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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Holi updates - Prasanthi Nilayam

On Holi festival in 1917, Baba appeared in the dream of Hemadpant at his house in Bandra and told him that he would be coming to his house to participate in the Holi meal. Hemadpant told his wife about the dream and asked her to prepare food for one more person. The festivities of Holi were over. Arrangements were made for serving the meal. They reserved a seat for Baba. All the members of the family sat down for the meal. After offerings were made to God, ghee was served; they were about to start eating, when someone knocked the door. Hemadpant opened the door and found two persons standing there. They handed over to him a photo of Shirdi Sai Baba with a request to keep it safely. They asked him to finish his meals first and then they could discuss the details about the photo later on; they left the place.

Hemadpant was surprised at the arrival of Baba in the form of photo, exactly at meal time. He shed tears of joy. He felt happy that what Baba had told him in the dream had come true in this manner. He immediately put the photo in the place set apart for Baba. All the food items were kept before the photo and only after offering them to Baba, did the others eat.

The same day at the same time Baba told Shama at Shirdi that he had a sumptuous meal at Bandra in Hemadpantís house. Shama could understand Babaís words only after sometime when Hemadpant went to Shirdi. Now let us see how the photo was delivered at Hemadpantís house.

A long time back, a saint by name Abdul Rehman gave a lifesize framed photo of Baba to Ali Mohammed. After sometime, Aliís brother-in-law fell sick. Someone said that if the photos of saints were put in the sea, the illness would subside. So he sent for this manager and asked him to collect all such photos in his house and also in the houses of relatives and put them in the sea. After some days Ali Mohammed came home and was surprised to find that Babaís photo was still there in the wall. He began to think to whom it should be given. As per Babaís order given to him through his thoughts, the photo was handed over to Hemadpant.

 SBOI wish you a Happy HOLI

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