Jack And Jill*

When I was residing in the old Mandir, there used to be one British couple by name Mr. and Mrs. Krupp. One day, they brought two puppies named Lilly and Billy and requested Me "Swami! These puppies are born in our house. We wish to keep them in Swami's divine presence. Even though we are not here physically, we feel satisfied that we are living in Swami's divine presence if Swami can kindly keep these puppies with Him." I agreed to their request and kept those puppies with Me. In course of time, they gave birth to two puppies. I named them Jack and Jill. They were none other than Ramesh and Suresh, who were My classmates earlier. Unable to bear My separation, they died and were reborn as these puppies to live in My presence. I was living in the old Mandir, then. They had so much love for Swami that they used to be with Me always. Even while I was sleeping, they used to be with Me, one by the side of My head and the other at My feet. They never used to sleep during night. They used to keep themselves awake the whole night, barking at the sight of any person. Thus, they used to be with Me always.

After sometime, the Maharani of Mysore came to Puttaparthi to have My darshan. She was an orthodox woman. She never used to touch anyone. Not only that. She was not even touching the articles touched by others. If she required cow's milk, the cow had to be first bathed and then only milked. She was so much orthodox. She never used to take food even, if some dogs barked. Hence, her secretary used to visit the Ashram before her and inform the people there, "if there are any dogs here, kindly keep them in a room and put a lock to it." There used to be no motorable road to Puttaparthi, in those days. Hence, she had to get down from the car at Karnata Nagepalle and then walk the distance up to the old Mandir in Puttaparthi. She did not like to walk in other's footsteps. Hence, she brought four wooden planks in a van behind her car. First, they used to put two planks on the path and she used to step on them. Then, the next two planks are placed and she would place her feet on them. Thus, the process was repeated and finally she arrived at the Mandir and had Swami's darshan. She was a great devotee. In those days, there used to be no hotels anywhere near Karnata Nagepalle. Hence, the driver had to come to the Mandir for dinner in the night. The Maharani told the driver "I wish to sleep one night in the Mandir premises. Hence, I will not return today."

The driver, however, had to return to the place where he kept the car, after dinner. That was already dark. There were no electric lights in the street. Puttaparthi was a remote primitive village, sixty years ago. In the same primitive village, one Airport, University and Railway Station are established today. But, there were not even good roads then. I called Jack and instructed "go with the driver to help him in finding the way." The driver was surprised "How come! Can this dog show me the way?" Then, I told the driver, "the god in this dog will show you the way." While the dog Jack was walking ahead, the driver followed it. He slept in the car for that night. There was heavy rain then. Hence, the dog slept under the car near the tyre. The driver woke up early in the morning. That was winter season. Hence, the driver wanted to start the car and run it for a short distance to ensure that the engine is in perfect condition before the Maharani comes out to resume her return journey. He started the car and the tyre moved over the back of the dog, Jack. Her spinal chord was broken. See! How faithful was that dog! The students, teachers and devotees - everyone should note this point carefully. Unable to bear with the excruciating pain on account of its broken spine, Jack started moving towards the Mandir. It had to cross the river Chitravathi dragging its body somehow through the sand. It was profusely bleeding.

There used to be a washer man by name Subbanna near the entrance to the old Mandir. He came running into the Mandir and informed Me "Swami! Our Jack's back is broken. It is coming here groaning with great pain." I came out and went near the dog calling "Jack! Jack!" It was crying with uncontrollable pain and fell at My feet, the moment it saw Me. See! How faithful it was! It wanted to breathe its last, falling at My feet. Therefore, it dragged itself to My feet from such a long distance, in spite of the great pain it was undergoing. I arranged for some milk from the Mandir and poured the milk into the mouth of Jack. After drinking the milk, it lifted its two front legs and put them on My hand and breathed its last, looking at Me faithfully. I arranged for its burial in the backyard of the old Mandir. However, I told the people to bury it to a side, so that enough space is available for another Samadhi. Unable to bear with the separation of Jack, the other dog Jill gave up eating food and died after a few days. Jill was buried next to the Samadhi of Jack. Thereafter, I got one Tulsi Brindavan built in that place. It used to be there till very recently. When the renovation of the old Mandir was taken up for the purpose of rebuilding a Kalyana Mandapam in that place, the Tulasi Brindavan has been removed. I was in Bangalore then. Thus, Ramesh and Suresh always wanted to be near Swami and even took birth as dogs for the purpose. They finally merged in Swami. Their story reminds about the truth that those who are faithful to God will never be lacking in anything.

What a great faith! what a great love those dogs had towards Swami! Even if a fraction of their faith and love is there in a human being, his life would have been sanctified. Unfortunately, today man lacks such faith. People have unending desires; but who is living up to the ideals of Swami? How is it possible for your desires to be fulfilled, if you give up the ideals? What you have to learn is, whatever difficulties you may undergo, never keep yourself away from God's Love. If you hold on to God's love steadfast, even mountainous difficulties will melt away like ice.

*Selected from: History as told by Himself (pertaining to His younger days) - Graphic design: saibabaofindia.om - "SBOI"


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