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Great Miracles Of Baba-

Experience by sai devotees

1- Sai Baba's blessing-Experience by Sivasankari.
Dear Manisha Sister,

Hope you and your family members are doing fine by Baba's grace.I am fine here. It’s long time since I have mailed you.I thought of sharing 2 of my recent experience with you.

2 Months back, when I was going to one of my cousin's house I saw a cart with Baba photos in my way. As I was going in two wheeler,I hesitated to stop & pray. So I just prayed in my mind and passed the cart.After that I thought for a while,I should have stopped and prayed.Also whenever I see such cart I use to offer 5 Rs to Baba. I started realizing my mistake then.

Baba who always read our thoughts to my surprise started His leela.I saw one more cart within few minutes.This time I stopped and offered a Five rupees note to Baba. The Person who was pulling that cart took that money from me,kept some udi in it and returned it back to me saying,"Baba wants me to give this money back to you.He will give you plenty of money in future.Also you will re-gain all the valuable things you lost in your life".I am speechless.

One more experience was on my birthday.It was my star birthday(in may) and it came on a Thursday.I thought of going to temple in the evening.But due to delay in work I did not go.When I was returning home I met one uncle who was our neighbor earlier.He invited me to his house which was close by.I could not regret and so I went to his house.As I entered, his wife completed Sathyanarayana Pooja.I was happy to see our appa there.She gave me lots of Prasad (my favorite kesari).

I was really happy. Though I was unable to go to His place,He somehow arranged His Prasad for me on my birthday.

I wish to experience Him in more and more ways.

Sivasankari Thiyagarajan




2- Sai Vrat Experience-Experienc by Madhavi.

Thanks Manisha Sister for organizing this great Sai Maha Yagnam.
Om Sri Sai Ram,

Have a great Thursday for all Sai devotees. I am happy to say that I was born on Sai day (Thursday) and don't know the reason but from childhood onwards I am worshiping Sai. Today I want to share with all Sai devotees one Sai leela /miracle happened in my life few weeks back.

I don’t posses safety locker to store my valuable things like jewelry and documents etc. Usually I will keep these things at my friend’s locker. One day I went to her place and took required jewelry to attend a wedding. After 15 days, again I gave back the jewelry to my friend to keep it in locker safely asking her to keep it next day as I reached her house at 8pm. The next day she went to bank and placed the jewelry in locker.

After 2 months again I needed jewelry to attend my cousin’s marriage.So,I requested my friend to bring jewelry from locker and keep at her home. Next day I went to collect and I recognized that my diamond and white stone ear rings were missing worth Rs90,000.I asked regarding this to my friend she was saying that I gave only 2 boxes but I remembered that I gave her 3 boxes. I don’t want to argue with my friend as she is a very good nature, kind hearted and one of the best friends of mine. I have belief on her. At the same time I was worried about the ear rings.

My friend searched at home and even me also though I know it was not at my place. I prayed Sai and I faced 5 sleepless nights. After 10 days I went to my sister’s place to pick my son who went there for his summer vacation. Same day my sister’s family and my son returned from Shirdi and she gave Sai udi to me.

I narrated the whole situation to my sister. She asked me to observe Sai Vrat - 9 weeks. She was already performing and completed 5 weeks . She explained me the Vrat procedure and story of one Sai’s devotee got back her jewel box which she lost. She gave me the book and asked me to sacrifice my favorite food till I find my jewelry.Immediately I prayed Sai at my sister place only and sacrifice “Sweets and Fish”.I started Sai Vrat on Saiday.

On 2nd Thursday while performing Vrat when I came across the jewel box story, I was thinking that “Sai is I have to wait more 4 months to know the result? I don’t have that much patience…” since in Sai leela the devotee gets her jewel box back after 2 months from Vrat (9 weeks) completion time. And I performed Vrat with great devotion.

Friday, when I was at my office I received a call from my friend. But at that time I couldn’t answer due to the hectic work. While doing the work I felt good signs in my mind and heart that the jewelry might be found since my friend she never makes call in between office hours. First time I received a call from her in office hours.I made a call to my friend after I got free time immediately.

She said the good news that she found ear rings box in her cupboard itself while cleaning. She placed only 2 boxes in locker as at that time she didn’t find this box so she thought I gave her 2 boxes only she didn’t remember this. How can I express my emotions to Sai at that time. After performing 2nd week Vrat only I got back my earrings. I worshiped Sai in my heart. Sai shower your blessings always on me and you are the god, parent and everything to me. I lay my head to your feet and pray you take care of me.

Om Sri Sai Ram Om Sri Sai Ram Om Sri Sai Ram Om Sri Sai Ram Om Sri Sai Ram


3-Babas blessings and the miracle of Shri Sai Satcharitra -Experience By Pavani.


Dear all,
Happy Baba's day
Here are number of Sai Baba's leela experienced by Sai devotee Pavani and shared with all of us.Her experiences are shared with reader to inculcate faith and devotion in Baba by her experiences of reading Shri Sai Satcharitra and surrendering to Baba. Jai Sai Ram

Sairam Manisha

As I read on your website that one of the devotee of Sai baba is working on publishing a book on the experience of Sai baba devotees. My Lord Sri Sai baba gave me the feeling that I should send my experience, hence contribute in his work.You can edit this if required.

There are some instances that happen in my life though I can't list out all of them as we are not so capable of framing Sai Baba's miracles in our words. I just want to list some.

Om Sai ram
I am a devotee of Sai Baba. I did not knew or believed much in Baba until 2007.But now my everyday passes with HIS name and prayers. In 2007 I got married to a very modest and adorable man I had ever met. And my husband was a believer of Baba. I often used to argue with him why should he be bowing down to a Sai Baba who was a human being himself. I had a lot of ego and pride in my self. Still I don’t know why Baba blessed me with such a good life partner. I would not go inside the temple but would wait out side the Sai mandir when my husband visited Sai Baba.

But my husband never forced me to agree with him on this. But within 2 months of my marriage some problems came into our life it was so worse that I wish not even my enemies should face such problems in their lives. Me and my husband and both our families went through a lot of emotional trauma. That is the first time I started praying Baba I went to his temple and prayed to him. When I went to his temple in my first visit I started feeling strong vibes of faith.

I totally surrendered to him. I felt like weeping in his porch as if I met him in person and since then I am his devotee. And after that day the things started to fall in place and by gods grace we were back on the track.I keep telling Sai ram Sai ram in my heart when ever there is a trouble some situation going on in my life. And the kind of peace and courage I get while doing that is unexplainable.
I have read Shri Sai Satchairta a lot of times and believe me every single time I read it I get some good news before I finish it. One time I finished reading Shri Sai Satcharita on Wednesday. And the next morning ie Thursday morning Sai baba came in my dream with saffron kafani as HE will be wearing in lot of pictures. He was radiant and looked very peaceful and he was holding a jug in which the sadhus hold the holy water and was sitting in a old house. There were a lot of mean boys in the old house and were trying to chase me and my sis-in-law. Me and my sister-in-law were trying to escape from them and then we saw Sai sitting there. Once we reached Sai their were no more men, it was all peaceful. HE told many things but unfortunately when I woke up I did not remember anything.

I tried a lot to remember but I could not. The only thing HE told I remember was "you should leave this house". I did not understand . That time my husband had lost his job and it was during the time of economy fall and recession and within a month of that dream he got a job in a different place and we vacated that house. And by his grace we got a very nice house and had very good things happening in that house.

Though I didn't remember what Sai Baba said to me. I was overwhelmed with the fact that HE had forgiven me and have accepted me as HIS devotee unless and otherwise HE would have never given me a darshan in my dreams which very less people will be fortunate to get in one life.

Another miracle of reading Shri Sai Satcharitha:

Shirdi Sai Baba's life story & miracles - Sri Sai Satcharita - book text
 - audio and mp3 download

In 2009 when many of the Indians in US were effected by recession and many people were sent back to India and the US consulate was being very strict in giving the work permits to any immigrants from India I discovered a fact that my visa was expired since past 2 years. I was on a dependent visa and due to my ignorance I had not applied for the renewal .I was shocked and when I went to homeland security to report that they asked me to apply soon for a new one or go to my home country and get the stamping done. After considering a lot of options I learnt the best one was to go to India and get the stamping done.

It was a emergency situation where I had to leave the country immediately. But to my case none of the airlines were ready to take me as I had problems regarding the visa. Then I did not know what to do as, if delayed more my situation would only get worse. Then I prayed my beloved Sai baba and started reading Shri Sai Satcharita . On the 2nd day that I started reading Shri Sai Satcharitha my husband gave me a good news that Indian airlines were ready to fly me to India. Even during boarding I was scared if found I would look like an illegal immigrant and I could also be deported. My husband being working in US that would be the worse that could have happened in that situation. But by the grace of Baba no problem occurred and I reached India safely and comfortably.

The main problem was now. In the US consulate because the person stamping will look through the history of my stay in US and my visa status. A week before I went to my visa stamping when we were working on the paper work to be done, required for the stamping and also simultaneously I was reading Shri Sai Satcharitra. One evening my mother –in –law said she wanted to go to Sai Baba mandir and asked if I wanted to join. We took a walk to the temple but as it was late evening they had closed the temple. But we could get a very clear darshan of baba through the door which was some iron grills.

We prayed baba and as Baba says we should not go empty handed but offer dakshina when we visit the temple .We planned to put some dakshina to Baba. But the idol was far from us hence we threw the coins on a slab infront of baba's idol.Where, they had carved the holy feet of baba. When I put the coin on this slab there was very less chances that the coin will stay on the slab. As it was small in area and the coin would fall down. But when I put the coin it not only fell on this slab but immediately it jumped to feet of Baba’s idol. This was as if there was some magnet in Baba’s feet that attracted the coin. Me and my mother in law were stunned by the way it took its way. It was so not normal. We were so happy that Baba accepted our coin. And not to mention next week when I went to the consulate for my visa stamping there were hardly much questions asked and I got the visa and I flew happily to US to my husband.

One more miracle of reading Shri Sai Satcharithra:

After we moved to the new house that I mentioned above, me and my husband had a good life and one fine day one of our old friends called us and told that they were visiting us that night. They were traveling from California to New York ( ie west coast to east cost cross country )and as we lived in the mid of their drive they wanted to halt at my place for one night in our house.

They were a married couple who were struggling due to recession. They were tired of their job hunt in the west coast and hence they wanted to try their luck in east. They had vacated the house and had packed up their whole stuff and left for new place in search of some job.The wife was a on dependent visa and did not work and the husband was out of job for last 9 months.

You can imagine how difficult it is to live in US without salary for 9 months. They came to my house in the night around 7.30-8 pm. As I was speaking to the wife . I mentioned her about Sai Satcharitha which she did not know .Though she believed in Sai baba she did not know bout the Sai Satcharitha. I told her to pray to Baba right away and start reading the Satcharitha as soon as they get settled into a job and house. She immediate went to my pooja room and prayed in front of baba. And miracle of miracle her husband got a call around the same night and had a interview. Which is very unusual to have a interview call that late and the call was not scheduled before either.

Very next day when they were supposed to continue their trip to New york they headed back to California as he got the job confirmed very next day in CA, this was for the same interview that he had the previous night. This was only due to the mahima of Sai baba. Within one hour that she prayed to Baba about reading Shri Sai Satcharitha her husband got the interview call. the thing that they were trying for 9 long months was found in one night due to the grace of Baba. I feel very lucky to have so close to Sai baba. And to have witnessed his miracles. May Sai baba bless all who wishes to walk on right path and follow his Preaching.

Sai ram




4- Great Miracle Of Baba-Experiece by sai devotee.

Dear All,
Happy Baba's day
Here is a heart touching Sai miracle shared by a Sai devotee.
Jai Sai Ram .

Dear Manisha sis,

I want you to post this great miracle in your website.Wanted to share a big miracle with all of you. My little Sai was diagnosed with myopia(of -1.5) at the age of 3.5 months. Needless to say,I was devastated.I fervently prayed to Baba to bless my little one with healthy eye sight.

I started applying Udi on both of his eyes,rinsing his eyes with Baba's Abhisheka Teertham. My mom has unwavering faith in Baba and I know its her devotion towards Baba that resulted in this great miracle. Today,the eye doctor confirmed that my little one is not nearsighted.He may become nearsighted in thefuture. I'll just keep praying....

I used to send prayers to Shirdi and also talked to Amit ji in Shibpur to pray for my son. All those prayers are answered.Right now, we have one more very serious eye problem for my little one, which I'm sure Sai will take care of.With this Sai miracle I have enough faith in Baba that everything shall be better soon to normal and I have to surrender to my Lord Sai and He is there to protect and bless us .Those devotees who are undergoing any ailment should not loose hope and should apply Baba's Udi and pray with complete faith in Baba and miracle will soon happen in their life.

Jai Sai Ram




5 -Sai Baba changed my life-Experience of a Sai devotee.

Dear all,
Happy Baba's day to all
I am sharing heart touching experience of a Sai sister .She has shared her life changing experience with all of us and have convinced through her experience that complete refuge at Baba's feet can only change our life .

Om Sai Ram Manisha Ji,

I am sharing my experience .

I always used to read others experiences on various groups and wondered when I will write my own experience.Always prayed to Baba please do some miracle in our life also.I came to know about Baba from my mother who is an ardent devotee of Sai at a very early age.We used to do sankirtan on every Thursday at our home.I then moved to some other place for my studies and continued the devotion to Sai Ram there also.

It can be called my bad karma or so I prayed to baba whole heartedly in those days but my wishes did not get fulfilled though Baba gave me other things more valuable in studies.But I could not understand and my devotion failed and I took refuge of another siddh yogi and started taking their name.

I had so much devotion but somehow after two three years my bad time started and I stopped worshiping. Even after a very good degree I could not get job for 2 years and was in depression.Lately I got job and then my marriage was fixed.But I have a problem that is not too big but not that small and did not know whether to tell my in-laws or not.

My mother again asked me to keep faith in Sai baba.I came to my in-laws home and there I started searching for Sai baba’s miracles and I got plenty of them.I found that by reading Shri Sai Satcharita our wishes are fulfilled.I wanted this book and easily got it by Sai Kripa. Now I started reading the book and kept Nine vrat of Sai.My husband is abroad and I easily got visa within few days and I came to foreign country.
Here I continued doing Sai vrat and reading Shri Sai Satcharitra. My husband was doing very bad job and seeing this I felt bad. I always prayed to sai to give him good job. He have had affair with some girl for the past nine or ten years she refused to marry him but he still was in her memories and when ever I used to ask him he abused for her.Though he was very good natured with me and always took care of me. He always remained in depression for not getting good job according to his qualification. Then I always told him have faith in Baba and you will get job.

When ever there was interview I always gave him vibhuti of Baba and prayed to Baba to please give him job so that he becomes your devotee too.In the mean time I got lots of dreams of Sai Baba as if HE is talking to me or giving me Vibhuti etc. Some months passed and nothing happened and I kept on keeping fast and also my shraddha got little low as my health problem still persisted and I could not share it with my husband also.

After sometime a very good interview call came better than any other calls received and in an International company.I prayed to Baba please do some miracle and my husband will also keep fast.The day he kept his first fast his girlfriend called me and abused my husband and said very bad things and asked me to leave him. Because she now wanted to come back I guess.

I was heart broken by finding that he still was messaging her and I loved him so much from my heart.He had given a special place to her in his life that never understood whatI was doing for him.When I called him and told about her phone call he rushed back and called her back.She abused him as well and called him beggar.

When he asked why didn’t she marry him when he always wanted she said I did not want to marry a loser in life and you have married your wife with cheating only.Then he knew her reality what she used to think of him.And this all happened with grace of Baba as I always prayed Baba please whosoever that girl is please show her real face and make him realize my value.

He used to drink and smoke a lot.Whenever I asked him he said I am trying to leave it.And I come from a family where these things are not touched.Though he was very caring for me and took care of very small needs too I really wanted him to change. After that phone call on his first vrat he could differentiate between both of us.I never asked anything from him.And now he never reminds her and only loves me and has given a special place in his life for which every woman craves. Now he has become staunch devotee of Sai also for opening his eyes.

Main miracle happened when he attended interview that did not got well. He called me and told that even this interview was bad but I prayed to Sai and asked him to keep faith in him and next day result came.The company was very happy at his performance. Call of his girlfriend came the next day of this call. So obviously his faith grew more stronger in Sai.

After a great turmoil of few days I was again able to get calm with Baba’s grace. Few days passed and he got offer letter of the dream job he would never have thought and that too in a very big company and a salary quite unimaginable. So everything happened because of Sai.

And also Sai helped me in every respect by showing the true face of others for which my husband used to fight with me. Now his eyes are wide open.

Thanks Baba for everything.Thanks a lot.



6- Baba and Lord Karthikeya
Dear all,
Happy Baba's day
Here is a beautiful series of experiences shared by Sister Archana how Baba helped her understand that Baba and Lord Karthikeya are same when her uncle was admitted in the hospital and later reached abode of Baba. Jai Sai Ram

Dear Manisha sister ,
This was again two years back.

One of my uncles was admitted in the ICU at Chennai.Initially,he had been for consultation owing to rashes on his legs.They got him admitted and then,that led them to identifying some trouble in his health,which later caused them to perform dialysis on him.

Just a couple of weeks, before he got admitted,I met him in his home,when I was about to start to Shirdi.My uncle was saying,that even he had wanted to go to Shirdi,but now, since he had already planned a trip to Pazhani that month, he would make it to Shirdi some other time.(Our trip to Shirdi was a very quick plan).This was in the first week of January 2007.So, by the time I returned from Shirdi,he had also returned from the holy Pazhani Hills, and a couple of days later,he was hospitalized.

Since the doctors had initially assured that it was something very minor,every one seemed to be okay.But after one week or more,his health seemed to have been deteriorating.Still,the doctors had given assurance.While this was the case,all of us,especially the cousins and me,were quite upset over his health as he used to be a great favorite amongst us,during our childhood days,that we spent memorable vacations at his home.

Unknowingly,the thought kept coming to my mind.. that he should have come with us to Shirdi.aybe, his health would have been alright and the like. I used to pray to Baba,to please help him recover.My uncle as such,is an ardent bhakth of Lord Muruga (Karthikeya).His name was by itself was one of the names of the Lord.During one of my conversations,my mom casually said, pray to Lord Karthikeya that he recovers fast.

Though I would have prayed to Lord Baba,I was not fully convinced with my prayer, that I would offer a special prayer to Lord Karthikeya as well.This happened quite continuously.I was simultaneously addressing,Baba and a minute later, to Lord.Karthikeya,with the same request.One day morning,as if to give an assurance to me,I happened to get inside an auto,which on one side had the picture of Lord Baba and on the other side,the picture of Lord Karthikeya.It was just then that I had made separate prayers to both and seeing that picture,gave me happiness.

Yet another week passed away,and all were getting worried at home.It was a Monday, and I was also very worried over my uncle's health that I went to Baba's temple with Sai SatCharita in my hand, after my office hours. As soon as I went, sat, made my prayers to him for my uncle's health and opened the SSC, the page which came was this -- from Chapter 31.

"(3) Tatyasaheb Noolkar

Hemadpant gives no particulars regarding Tatyasaheb Noolkar, except the bare mention of the fact that he up his ghost in Shirdi. A brief summary of his account that appeared in the Sai Leela magazine is given here.

Tatyasaheb was a Sub-Judge at Pandharpur in 1909, when Nanasaheb Chandorkar was Mamalatdar there. Both met often and exchanged talks. Tatyasaheb did not believe in saints, while Nanasaheb loved them. Nanasaheb often told him the Leelas of Sai Baba and pressed him to go to Shirdi and see Baba. He finally agreed to go to Shirdi on two conditions:- (1) he must get a Brahmin cook, and (2) must get good Nagpur oranges for the presentation. Both these conditions were providentially fulfilled. A Brahmin came to Nanasaheb for service and he was sent to Tatyasaheb and a fruit parcel containing 100 beautiful oranges was received by Tatyasaheb, the consigner being not known.

As the conditions were fulfilled, Tatyasaheb had to go to Shirdi. At first Baba was much enraged with him. But by and by Tatyasaheb got such experiences that he was convinced that Baba was God incarnate. So he was enamoured of Baba and stayed there till his death. As his end was approaching, sacred literature was read out to him and at the last hour Baba's Pada-tirth was brought and given to him for drinking. Baba on hearing of his death, said, "Oh, Tatya went ahead of us, he won't be reborn." "

Tears rolled down from my eyes,without me being aware.I was wondering,what is this Baba.. then consoling myself saying that,it is a mere coincidence,that page must have actually turned up by accident and I tried to forget the incident.

I tried not to mention that to anyone at home as they might get worried as well.

36 hours later, i.e. on Wednesday before noon,I got the news that my uncle passed away.I cried, but the first thoughtI got was, how come,Baba told me before itself.. types.

I did not go to Chennai,as it was mid-week, and everyone at home asked me not to come hurriedly,and even I thought better go in the weekend than now,as I had last seen my uncle when he was hale,hearty and watching the cricket match on TV.

Moreover, as all guests would move away,I thought it would be consoling to my aunt if i went there during the weekend.Every evening, after office,I go to Sai Mandir. The same way,I went that day evening,I just could not go inside and see Baba.

Instead I chose to go to the Dhyan Mandir just beneath the main hall of the shrine and I sat staring at Baba for long.When I got up to leave,I casually gave a peep from downstairs to see Baba.He was all dressed in white,his throne which is always in place,seemed to be kept aside that day.I do not know for what reason.

I have been a very regular visitor of this temple and only on Thursday mornings, when the abhisheka is happening,do they move the throne and keep is aside. Not any other day have I seen this happening.But that evening,it was kept aside..I thought, probably Baba too joins me in mourning.

That weekend,as planned I went to Chennai.I did continue to have troubled thoughts over and over again thinking,that my uncle should have gone with us to Shirdi instead of Pazhani types.. Anyways, while I causally mentioned to my aunt,about the passage I got in SSC, she listened.A day or two later, she said,that passage seems to be her only consolation for now,as Baba has said,it is mukthi for him and no other birth to suffer.I was glad that it consoled my aunt.

All of us have been visiting Baba at Mylapore,since long,ever since I was a child. This aunt of mine,used to wear a pendant of Baba,when she was a child,though she did not know much about Baba then.She was deeply consoled.During that weekend,I received a couple of calls,from my friends's friend.. It was long since I had talked to that girl.. I did not answer any calls that time. i just ignored it..

A week after,when I was at Bangalore back,I happened to meet that girl in Baba's temple.After initial conversation,(I DID NOT mention anything about my uncle's demise to her).. she causally said that she had called me and said that I had not answered. I told her, yes and that i was not in situation.

She further said, that she had a dream and she felt like sharing with me that day, that was why she had called.I did not pay much interest nor attention.. She continued speakingnarrating her dream to me.. She is basically an Andhrite and she continued to say that she never heard much about Lord.Karthikeya but she did not know why, she got HIS darshan in her dream.. The vision she had in her dream was Lord. Karthikeya's head.. and she could clearly identify that as Lord.Karthikeya's head but the face she saw was our dear Baba's. She repeated the head was Lord.Karthikeya's while the face was Baba's.

She continued saying that for some reason she felt like sharing with me.. And that, ever since that dream came, she too started worshiping Lord Karthikeya. She said she could still not get out of the surprise of it, as in her state there are hardly shrines for Lord Karthikeya. Only after some time, did the significance strike me!!!!

I was amazed!!!!!!!

What a way of letting me know.. that I need not have thought/worried so much to pray to each separately,nor about my uncle's trip to Pazhani Hills instead of Shirdi.I was simply amazed.. Not just that, my minute thought was known to the Lord and HE corrected me in HIS own way. What more should i ask for.. ??

It was HE who gave the darshan of lord Karthikeya and Baba in the same form.. It was HE who inspired to share the dream with me..

HIS ways are known to HIM alone..

Jayaa manee jaisaa bhaava tayaa taisaa anubhava
Daawisee dayaaghanaa aisee tujzee hee maava tujzeeheemaava

Meaning: You grant suitable experiences to everybody in accordance with their Faith and devotion. O, merciful one, such is your way




7-Implicit faith on Shirdi Sai -Experience By Shirish Atkari.
Sairam dear all,
Happy Baba's day to all,
Due to my constant traveling I am not able to give enough time for website work and hence many Sai leela's and other article are lying pending . Before I start my journey to Shirdi I wish to upload maximum Sai experiences shared by Sai devotees in the website so that readers can read in leisure.

Here is a beautiful experience shared by brother Shirish followed by his interpretation of what Faith and Patience means to a Sai devotee and how one should practice them in one's daily life. Jai Sai Ram

Hi Didi,
Om Sairam
Following is my experience related to recent job which I got. Please post it as per your wish.

Shirish Atkari

Hi All,
Om Sairam

With Saibaba’s permission I want to express this life changing experience of Saibaba.I will tell my experience in short as I want to put more focus on learning which I got recently through this experience .

From my college campus I got into a company where I joined in mid June. Because of some reasons I was not liking and enjoying my Job. So in a span of 1 month I left that job. That was really tough decision for me and a hard time .All my friends guided me not to quit this job unless and until I have other job in hand.But some how I quit the job .

Then I came home,had few days to stay with my parents. In that period I realized what is the true meaning of faith (which I have put in words ahead).I kept complete faith and never allowed my mind to get worried with thoughts. With Saibaba’s grace I got best job in a span of week and I got confirmation on Saibaba’s day i.e Thursday of the job.Not only I got a job with better salary package and but a good city too .

I thanked Saibaba but I would consider my gratitude to Baba complete by performing best at new job.

From past 4-5 years I am in touch with Saibaba.With Saibaba’s grace I came to understand deep meaning of faith which I have put in words below. With Saibaba’s grace at different age, stage and experiences of life we all will understand even deeper meaning of grace of Baba . Many thanks to Manisha Didi who helped me in various ways to understand this .Below is the meaning which I have understood of faith and patience.

Faith (Shradda) and Patience (Shaburi):

Only two things which Saibaba asked everyone to practice and believe.

1)To believe in Saibaba even when we have not seen in Him in physical form.To believe that Saibaba was there in Shirdi for many years. To believe that Saibaba is still existing in every form and every where in this world.

2)To confidently believe that Saibaba is aware of us (even if we don’t remember him). To believe that he knows what is going on with us.To believe he is always watching us.

3)Faith means we know and we have to surrender our issues and concerns to Saibaba.

For an example :Consider the scenario when in our childhood days when we were not well, we never thought who will take us to doctor, who will give us medicine….??Answer is No. ……Why….????? Because we thought its our parents who will do it with full love and devotion.

So now when we are grown up, we tend to keep issues and concerns in our mind. Even after knowing this fact that Saibaba is our father and mother, we won’t feel the way we tend to feel when we were kids.

We should feel in the same manner.If we have faith in Saibaba we will always know that Saibaba is aware of our problems, issues, concerns(As our parents used to when we were kid and now also even if we try to hide or cover our issues).

So it is a fact that our parents used to take care of all our problems and ensure our happiness and same is true even today. So it’s same with Saibaba, He is ,will and He is always taking care of our life.

So when we say we have faith in Saibaba, we will never get bothered how things will happen.At the same time we will always remind our self when ever there is a thought of worry, frustration, sorrow,sadness or any negative feeling that Saibaba is there to take car.And try to keep patience.

4)Faith is not related to mind. It’s all in our heart. So if any particular life issue or concern is bothering us, we should ask our heart ……Why..????.... Don’t we have faith in Saibaba? And if we have faith in our heart then soon a comfort will be there.Again the thought might come in our mind, take help of your heart and tell yourself,Saibaba is there to take care. So have patience.

5)Faith means that we have left everything to Saibaba. We have given complete doer ship to Him.Faith means that we confidently believe that Saibaba will ensure best for us.But we have to have patience.

6)Faith means we believe that in our hard time or during any trouble Saibaba is taking care of us and giving us energy, comfort, support and carrying us through all hurdles and bad phases of life. We should always ask our heart to keep faith in Saibaba, whenever we feel that we are in trouble. When our mind gets too disturb by logically thinking, correlating and emotionally analyzing many things at one time,Ask our heart why…….??? Don’t you believe in Saibaba….And have faith in Saibaba and keep patience.

7)Faith means we know that Saibaba will give us darshan in any form and will make us feel very happy…..Even I can not explain that state
of happiness.

8)Most important……….Faith means that we believe Saibaba will give us best.As when we have faith and we surrender our life completely, then whatever is coming in our way is Saibaba’s grace.

9)We don’t know what we did in our past birth, for this birth also we might feel we have not done any thing wrong. But I feel we should not get into this theory of past karma’s or future. As I think when we have surrendered our whole life and have complete faith then from now onwards till end of our life or all births……we will not do any wrong karma’s. Infact after giving doer ship to Saibaba, He will give us all best things and will guide and make us do all good things. Even if we have to suffer, Saibaba will ensure our sufferings to the minimized. So as Saibaba never liked and we should not do is ….to look into future by any means.

10)When we surrender our whole life, Saibaba will ensure that we will get all good thoughts and feelings.And even if any negative thought is coming in mind…have patience in our heart along with faith.

11)Faith means to completely believe that whatever Saibaba has taught and is teaching is best and we are following it and we will always follow it.

12)Faith means to believe Saibaba is our Sadguru, god, father and mother and everything.

13)Faith will ensure that all our ego, arrogance, ignorance,argumentative nature, habit of logical interpretation of incidences of life, fear, anger, over confidence will get destroyed……..and we will live a devoted life and will perform all life activities with same devotion considering it as best gift from Saibaba.

Shirish Atkari

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