Sai Baba Of India-Help ever hurt never


Links on this page convey that "help ever  hurt never" are not merely words to be repeated in vain but to act upon those words is the real goal.

  • Drinking Water Help
  • service rendered to villages and poor, rural folk -
  • Free Education
  •  Hospitals-Temple of Healing.
  • Beedupali Centre
  • Heartvalvebank

    Everyone has an equal share in all that is available in this world. Today, people lack the spirit of sacrifice. They are experts in giving lectures on sacrifice but are not prepared to part with even a paisa from their pockets when it comes to practising what they preach. What is the use of preaching when you cannot translate it into action?-Baba

    Sai Baba

  • The Meat-Free Diet Project
  • Vegetarians reduce Animal Suffering and Slaughter *
  • Vegetarian Resource Group *
  • CRY - Mission*

    *Not associated with any Sai organization.