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Conference in Rome: Baba "Teleports" Spectacles To Dr. Narasimhan and account of Dr. Pavan Passport Tickets and Money Left in Bag.

On October 28, 1983, the day before the Sai Conference in Rome, Dr. Pavan and V.K. Narasimhan, the illustrious former editor of the Financial Express, The Indian Express and the Deccan Herald, and also the  former editor of Sanathana Sarathi, met to review the manuscript of Pavan's first Said magazine. Without his reading glasses, Narasimhan was helpless and wished Swami would come to his rescue. Lo and behold, out of thin air a black, farmed pair of spectacles dropped between the two on the sofa on which they sat.

They were naturally stunned, but soon discovered that they were Naraismhan's own reading glasses. When the two returned from Rome, Swami inquired from Narasimhan about the Conference, and especially his reading glasses. Baba revealed that Naraishman had taken his spectacle case to Rome, not realizing it was empty. He confirmed that He responded to the call from Rome by teleporting the pair of glasses from Narasimhan's home in Bangalore.

In June 1984, Pavan visited U.S.A andCanada to attend an International conference on anesthesiology in Toronto and also visit a few Sai Centers. On June 7, he alighted from a public bus in Los Angeles, without realizing that he had left his clutch bag in the bus. It contained his passport, air-ticket and all his money. When he realized a little later, he was stricken with fear. By then the bus had disappeared out of sight.

He prayed to Swami to save him for a disastrous situation. He sat on the pavement and cried like a forlorn child. Within ten minutes a white car pulled up next to him and a Mexican-looking driver asked him if he was the person who had lost a passport! When Pavan saw his clutch bag on the driver's front seat, he was relieved, but still not recovered from his fearful experience.

He thanked the gentleman profusely and the driver was gone long before Pavan could think further. In the excitement of having been saved from a serious crisis he did not even ask the driver when he saw and how he had found him

On December 3 1985, after Swami's 60th birthday celebrations, He called Pavan for an interview. Pavan managed to ask Him if He knew anything about the person who brought the passport. Swami came forward from His chair and hit him on his thigh saying, I brought it for you; you are so careless. I had come behind you to return your things. ’´Jai Sai Ram

Swami says some people do not understand the power of the Divine magnet. They argue is there, something to attract us. It is not the fault of the magnet. The fault lies with the iron. How can magnet attract iron piece which is full of rust and dust. When the rust and dust is removed the magnet will attract the piece at once.

Like mind, the human mind is rusted with many evil qualities. You should remove the impurities of your mind in order to be attracted by Divine. BABA

source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saibabaofindia/message/1121

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