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Sai Darshan news 23rd April -2006 Kodaikanal
(Morning )

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Swami has reached Bangalore today 23rd-april, Swami arrived at His Brindavan ashram at 3.20 p.m. Swami was greeted by many enthusiastic devotees standing on the both side of the main road. Also ashram staff etc.were there to welcome Swami. Swami went directly to His residence. 

SBOI has been informed that On the way to Ashram from the Bangalore airport Swami took lunch  at His driver Mr. Balaram's house.

|Swami didn't come out for evening darshan|

Sai Travel news update 23rd April:  Today  morning At  approximately 7.15 am Swami left Kodaikanal by car for Madurai; it is anticipated that Swami will take the 'waiting' charted plane  i.e. from Madurai airport to Bangalore. After reaching Bangalore airport, Swami will travel by car again to His Whitefield Ashram. Excepted arrival time at Whitefield (Bangalore) ashram is between 11-12.30a.m. Whitefield ashram is spruced up with flowers etc. to welcome Sai Baba. Also many devotees have already lined up outside on the main road to catch a glimpses of Shri Sathya Sai Baba.

 © Source: SBOI

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21st April: SBOI is receiving "Sai-travel" news from many sources, that is, Swami may undertake a journey or trip to Whitefield on 23rd April. SBOI cannot verify the the validity of this message/info since only Swami alone knows His travel plans.
Swami granted morning darshan, also some overseas (foreigners) devotees from the darshan rows were called in for interview today.

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Mostly Bhagawan comes out of His Sai Sruthi residence for giving darshan to devotees between 9 am-9.45 and for bhajan between 3.45 pm.-4.45 His darshan route is walk/ wheel chair down the porch also sometimes he get into the golf cart, ride down to the ladies' side, then to the gents' side, take a turn, and return in the opposite direction back to Sai Sruthi. Bhajans are in the bhajan hall next to Sai Sruthi, and Bhagawan comes there in the evenings.