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Living In The Presence of God (Vol 1)
Chapter 14


Practice is your key to open the doors to spirituality. Without
practice, your efforts are wasted, and your confidence will
dwindle. A singer must practice her singing, or else she loses
the strength and melody of her vocal chords. A dancer must
practice the steps in her dance, or else she will lose the grace
and beauty in her performance.

You, too, must practice, practice every day to be God, only then
will your imperfections fade and the beauty of the Lord will
begin to become your nature itself. Education of any field
takes several years of study and a lot of dedication and hard
work. You go through several years of preparation to become
doctors, engineers, and accountants. You know that with a good
education, you will be accepted as a member of society and you
will improve your life style.

Then why are you so impatient in dedicating your time towards
Me? Why is it this study of yours remains incomplete in one
life after another? With the search and study of God, you will
be studying your own "self" and the reward of this study is
being accepted by Me, forever. The time factor of this study
does not depend on Me, it depends on you. If you want, you may
know God today, or you may get to know Him tomorrow or maybe one
day, or maybe one life - it all depends upon your efforts, in
your determination to move God with your sincerity, and in your
faith and patience to succeed in this search.

Believe Me, even though God is not seen, God can still be
followed. Even though God is not heard, He can be listened to.
Even though God cannot be touched, He can be felt. Even though
God does not breathe, He lives, My dears, - in you and in all.
To perceive Him, you will have to go beyond your senses, because
your senses are limited to distance. You can see up to a
certain length, but beyond that, all appears blurry. I say,
that God, My child, is standing in that blur. You can hear up
to a certain limitation, but beyond that, it appears as a
muffled sound. I say, O child of God, that God speaks, but your
distance from Him is too far to be able to hear Him clearly.
You can reach out to feel, but beyond the reach of the hand, you
will not be able to feel. I say, O love of the Gods, that God
stands a little beyond your reach. You can hear and feel your
own breath, but can you hear the breathing of all around you? I
say to the one that is lost, that God is the breath in all, for
He is the life and He is the Creator that lives in all.

The mystery of being "Sai" lies in solving the riddle of "Who am
I?" At each point in this mystery, God will leave a hint for
you so that the mystery can unfold with each piece of the
puzzle. The fewer the pieces, the more the guesses, and even
more will be your doubts. Your excitement will grow as the
picture will begin to form slowly, and the search to complete
this picture with the rest of the pieces of the puzzle will
become your obsession. The picture will be "His", yet the
reflection will be "yours". We are of the same nature, we just
have different forms. The difference being, "God is divine",
and "You are in denial". "He knows that you are God" and "You
think that He maybe God". "He thinks only for you" and "You
think all, but Him". "He has come down on earth for you" and
"You have just let Him down on earth". The energies are the
same, yet the efficiencies are totally different. If God is
you, and can still remain God, then why can't you be Him?
Think, today, using this same divine energy. All that remains
latent for too long dies within. Do not let your divinity die!
When God begins to die, My dears, you are living your lives with
death. Live only with God and let only God remain to live. All
else is born to die.



Be pleasant always, and learn that when worldly pleasures are
given away, God will make His presence known to you. Please
all, yet do not deviate from the truth, for truth is God. Let
the force of another not weaken you to displease Him. Love all,
but the love must obey the rules of the Master. Do not be
intimidated to please a loved one only to encourage his own
faults. Love them all, but walk only My way, for they, too, are
lost and they, too, one day, will be found, but until then, hold
the hand of only the Lord.

Your concept of Love, today, is being weak. Yes! Love bends
with humility, Love bends with humbleness, and Love bends to
break the pillar of your egos. But no, Love is definitely not
weak. Love will never bend for an untruth, and Love will never
bend for that which is not right. Love will fight against all
injustices, and Love will even find the strength to part with
his own mother, if she encourages you into wrongdoing. Love is
not weak, My child, it is you that is too weak to love.

You have to learn to live amongst the herd, yet with single
pointedness, focus your goal on God and on God, alone. You have
to be able to spread this joy of love to all, yet let this joy
not be affected by the dislike and disbelief of another.
Starting today, let time not be yours, your time must be only
for giving joy to another; then time will never pass you by, for
time spent to love, is time spent with Me. Yes! No one can
pass you then, for you are only ahead, always with Me.

Your relation with Me is special, and no one else can experience
this bond but you. Each bond of Mine with another is special,
each journey of Mine with another is unique. Keep Me in your
hearts, for I do not need to be displayed. Do not worry and try
to convince another if he is not devoted to Me. Do not let
yourselves deviate, for that is not your mission. Your mission
is to stay unruffled in the midst of all confusions and desires,
to accept all as Him, and to discipline yourselves to be able to
love, no matter what or who challenges you. Each one of you
must study hard and pass this test, for if you waste your time
worrying for another, you, too, will fail.

You have started your study with words such as "surrender" and
"self realization", etc., but when you are still in the 1st
grade level, will you be able to comprehend the ultimate at this
stage? I recommend that you begin your study just at the level
of a child. Even the child understands from birth the concept
of love. He will love his father and mother and will stay only
in the security of their arms. You, too, must begin your
journey today with the simplicity of "love". Love will
automatically teach you the sweetness of selflessness,
humbleness, humility, truth, patience, trust, faith, and the
lesson of surrender will become your practice, more than your
analysis. Self realization is an experience and cannot be a
study. You must first have all the characteristics necessary to
be human, in order to inherit your divinity. Do not waste time,
but do not rush, for that, too, is a waste of time.

You have become weak today, for you lack the love and devotion
to carry out your daily tasks. Weak minds will think only weak
thoughts, and weak thoughts will prompt only weak actions. You
think that God, alone, has all the strengths and that the
devotee is helpless. Let Me tell you, there lies no difference
in the strength between God, Himself, and a staunch true
devotee. The tears of love and devotion in a devotee can even
imprison the Lord and make Him the servant, for when the devotee
calls with his love so pure, the Lord will come, instantly.
There is no difference that lies in the pureness of the love of
a devotee for God and in the love of God for a devotee. They
are truly the same, each playing his own role, and teaching the
world the different forms love can take. Rise with your
strength, My child, rise to awaken the Lord that sleeps. You
have slept enough! You have suffered enough! It is time, My
dear, to end this pain, it is time to wake up today with all
your strengths. My faith in you must light the lamp of faith in
your love for Me. I have come to inspire you and to take you
away from the comforts of your wheelchair. No! You are not
crippled, you believe you are one and you are behaving like one.
Rise, My sweet, and withstand the weight of your own karmas.
You must walk ahead and leave all behind. The strength, I
promise, lies in you, for I am that strength that is waiting to
be discovered.




One today is constantly fighting to give another less. You must
know that when you give less, you will receive even lesser. You
battle over who is richer, but tell Me, does money really make
you rich? If this is the truth, then only the ones with no
homes, no clothes, and no food must be around Sai Baba today.
But such is not the case. The fears of the rich are the same as
the poor. The worries of the rich are even bigger than the
poor. You all look for one thing today, real love and peace.
The rich waste their efforts in trying to buy love and buy
peace; the poor, on the other hand, waste their time in being
envious of the rich. The wealth of the universe lies in each
one's very home, and yet each one of you has acquired the habit
of being beggars, robbers, and peace breakers. Money is not
evil, your idea of the usage of money is evil. Being rich is
not evil, it is your greed for material riches that are evil.
Being poor is taken as a curse, but let Me tell you, that you
will always find the footprints of the Lord in the homes of the
needy. Then think and tell Me, what is the blessing and what is
the curse? Think, My sweet, and tell Me, who is rich and who is
really poor?

Begin to develop the faith that you are in the care of the Lord.
On each day, let this faith mould to become stronger. Know
that all will remain unharmed and that His love is the sky that
shelters all. In case of any calamity, the child runs to his
mother for he knows that she will rescue him, even at the cost
of her own life. You, too, must have faith that your true love
for God will even move the world of the Gods in chaos and will
bring them to rescue you in your time of need. Let your faith
become a mountain, and let no avalanche of calamities be able to
crumble it. When your faith becomes sturdy, the presence of the
Lord in your life will be constant. Your dependence and faith
in Him is your freeway to heaven. Heaven, is nothing, My child,
but living your life in love with God. You have lived with none
or very weak faiths until today, and you have suffered the
agonies of unknown consequences. Depend on the One who has
lived with you all through your past, depend on Him, for He
speaks and is guiding you in your present. Depend on Him, for
once He will hold your hand, you will walk into the future with
no fears of the unknown, for He will make each unknown known to
you as "God". Each day, you must reduce your desires and make
yourselves more and more content. Contentment lies in not
receiving material gifts - Contentment lies in receiving His
blessing, His grace and His approval of you. You are all
fighting a battle to love God today, but this battle will be won
very easily, when the Lord, with His grace, will shower you with
His Divine Love. Once you have recognized and tasted the
sweetness of His love, your love for Him from within will
sprout, your wall of desires will begin to fall, and slowly,
peace will find its way to give you the strength to love even
more. The more you will love, the lesser will be your needs.
It is the "pain of wanting", that will make to love bitter, for
the heart that wants grows only smaller each day. In the stress
of greed, you will want to be ahead of God, and in this walk,
where "you" are ahead and God follows, disaster will be
inevitable. This is the disaster where the self will burn, and
only your egos will survive. A body with only an ego and no
God, is the devil himself that will make life on earth a living



Attachments are like glue, they will stick to you only to
immobilize you, but you must break away and must not let them
follow you. Remember, all that you are attached to, is in the
Lord Himself, but in your attachments itself, God does not
exist. The love for God will also make you cry, but these are
the tears that will bathe you to the freshness of purity. When
you cry for the world, the tears will be only that of pain,
bringing within an empty hollowness. You say, how do I let
these attachments go? You use the word "love" loosely for your
attachments, for true love only gives, forgets, and moves ahead
to tomorrow with no recollection and expectations from
yesterday. It is only attachment that never forgets the love it
gives, it is only attachment that will beg or demand the
security of love or its use back in return. You miss and cry
for the loss of your loved ones, but the one you think you lost,
was already lost when alive, and may actually be found in the
loving arms of the Lord. Then tell Me, what are you crying for?
They are the tears of your own insecurities, how are you going
to live without him? Who will take care of you? Who will love
you like he did? Yes! The tears are for you and the so-called
love is the nurturing of your own ego, and what you are actually
missing are his services to you. Is this selfless love, or is
it actually less love for the "self"?

Love is an energy that acts like a magnet to attract others to
you, but first you must be able to derive this energy
yourselves. This current of energy will flow within you, only
when you are in contact with the main source, constantly. Each
one of you must be receptive to accept this energy. What I am
trying to say, My loved ones, is to be able to love, you must,
at first, recognize the love of God, accept His love, and use
this love to transform all your negative energies within you
into love; for when love generates, God will be the product of
all your efforts.

You desire to communicate with Me, but your actions, today, show
that we lack total communication. You call upon Me to come into
your homes, but you leave your doors bolted. You break several
of your promises that you have made to Me with the lazy excuse
of being human, but you still expect Me to transform you in one
day. Remember, it is you that is the raw material, I am only
the final product. It is you that must go through several
changes, and I am only the cause of your change. In your
process of change, you sometimes forget and expect God to change
for you. God comes to bring change, but He is not affected by
the pressures of your ego. He will not work under your terms of
change, and only you and not He, is affected by your defiance
and your stubborn attitudes. This change is for you and not for
Me, for I have already accepted you, I will always love you, and
I know the true you. The change must come for you to know
"you", for you to feel God, for you to feel like God, and for
you to become God.

Smile, My little saints to be, for I have walked a long way to
come to you with My medicine.... the cure of love I call it; the
love that will inspire you to reach the truth, the truth in
which the Atma (soul) can overcome any pain and temptations of
pleasures; only in the silence of this love. Faith must become
your walking stick, and truth must become your eyeglasses.
Silence must be your mother tongue, peace your attitude, and
love the very nature of your being. Righteousness must be your
path, service your companion, then name of the Lord your
conversation, and your prayers must shape to become the tasks
you perform; His strength should inspire your smile, His love
your tears and His calling must become your journey of life.
Feeling pure love is nothing less than experiencing the vision
of the Lord, Himself. Shut the eye of the "I", become blind to
the "My", and open the eye that will only see "Me". The eye
that sees Me, always, has left the "I" forever. The heart that
speaks of My name, always, is a part of Me that lives forever.
My little saints to be, I have seen you march, but now it's time
for the "forward march" only! I have given the command, I have
blown the whistle, and I have given to you My salute - it's time
for you to respond.

The level of humanity has stooped considerably, and man is shy
to do what is right. In lying to impress others, he has become
one with the herd. If all are lost, you, too, want to be lost
with them. You can see the road that is right, but since no one
else takes that path, you, too, begin to fear the loneliness and
unknown challenges that lie ahead. All will be known to you,
when you realize that the only thing that is unknown to you is
"God". You brag and praise of your own devotion for God to
others, but to Me, this is your devotion to your own egos. You
have hypnotized yourselves to believe that you are pure, and
even if God were to come and point out your faults, you would
dismiss them as unfair accusations. Your pride has made you to
believe that you are the "ideals" and that God, Himself, remains
to be only an "idol". It takes a lot of courage, My dears, just
to recognize and realize your own falls and failings. But
without the realization of this first step, you will not find
the strength to find God. Do not despair, for however much you
have slipped in your virtues and character, the strength of My
love can wash off the dirt, and will, one day, make your walk
again with confidence in the purity of your own self. Yes!
This is all possible now, today and in the present life. All
your mistakes of all your previous lives, can and will be
forgotten and forgiven by Him with your repentance, efforts and
practice. So do not be discouraged, for I have taken the body
to show you the way out of this web of unreal attachments. I
have come to live this life with you, and I will not let you
live this life without Me. I am the life in you, and you, My
sweet, are My life, for the God in you will only live as long as
you will live to become God.

No war can end this world; war can only destroy it, but the end
will come when each one of you will give up every hope to find
Me, the end will come when love will totally lose its meaning,
and only the ego will triumph with the power of self
destruction. When the self is lost, the war has begun, and each
time that the self will allow you to win, more cruelty will
arise, more will climb the ladder of violence and destruction
and even more will spread the disease of evil. The world finds
itself in chaos, because each one's mind has lost its comfort of
rest. The leaders of the world are reflecting the morals,
character and virtues only of you. Yes! It is you that has
chosen them to be in power, just as you have chosen your mind,
intellect and egos over Me. Your fingers may point to blame the
rest of the world for all your unhappiness, but remember the
conscience, My dears, will always point its finger only at you.
You are the cause of every suffering and you are its effect.
Start the change with you, spread the change to all, and the
world will also start its slow process of change. The
responsibility of life lies in each one of you, and each one
must be your own leaders at heart to understand the commands of
the real leader. A real leader will lead only to serve.
Service to humanity and all that lives, must become the voice of
the leader in each one's heart. Start to serve with serving
yourselves. Serve yourselves to My love, serve yourselves to My
strength, serve yourselves to My truth, and only then will your
service for all truly begin.



To fulfill a duty, the duty must have a function. Each one must
learn and follow his own function and only then will the task be
a success. The mother cannot behave childish, and the child
cannot dictate terms to his mother. Each one's role specifies
his own functions and that must be followed with utmost
sincerity. Roles cannot be switched, for the task will lack
effectiveness. If you choose Me to be your teacher of life
today, then I must remain teacher, and you must accept the
duties of a disciple. I am here to teach, and you are here to
learn and that must always remain clear. The teachings cannot
be changed to suit your purposes. You must listen to Me with
utmost faith and act with promptness. My guidance 'must' be
your torch to light your road. My word must be the image of
truth of your worship. My criticism of you is only to make you
alert of your faults and not to make you feel inferior. My
encouragement of your strengths is only My approval to
strengthen them even more. Do not interpret this encouragement
or praise only to reign your superiority over others. I can
lead the way for you, but it is you that must follow.

Doubts will arise only in minds that are weak. You seem to
think that in faith you must question. Question who, and
question what, when you are unaware of them both. What
questions can you ask another when your knowledge of Me is so
ignorant? Who else but Me can answer these questions with
truth, patience, and love, with no feeling of frustration,
superiority or being humiliated? You have grown so accustomed
to life without Me, that the possibility of the change of life
with Me, fills you with fear. Yes, it is only your fear that
takes form of doubts. If you must fear, then fear your present
moment that passes you by Me, fear your futures, My children,
for when divinity gets lost in the past, the man of the future
will become the cause of his own destruction. God in man will
be evident, when man will live his life as God. You fear to
love, you fear time, you fear attachments, you fear life, and
you fear God. Today it is only doubts, tomorrow the doubts will
turn to fears, and fears play a game with your mind, the game in
which the mind will mimic your fears - the result being
"insanity", "anxiety", and "panic" of your own selves. Face the
truth, that your fears are not from any outside forces, they are
your own inner forces that fear to know the identity of the
self. You find comfort in recognizing yourselves with your name
and with the body. Beyond that, you cannot see, and you do not
want to see. No! You cannot pretend to be blind, when your
eyes can see. To find God and walk ahead, you must leave your
fears behind. Let your fear be the past, let your change be the
present, and let God be your tomorrow.

Constant repetition of the Lord's name, knowing of His
omnipresence and constant visualization of Him does not come
automatically. It requires a lot of dedication, sincerity,
purity of heart, simplicity, and intense practice. God must
become not only a 'part' of your daily routines, but He must
become the routine itself. Yes! At first, He may be your
imaginary companion, but when true devotion will stir the heart
within, when faith will speak only the words of His greatness,
when your actions will depict only His selflessness, He will
manifest, My dear. He will manifest in you, through you and to
you. Then your imaginary companion will become the reality and
the reality, as you believe it to be, will fade to become the
imagination. The earth quakes in your minds to believe that all
that you see today is not really there. The eyes that you see
with, can only see the world that lies ahead of you. They
cannot see what lies behind you, above you, below you and much
beyond you, all at the same time. The eye that is unknown to
you and that has remained closed until now, can see all the
visual fields, all at once, without making the attempt to see.
This is the eye of the Lord, which, when once opened, will never
blink. These are the eyes that will see the light of truth, the
eyes that will cry only tears of love, and the eyes that can
never be blindfolded by the illusion of the living world. For
the eyes to open, each cell of you must saturate themselves with
the love for God. You are born to create this love and build
this heaven within you, O sweet. You see today, but you do not
look for Me. Without God in the eyes, the eyes will become
blind and be susceptible to all the temptations and corruption.
A blind man does not need sunglasses, for the light of the sun
does not illumine the darkness in his eyes. As long as you will
remain blinded with the illusionary world, My light will never
reach your dark world.




You have lived until now in a very selfish love. "God" is a
common word that you come across starting at your birth. Being
familiar with the word, does not mean that you have experienced
it. You have understood God to be far superior, on a much
higher plane, a place you seem convinced of not being able to
reach. You have accepted Him, only so that you can reject Him.
The sacrifice of God in your lives has made your life your

God is the link between the "you" and the "self". You will not
know of the self without God, and the self cannot and will not
emerge to link this "you" without God. With only the "you" and
no "self", there is no selfless love. The "self" is not the
"you", and "you" are actually only the "self".

Your heart must begin your journeys of selfless service. Each
time you must serve more of the self and less of you. Selfish
love will give and find its way back to the "you". Selfless
love will give, only to find its way to My love. The "you" will
become the "self", only when the "self" has become "you".

Enwrap yourselves in God and you have found purity, peace and
bliss. Let Me be the photo and you the frame. The frame
encircles the photo, and the glass over the photo must be
transparent for the photo to be clearly visible. I, too, will
be clearly seen, when your life turns at every point, only to
choose in My direction, and the transparencies of your purity
that develops will emit you to be only a reflection of God.

Prayers must bring peace to you, or else your prayers must lack
devotion. Your daily prayers must not be a ritual that you
dread. Such prayers are only chanted and not felt. Such
prayers will satisfy the ego and not God. God will not see the
length of your prayers. He will only measure the weight of your
devotion in it. He will measure the strength of your yearning
for Him. He will observe the efforts you make to please Him,
constantly. It will not impress Him if you memorize a thousand
of His names. Even if one name of His sparkles with brilliance
in your hearts, even if one name is remembered with all the love
in your being; then that name will come, that name will answer
you, that name will respond with His love, and that name will
forever become your "first name". The prayer of true love, I
will never disappoint. The prayer in which you struggle to
love, that prayer, I will help to uplift to true love. The
prayer of the wretched and spiritually downtrodden will, too,
ultimately, light to seek the help of the divine. Start your
prayers today, but only let the heart speak in the silence that
surrounds you of God.




You experience only a moment of peace, and then, once again, the
mind will begin its race, the tongue feels compelled to speak,
the rapid pacing of your heart will only fatigue your body.
Think, has peace left you, once again, or have you given up
peace, only to please your senses that control you, even though
it may lead you to believe that you are its master. You, My
dears, are the masters that have lost their ability to rule.
Yes! A master, yet a beggar. A master with no control! A
master that knows no leadership! A master that is never
content! A master that only speaks hollow words of love and
feels none.

The ability to make peace is within you and not in anyone else.
Momentary pleasure and rest cannot be mistaken for peace. You,
and no one else is to blame for your lack of peace. One may
argue with you, but you must not find the need to feed the fire
of argument. An argument cannot develop, if you respond with
the strength of your silence. One can only mess with your mind,
if the mind is already messed up. Your anger towards another is
simply the rejection you feel of your egos. The "I" in you is
only a stubborn child that needs to be flattered, that needs to
be favoured and that needs to be continuously comforted. Why?
Because the "I" lacks security, the "I" feels the fear of being
recognized as the "I", and the "I" lacks confidence to succeed,
always. As long as the "I" will mock the Lord, peace, O child,
will mock you. The result in controlling the "I" in you and
letting go of the control of others, will be the "peace" that
will come to stay. The "I" can never be the master, but the
master is the one that removes the "I". It is only when you
will confront the "I" to reveal its ugliness, will the "I" bow
to defeat, for your ego is only a coward with no truth to it and
no love behind it. Behind the calmness in your peace, will
always lie strong waves of warm love and the strength of the
single truth.

You must not criticize anyone for their faults and weaknesses,
especially, if at one time, you, too, have suffered the guilt of
the same weakness. You have the right to criticize only when
you are transparent with all purity. Tell Me, with such kind of
purity, will the heart even be able to recognize and see a
negative trait? No! A person that experiences divine pureness,
will derive his strength from it and will easily overlook and
ignore another's darkness, and in fact, will only react with
patience and compassion to prevent his spiritual downfall even

You ask Me, today, for self-realization and liberation, but how
many of you have the discipline, strength and love to follow the
path of the Guru, without a question. How many of you actually
live your lives to the ideals I set? How many of you understand
that the Guru lives not for the, but only His. I do not favour
a devotee; I only encourage and respond to devotion. You are
all here today to listen to what I have to say, but how many
actually ponder on my discourse, how many are even affected to
act upon it, and how many can accept this as the absolute truth?
None, I say, yet all want to be a bigger devotee and even the A
title is simply useless, if the function and duty does not match
its importance. First, work, then complete that work, then
dedicate that work to Me; then succeed and only then, will you
realize that it is the work that gives you bliss and not the




In the lie of yesterday, lies the fear of tomorrow, and in this
fear of tomorrow, lies your worry of the future. Truth will
always sleep with contentment and wake up to tomorrow with even
more vigor and strength.

The tongue may slip to lie, the eyes may blink several times to
cover the lie, the mind may cover it with its justification, but
your heart will only repeat the truth to you over and over
again, Yes! The voice from within will speak to let you know
that you have gone against the self once again. The magic of
truth will make the world disappear, leaving only the existence
of God.

Several untruths may have passed you by with no immediate
serious consequences, but remember, the truth that exists around
you will not rest, until this untruth will be unfolded, one day.
Look behind you, and you will see the guilt of a lie, the
shadow of truth will follow you, until the lie becomes your
repentance and truth your acceptance. Know that the truth can
never be concealed for long, and a lie will never succeed.

The truth may be harsh, the steps ahead may be rough, but truth
endures all. A lie is only a parasite that lives and feeds on
the comforts of others. A lie may be a temporary convenience,
but a life long disability. When the speaking of untruth
becomes your practice, life will become a bed of worries. Your
one lie will only lead to several others, and this chain of lies
will degenerate your mind, body, and soul, making you only a
bundle of nerves, that will constantly fear to confront the face
of truth.

Truth must not be spoken to hurt others; truth must be gentle,
yet firm. Even a small exaggeration is a lie, for it deviates
from the true picture. Truth does not worry, for it speaks only
all it sees, hears, and feels. Nothing more, nothing less! You
waste so much time in rehearsing your untruths, in worrying if
your act was accepted as a truth, and furthermore, in
remembering this lie for more future acts and rehearsals. Your
time is spent, My dears, in manipulating the truth, but can the
truth ever change? No! The truth will always remain the truth,
but you will be the liar that will carry the burdens of
untruths. The truth will remain the truth; it is you that will
be the victim of constant nervousness. The truth will remain
the truth; the only untruth that will remain will be - you!




You enjoy to see the green leaves that grow in the spring. The
beauty of the rain, the birds chirping, and the lushness of the
green, all add to the beauty of spring. Spring becomes summer,
flowers bloom, skies are blue, and the sun streams its light and
warmth to all around. Fall comes, and the leaves turn to the
beautiful color of the sunset , and slowly, they shed to the
ground. Winter has comes again, but you know that winter will
pass, and you live through it, with the hope and assurance that
spring will come soon - once again.

Life itself is the four seasons. When good times are to come,
your heart sprouts with leaves of hope and anticipation. That
is your spring. Good times will arrive and the mind dances, the
heart sings, and your love for life blooms. The mind becomes
clear like the blue skies, singing the glories of the Creator
and life itself. Yes. Life then is summer.

Good times that come begin to show their back to you, for that
which has started must also end. This is fall! Then comes the
gloom of emptiness. Know not "winter" as the end of life. In
moments of such darkness, know that spring is around the corner;
winter may seem longer, but you must enjoy the memories of the
previous seasons, live on them and surely enough, winter, too,
will be gone, and spring will arrive bringing the green back
into your lives.

A true admirer of life will find the beauty in all the seasons.
Attachment to one period will only make you resent the past and
dread the future. Remember, that good times and bad times, will
both have a beginning and an end. You cannot only be attached
to the beginning of good times and the end of bad times! Live
your lives like you live through the four seasons, by adapting
to them and being unaffected by them. The seasons change, but
you remain the same. In the same way, life may change with its
ups and downs, but the self adapts to life, yet remains the
same. Each season, My dears, will teach you of a beauty that is
unknown to the season of the past and the future season to come.



You spend your lives preparing and planning. Yes! Preparing
and planning to live, forever. And then, all of a sudden, the
call of death arrives. Time will come for this life to end for
each one, at no specific time, and at no specific age. No! You
cannot wait for death, but you must always be ready to leave,
when you hear this final knock on your door.

You plan and prepare for your futures, only to bind yourselves
with more attachments to the world you live in. Your plan is
only to come and stay, it does not include your departure. You
fear death as being final, and it is that fear, that does not
allow you to accept, that all that you are attached to and
dependent upon, will die, only to be born to live again.

Your plans must change; your preparations must reverse. You are
the children of God, that are born in the world to love, that
will grow in this world to become love, and that will age in a
body with only one attachment - God! When the instrument begins
to rust, and the love of the Lord cannot be expressed, then the
instrument must be replaced. A new body, then must come with
you, so that you can refine this love even more.

The ones that you have loved will always be with you, along with
the ones you have not learned to love, yet. You are attached
today to the 'form' of the self and not to the 'self'. In your
language, I say, you are more attached to 'clothes', than to the
person. The clothes may get torn, discolored, but the beauty of
the person will not change.

Prepare yourselves for this change, so that you are not
submerged in this shock of change. God is ever present, God is
constant, God is consistent; and in God, there is no death; so
if God and only God becomes the focus of your lives, you will
not experience any change, for when life is God, the natural
changes of life are also accepted as God. Think, starting
today, that life is God, and you will realize that God is the
life. Life is given in a process of birth. The birth of life,
thus is God. Life must grow from childhood to youth, so this
growth is also God. The youth must age to your old age, so this
aging is also God. Life must leave the aged to continue its
journey to God, and thus this leaving that you call death, is
also God. You are the indweller of the body, it is you that
lives, the body is only your means to function. You are the God
that was never born and that will never die.



You are, today, in the mode of constant complaint. You complain
of family, your work, your friends, your lives and God, Himself.
All seems unfair to you, and your only justice to these
miseries are your complaints of them. What can complaints do
for you? What change can they offer? None at all!

Complaints, My dears, will only make you lazy and more
judgmental. It gives you the power to become more attention
seeking, and it makes you negligent towards your own
improvements. A complaint must be substituted with reform.
Reform yourselves to that which makes you complain. Do not
complain if your spouse is lazy. Work hard, and you, will one
day, reform him with your personal example. The change will
come around you, only when the change in you is seen. That
which bothers you in others, is only your own weakness of
"intolerance". That which angers you in others is only your
weakness of "impatience". The mind fears the stress of change,
and so, the mind justifies its own superiority by pointing and
by making you believe that all around is imperfect. The world
will appear only in the way that the mind will let you see it.
You spend hours "happily complaining" of your unhappiness. If
all time is spent in praising the problem, then tell Me, when
will you find the reason of your actual problem. You say to Me
that you have 'no time', and I say that you have 'no proper use
of your time'.

You have come to live this life to burn in repentance, and from
the burning of your negative traits, will emerge the purity of
God. This "energy" you call life, allows the body to function
from within. This energy is the basis of life from which life
emerges, it manifests a form in a body, communicates its
knowledge through this body, reveals its identity as God itself,
and then leaves the body to merge this part of life into the
whole. This form of pure divine energy continues to manifest in
different forms and different bodies, until its goal of
self-realization is successful.

Until now, you have lived in denial of your own identities.
Repentance, My dears, will only come when you accept how far you
have actually deviated from the true source. Your minds have
clouded, your hearts have hardened, and your acceptance of God
is that of a supernatural force that lies beyond the reach of
your hands. Your mind may think that you are content, but the
heart feels a sadness you cannot even comprehend. Your
ambitions for more worldly possessions buries the real "you"
even deeper. The more the world will surround you, the more
will the God in you isolate itself. God is being content with
"nothingness", yet it has the power to pervade in "everything".
You are here to love God, and God is the love in you. You are
here to know God, and God is only you. Let love become bigger
in your world, O child, and God will announce His arrival.



The mind must be tamed, the tongue must be controlled, and your
actions must not be dictated by a judgmental mind, nor ruled by
the storms of emotional passionate outbursts. Begin to control
thoughts that have made the illusion your desire, and with
strict discipline and practice, redirect them into thoughts of
God. Let the tongue not run wild with your thoughts. Even if
the thoughts are impure continue to stream, the tongue must
maintain its silence. This is the silence of war with your
minds, for the tongue has refused to mimic the behavior of the
mind. Upon silence, the mind, too, will slowly begin to attain
its calmness and will eventually be forced into defeat. Do not
be eager to act upon the judgements made by your fickle minds.
Your actions must depict your strength in character, your
promise of virtues, and your love for the omnipresence of the
Almighty Lord. Your actions must accept and complete all tasks
with gratitude to be the chosen one by Him to serve. Act with
promptness to the voice of the conscience that will always
direct you away from the mind, making you experience a sweet
pain of love and sacrifice. It is in this fire of sacrifice,
that the "I" will burn, and then, from within this pit of fire,
will emerge the divine light of purity, the warm fire of eternal
love, and the black smoke of your egos will leave, making their
final exit, forever.

Be determined to realize the oneness, and end the suffering of
your own differences. The heart of God will love and accept
all, but the love of the ego accepts only the one, whose reins
it can control. The ego will even desire to control the love
of God, and every time it fails, it will arise and prompt even
more evil. It is you that walks away from God, God Himself,
only waits for you to return. The surgeon has to first give
anesthesia to numb the organ inside to perform the surgery.
Only then will he make the incision, expose the area affected,
correct the complication, and then close the incision. I, too,
have to perform your surgeries of transformation. I numb you
with the warmth of My love and acceptance of you. I, then,
slowly expose all your weaknesses and faults; and with the
example of My life and with your courage to change, I correct
your imperfections. With this final touch of change, - I change
the "you" to "Me"... the change from "man" to "God". The
payment is made with your faith in My abilities, in your
determination to make this change, in your patience in My
procedure, and in your love to become Me. In a heart
transplant, it is the recipient that must be able to accept and
function with the new heart of the donor. I, too, will give
all, even Me to you, but it is you that must accept Me, and use
My love to give you a new life - that lives with no death. Let
your heart become My home, and let My home be your guide and
comfort. Let Me become the security to all your insecurities,
and let Me be the fragrance of your life. Let Me be the vision,
when awake or in dreams, let Me and you be the world, and let
all the rest be unseen.



Bhajans (devotional songs) must be sung for the love of God and
not for loving to sing. While singing, you must not be
conscious of the voice, but the voice must sing being conscious
of Him. You have not come here to compete in your talents to
sing. You are here to raise yourselves with devotion, and with
this love, you must invoke devotion in others. The song, My
dears, belongs to Him, the voice that sings must be offered to
Him, the tune that plays must dance to Him, and the rhythm,
beat, and the clapping of your hands must be your applause to
welcome Him.

The practice of group devotional singing will make you realize
the bond of love that unites all of you, to come together from
heart to heart until self to self. The love of God of one, can
become the prayer to God of another. Leading the bhajan is not
singing to hear the praises of another, but is the service that
must lead others to entertain no thoughts but that of God. Use
the reserves of your bank of love in your singing, and numb
those minds, fill those hearts, cry those tears, and shake each
nerve of your body to tremble with love for Him and only Him! A
cannot be praised, cannot be criticized, and must not be rated
or ranked. No one's devotion here is first or last. A song
that comes from the heart with purity, humbleness, and a feeling
of gratitude for being given the chance by God to sing in His
presence, only for Him, and only to Him, with a mind that has
only His thought, and with the eyes that will open only to His
vision. Such a song is devotional and is devoted to Me in all.
He is that devotee that sings to break all bonds, that sings to
become unconscious of the world and that sings until His calling
and praise brings Me to Him. With these chains of His love, he
binds Me and brings Me to become the slave of His love. God
will respond only if the calling has truth, God will answer only
when the question is sincere, and God will come only when your
devotion sings to become His song, only when your devotion
serves to become His work, and only when the devotion is pure to
manifest His form.


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