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30 New Photographs: A Flight with Divinity pictures & detailed Report 


There are indications that there might be a program Vishu/Tamil New Year- April 14 celebration at Kodaikanal so far there has been no official announcement. Swami is giving regular darshans. The gathering of devotees over here is not huge i.e. in comparison to Puttaparthi and Whitefield. The darshan experience in Kodaikanal is delightful and heavenly. It starts with upward journey to Sai Baba’s ashram' Sai Sruthi'. One has to walk along the picturesque lake-side to arrive at the morning Darshan. The rising sun, greet devotees with its warm and golden rays. The lilies in the lake open up as one walks; one can truly experience the presence of divine in the surrounding nature.

As one nears Sai Sruthi one glimpses the line of ladies on the other bank and then the men’s line comes into view all waiting for their turn to go inside. When the lines are allowed inside, some are seated under the green roof and some under the open air. When Bhajans begin all attention is focused towards the balcony. When Swamis comes on his special vehicle and comes past the devotees. He is exceptionally close - so much so, that seemingly all can give Him their letter; all receive His loving glance and all feel His divine Love. Swami is so close that the bold ones can easily touch His robe, despite the disapproval look from the sevadal and attendants following Swami. The awe-inspiring close darshan gives one a feeling that Swami is here ONLY for me! (Afternoon Bhajans are in the bhajan hall next to Sai Sruthi).  The journey back to ones hotel or rented house is also great since one is filled with peace and satisfaction, the “prasadam” of morning drizzle from the sky is not uncommon in Kodaikanal, if you are planning to visit Swami over here we recommend that you bring a raincoat, as it may rain a lot and umbrellas are not permitted in darshan. Though it rains frequently at Kodai, darshans are not interrupted by rain.  


Another special aspect of Bhagawan’s Kodaikanal stay is that Swami spends a lot of time with the students He takes with Him to Kodai, and has  mostly all His meals with them. Last year Bhagawan went on a drive with all the members of His party, in a convoy of fifteen vehicles. They drove to various spots of natural beauty in Kodai, like Pillar Rock, Coaker's Walk, Upper Lake View Point and Green Valley View. This time too a large group of students are here many of them are good singers, musicians and great orators.  



Today is Hanuman Jayanthi, below is a chronicle from Kodaikanal that highlights the glory of Hanuman as well as our Lord SAI Rama.


“Sri G V Subba Rao, a distinguished diplomat who retired as the Head of the Energy Division in the United Nations, shares this fascinating event that he was privileged to witness when he was with Baba in Kodaikanal a few years ago:


Baba often advises devotees not to be fascinated by the miraculous manifestation of material objects but to concentrate on the spiritual power behind the creation.


800x600-1024x768  Baba, in Kodaikanal, while relating the glorious story of Hanuman's devotion, materialised a most dazzling necklace of 1O8 large shining pearls and stated that this was the necklace that mother Sita gifted to Hanuman at the Coronation of Sri Rama. But Hanuman's devotion and concentration on the Lord was so one-pointed that he bit the pearls in order to see Lord Rama's image in them but failing to find it, threw away the priceless chain as useless. Hanuman's attention was not on the necklace but on his Lord and Master.


Baba held aloft the necklace and showed it around. I could clearly see the teeth marks on some of the pearls and even the image of Hanuman's face in the pearls!


Swami's miracles transcend time and space, and his miracles are like calling cards - like tickets of entry into the realm of the Divine Caller or Creator…


Once when I remarked to Swami that He is Siddha Sankalpa Purusha, Swami immediately corrected me and said He is Sankalpa Siddha. He stated that Siddha Sankalpa refers to the powers of Siddha Purusha (enlightened being) with acquired - and therefore, depletable Yogic powers whereas Sankalpa Siddha signifies the state "mere WILLING IS FULFILLING “!


Swami's miraculous powers are the most natural and spontaneous manifestations of His love and grace to the devotees”.


Sai Ram - SBOI

 A short video of Kodaikanal landscape

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