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Maya has left...a poem on annunciation day...20 Oct 2010

20th October marks the historic Divine Pronouncement
that happened seven decades ago, when the fourteen year old Sathyanarayana Raju of Puttaparthi spelt out His Intend about His earthly sojourn. Commemorating this day, during the 85th Year of His Divine Advent, Ms. Jullie Chaudhury revels in singing the Declaration Story urging one and all to unite under His Fatherhood, to know Him!


Manasa Bhajare Guru Charanam
Dustara Bhava Sagara Taranam
Guru Maharaj Guru Jai Jai
Sai Nath Sat Guru Jai Jai

Who can fathom the ways of the Lord?
Who can comprehend the whys and whens of God ?
Only He knows what to do when,
And when to do what,
Beyond the ken of the limited vision we have got,
He knows how His play should move on,
Only He can herald a new dawn…

And that day did dawn certainly,
For me, you and the rest of humanity,
And for the Universe as well,
And all beings in it that did dwell,
The mission had to move forward you see,
And so accordingly,
On Monday, 20th October 1940,
In Uravakonda was He,
On His way to school that day,
Sathya came back and flung His books away,
And stated aloud did He,
“I no longer belong to you,
Maya has left Me,
My devotees are calling out to Me…”

All of fourteen years was He,
Addressing the sister in law of the physical body,
And even as she watched from the kitchen window,
Around Him she saw brilliant, blinding halo,
“I am leaving,” said Sathya,
“I have to initiate the work I have come here for...”

The brother of the physical form, Seshama Raju,
And a neighbor, Narayana Shastry came there too,
Who Sathya once did vex,
As He corrected his interpretation of a Sanskrit text,
On seeing the splendorous halo,
That vivid and dazzling glow,
He fell at Sathya’s feet,
Speechlessly the brother this scene did greet…

Distress and disease, and acute helplessness,
Saps from all their happiness,
And so the time had come for an Annunciation,
A definite divine Proclamation,
Though the brother did try to stop,
His efforts did seem to flop,
To make Sathya retrace His steps he did fail,
For unknown to him a divine mission it did entail…

The illusion has gone, I am no longer yours,
I have to fulfill My divine cause,
I am Sai Baba don’t you remember,
Maya no longer creates a blur,
Was what He said that day,
As He moved purposefully away…

To the garden of the Excise Inspector,
He did proceed,
A boulder in Anjaneyulu’s garden was His seat,
From here He taught about surrender,
And all hearts He did stir,
Surrender to the Guru’s feet,
An invitation that all sorrow did defeat,
A Guru Who had appeared so mercifully,
From the cycle of life to set humanity free…

Manasa Bhajare Guru Charanam,
Dustara Bhava Sagara Taranam,
Guru Maharaj Guru Jai Jai,
Sai Nath Sat Guru Jai Jai,
Showing a way out,
Even as the boat of life is tossed about,
In the ocean of worldly life,
The struggle and strife,
Fix the mind on a Guru,
Whichever name does appeal to you,
Bhajan one must do,
With complete fervor and devotion too,
With full heart, mind and soul,
Sing in praise of the Master’s Lotus feet,
All else it will defeat,
Freeing you He will take you towards your goal…

Forgetting themselves the gathering sang,
The voice of this child Guru in their hearts rang,
Some garlanded Him with flowers fragrant,
Some lit insense sticks devotion well meant,
But Sathya remained calm and serene,
Focused within, far removed from the scene,
A photographer came too,
But a small rock in front of Sathya blocked his view,
To remove this rock he did try,
But he was stopped by Sai,
Who asked him to go ahead inspite of this,
And Sai’s word he could not dismiss,
When the film was developed my, oh! my,
The rock was seen as Shirdi Sai…

And then on the ardent appeal of Eashwaramma,
His gaze was such in to the future, He could see far,
He returned to Puttaparthi,
And the rest of His ongoing story,
Is history…

From then till now His grace flows on incessantly,
God walks the Earth, and Sathya Sai is He,
Supreme, Absolute Infinite,
So selfless a life, so full of light,
A ceaseless giving, incomparable and true,
His life is His message and we should follow suit,
To hear Him and not to listen,
To know Him and not to follow, though not a sin,
Would be a waste of a lifetime undeniably,
Why not please Him, Who has come to set us free,
And what does Him please,
And His attention seize?
Compassion, Selflessness and Gram Seva,
Sacrifice, Love, a Brotherhood by far,
Uniting all of creation under His Fatherhood,
Our love for all is His only food,
And for this He has given us a wonderful chant,
‘Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu’.
In our heart, mind and soul we must implant…



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