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I was in Puttaparthi on 09/06/2007 and 10/06/2007.

My husband and myself have migrated to Australia and have been living there since 6 months. Since I got an opportunity to visit India, I could not wait to see Swami. Below is my experience during Swami's darshan. I thought I should share it with you guys.

SAI DARSHAN - A pure Bliss
I landed in Puttaparthi on a hot sunny Saturday afternoon. I was there for 1 and 1/ 2 day short visit which would let me take 1 morning and afternoon darshan of Swami.
We were allowed to get into Sai Kulwant hall at 2:45 PM. I was fortunate to be seated in the 4th row.
I was very apprehensive that Swami might not grant darshan as he has been giving regular darshans in the past week. While we were waiting for Swami, I could see the window of swami's room and thought I shall talk to Swami internally who might be in that room.
Knock ..Knock.. Hello Swami, Your daughter has come all the way from Hobart to see you.. Can you please come soon for Darshan.. This time I have gained quite a bit of knowledge about your avatar and presence in human world than what I had in my previous visits. can you please come soon.. I cannot wait to see you. Your daughter has come Swami.
At 3:00 PM Swami's car was parked in front of his house. I continued talking to Swami .. Your daughter has come Swami. Can you please come soon and grant us Darshan..
No sooner did I finish my talk, It was 3:15 PM and swami came out to get inside the car. Ah... did Swami really hear me ? I am sure he did hear not only mine but thousands of other devotees, otherwise he would not have started and hence is coming to satisfy everybody .
As he started in the car, positive and vibrant energy started floating around with the Vedas being chanted in the background. He slowly passed through our rows with a cute smile. He had eye contact with everybody in the first few rows which included me. I had tears rolling out of my eyes unknowingly. As he passed through women's side, he lowered down his window to collect the letters from very few lucky devotees on the gents side. The car came towards bhajan hall. As a routine, we expected swami to get down and move towards bhajan hall in his mobile chair but no! He advised the driver to start the car again and move.
Oh! is he going back to his house ? Am I lucky to have only this much of your presence Swami.. ??
The car slowly started coming towards us and as we thought that the driver to take the car towards his home, he asked the driver to take another around towards the devotees..
wow.. Swami has come for another round of darshan in his car. how lucky we are.. Hurray...
He had eye contact again and we had a blissful moment with so much energy passing through his eyes. He moved on to take letters from most of the ladies in the front few rows and also until his attendants could reach and help him collect the letters.. Everybody were so happy. Probably Swami wanted to have a look at the glowing faces in this hot summer and hence was this beautiful second round of Darshan was granted. He slowly moved on in his car and got down in his car chair.. His attendants were taking him to bhajan hall but no Swami had thought to relish us more with his Darshan experience. he started to move towards ladies side in his car chair.. I could not believe myself. Swami was moving close to my isle.
Thanks swami for granting me this kind of darshan. for the first time I am seeing you like this.. Am I not lucky to be here today? Now I remember while reading "Love is my Form" and other books about you, I had really envied those people who had such close darshan in earlier days. and had also empathized with myself as I was not lucky enough to have these kind of 'Full-scale Darshan'. wow. I am seeing those beautiful feet for the first time.. I am sure you have come to satisfy my inner desire. oh. Swami you know everything..
Again we had him stop in front of our isle, gave us eye to eye contact and wrote 'Om' in air. He proceeded and started talking with one of the ladies sitting in front row . while doing so.. He materialized a gold chain with pendant with just few circles in the air. Ah. Swami, this was also one my internal desire to see you materializing things for people. I am glad you made me a part of audience who could see this miracle. As he put the chain around her neck and people started clapping. The conversation went on for more than 10 mins and very few ladies who were sitting on first row could take "Pada Namaskar" with his permission. Then there was another lady who conversed and took "Pada Namaskar" as it was her marriage anniversary and more special was that she got married in Puttaparthi in Swami's presence. What more could she have asked for.
By the time Swami went to Bhajan hall it was close to 4:05. We had more than 45 minutes of darshan. At 5:00 PM Bhajan started and concluded at 5:30 PM when swami signalled for 'Arathi'. He came out and left out for his home.
As I was seeing him getting into his house I thought thanks Swami for a wonderful and magnificent darshan. I will never forget this in my life. I shall share my experiences with family members and Sai devotees. They will be thrilled to hear about it

With the extra energy I gained today, I left Sai Kulwant hall hoping to get a good darshan tomorrow as well.
It was 10/06/2007. My last day at Puttaparthi before I could return to Bangalore. We went to Sai Kulwant Hall at 6:45 AM and was lucky again to sit in the 4th row.
As yesterday, I was being apprehensive about Swami granting us Darshan. and was just waiting in the hall. At 8:00 AM Swami started for Darshan.
He instructed the driver to stop and lower down the window toward his side. he took letters from people who were in front row and started staring at one of the letters. With this, again I got a chance to have eye to eye contact and a view of Swami with out any hindrances of glare on his car glass.
Ah. thanks Swami for stopping and granting me this special darshan. And as he moved on his window was closed.
He moved towards gents side and went into Bhajan hall. At 9:00 Am Bhajans started and concluded at 9:30.. Swami left to his house.
I had to rush for my bus and hence left Sai Kulwant hall with the thought that I shall come back to see him before I leave to Hobart.
Though today's Darshan was not magnificent it was satisfying to each and every one. With this I come to an end of sharing my experiences.

Sai Ram

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