prasad" and ran away. Since, we all were new to that place, no body of us knew who the Girl is. But, this incident had a great effect on me. I don't know who it is but can say, the Almighty is behind us to look after us always and provide for us what we need at proper times. This incident cheered me up a lot. We all ate the prasad first, then, celebrated my Nephew's birthday. Everything went so great, just having no words to say. Thanks a lot my lord for being with us all always what all the you do for the human race. -Vijay Kumar P





Baba has blessed me with loving family, excellent friends and a wonderful life. But the time to realize the real support of Baba in my life began in 2006.I used to score good marks in my exams and was very active in all extra curricular activities at my school. But after school, in the mid of 2006, I started facing problems with my academics. I started becoming the least scorer of the class. I could not make out the reason for this change. One reason may also be that I had neglected my studies. But there was no answer as to why I began neglecting the studies. Day by day I became disinterested in things. I started becoming short tempered and depressed. My parents and family members were extremely worried about me.2 years passed in this way.2007 was a crucial period, as my performance here determined my career. I cried before Baba and our family deity everyday to prevent myself from spoiling my life and make me work hard. I sang sej arti everyday even when the exams neared. After the exams, Baba appeared in my dream and assured me that he would bless me with a seat in my dream profession, which would otherwise be impossible with my low performance. And as expected, the MIRACLE did happen. I got a very good rank. This is purely by His miracle and by the grace of our family god. Then he got me into my dream college. He also made me work hard and I began performing well. He had constantly been with me. But due to my bad luck, I could not perform very well in my examination this year. I prayed for him to pass me in the exam. He worked yet another miracle and I passed with a good percentage. All I have to say is, with firm faith in him and patience, our journey in this world is made easy. Jai Sai ram.- Shambhavi




Not one to say. Two years back I had a miscarriage. We were so depressed. Did everything we could. My parents and In-laws were also worried. I prayed Baba that if I conceive again I will express my experience in the newsletter. I was thinking what did I do. Every month is a big hurdle to pass. Used to come back from work to home in the afternoon could not concentrate on anything. Life was empty..felt like there is no reason that I should be alive. My husband was so supportive he always comforted me and consoled me and said good things so that I can come out of that depression and used to say positive things, which used to help me a lot. So at one point I thought I should not think about that and we decided to visit India. This is in last October 2008. Before me going to India we took a doc appt here in US. When I mentioned my background info and all. The doctor took few tests and said that looks like my hormone level is low and I may have to take few more tests and asked me to comeback after the visit in India. Soon after we landed in India I went to Ob/Gyn. She did some more diagnostic tests and said that I might have to take medicines and if that doesn't workout. I might have to go for minor surgery. Prayed Baba and all gods whom all I believe in. I went to the doctor on the said date to get the medicines. But doc asked me wait for few days and comeback she said I am still not ready to take the medicines. Waited for few days and went to see the doc as we had to return US. Then doc said she would give some medicines but before that she want to do pregnancy test just to be safe side. Magic happened unbelievable. My pregnancy test was positive. My goodness. I still can't believe it.... we had to extend our trip. We returned back. Every time we used to visit for doctor checkups I used to pray baba. He was with us all the time. Even through my labor. My little angel my darling has finally came and filled our life. Even though I stayed in India for like 3 1/2 months.. My contract was renewed. once I came back. Just before my due date I was told I might not be extended (due to the budget issues). Again felt very disappointed. As the present market is very bad. Somewhere I was thinking everything happens for our good only...prayed Baba read the Sai satcharitra audio...but I left the job with good terms and they left the doors opened. Two three days back. He fulfilled my wishes...I am so happy..Even though I was not on my word..You did everything are my father..mother,......everything for me - Naveena

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