Thanks for the condolence message so kindly sent by all of you. My mother is the first lady graduate from the state of Andhra Pradesh in INDIA. She is the gold medalist in english literature from Queen Mary"s college , Madras. She retired as the District Education Officer. She authored several books on home science and psychology. She contributed hundreds of articles to several periodicals and journals on social educational and spiritual themes.

She championed the cause of HOMES FOR THE AGED and published books and even guided several of this kind in the state of Andhra Pradesh.She donated fabulous amounts to the homes for the aged and in the will she stated that these homes will get the share of her savings on par with her children.She is very well known for her honesty integrity character and scholarship. BHAGAWAN presented her diamond necklace , diamond ear rings diamond ring and navaratna -nine precious gems mala-talisman and specially made her sit on a chair and spoke very high of her and mercifully instructed a staff member to take her round all places in Prasanthinilayam.She has three sons and a daughter .

She died at the age of 93, watching BABA"S picture and listening to Swamis  Bhajans, and she did not take any medicines and food for 25 days saying that she wants a peaceful end.

She left her body while in sleep on 4 th march at 7.30.P.M.
My thanks to all sai devotees world over for their concern love so generously and spontaneously showered by sending their messages.


Our thanks and gratitude to all sai devotees.



source: SBOI

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