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Sai Darshan news 20th April -2006 Kodaikanal
(Morning - Evening)

Sai Travel news update 23rd April: ""Today morning At approximately 7.15 am Swami left Kodaikanal by car for Madurai; it is anticipated that Swami will take the 'waiting' charted plane i.e...."  Read more     © Source: SBOI"

Sai Darshan news 20th April - Guess, we devotees have more intimate access to Swami and news of His Leelas here in Kodai therefore some devotees assume that Swami materializes a great deal more here in Kodaikanal than any of His other ashrams, which of course is not a fact. Actually Swami materializes innumerable things which we never even hear or read about, that is, at all places. One old time devotee once mentioned that if one could pile up all the things Swami has materialized til date, it will bear a resemblance to a huge mountain, a mountain made of gold and precious gems! “It is said that Prasanthi Nilayam is Swami’s office, Brindavan is His home and Kodaikanal is His playground. In a manner of speaking, this is so particularly where Kodaikanal is concerned, for it is here, that one gets a glimpse of the Sai of the Forties, especially where Divine Leelas are concerned. It all lasts only a few weeks, but what extraordinary weeks they are, for those blessed to enjoy Divine intimacy then!” All the extraordinary days here in Kodaikanal with divine are full of fun & excitement today was no different. And also today Swami materialized a gold ring! Today morning Swami was in a wonderful mood, (though Swami is always in bliss but we devotees see Him with our physical eyes and form an opinion) Swami took some letters and blessed few fortunate ones with Sambashan. As mentioned above Swami also materialized a gold ring for a devotee. After the bhajans and Aarthi Swami retired back to Sai Sruthi. There were already rumours  & chitchat passed around by word of mouth that Swami might go out to visit somebody or a place today, as a result lots of devotees were prepared for drive by darshan and the lucky ones got some wonderful close up darshan of Swami from the road side, as a matter of fact Swami went out twice. Bhajan hall was full and after a wonderful bhajan sitting Swami was given Aarthi, It was already getting dusky outside when bhajan ended, bit behind schedule than the usual routine. it takes about 15 minutes for most of the devotees living in the nearby guest houses to reach, few of them also live a bit further away.  Apparently, there are many first timer or "future devotees" here, that is, Indian tourists from all the different states who come to spend their summer vacations in Kodaikanal. Swami's Ashram is one of the main attraction; specially for the spiritually inclined. Also, nearly everyday one or two local VIPs come to visit Swami. All in all one more blessed day in Kodaikanal, reckon the online reader too is experiencing the Sai blessings... May your 'reading' be a blessing!

21st April: SBOI is receiving "Sai-travel" news from many sources, that is, Swami may undertake a journey or trip to Whitefield on 23rd April. SBOI cannot verify the the validity of this message/info since only Swami alone knows His travel plans. Swami granted morning darshan, also some overseas (foreigners) devotees from the darshan rows were called in for interview today.  © Source: SBOI



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Mostly Bhagawan comes out of His Sai Sruthi residence for giving darshan to devotees between 9 am-9.45 and for bhajan between 3.45 pm.-4.45 His darshan route is walk/ wheel chair down the porch also sometimes he get into the golf cart, ride down to the ladies' side, then to the gents' side, take a turn, and return in the opposite direction back to Sai Sruthi. Bhajans are in the bhajan hall next to Sai Sruthi, and Bhagawan comes there in the evenings.