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Photographs of the construction of a new residence for Swami in Prashanti Nilayam



Online source Courtesy: http://www.saidarshan.org


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see below pictures of the construction by the Stupa, taken on Saturday morning (August 14th).








From: Sai Sister in Puttaparthi

Swami is giving Darshan as usual - though He didn't come for a day, He is fine and giving Darshan as usual now. I notice that He is using His right arm again and His face is shining with radiance. The construction of His new residence is coming up nicely - there is a ground and first floor and in the middle of the roof is a big dome - towering over the Poornachandra and it looks like it could be slightly higher than the Mandir dome also (the one on top of the Mandir roof). On the four sides of the roof are four charming small domes.

On each of the two new buildings (inside) it can be noticed that there is a wide staircase on the side nearest to the Stupa. There are also room partitions being built inside the buildings. As for the other ashram constructions, there are no more shops in the old shopping center - just the juice stand and two small hot drink stalls. The entire old shopping mall, upstairs and downstairs (where the ice cream & bakery, etc., was), is being prepared to house all administration for the ashram.

The fruit & vegetables have moved to a wonderful new building - it is on the plot of land just outside of the big shopping complex exit, over a small, charming wooden bridge (over a dry canal). Now we take baskets and walk inside - many fruits & vegetables line the wall in separate baskets with prices labeled on the front - many are pre-weighed and wrapped in plastic. The checkout counter is computerized. Gents and ladies shop mixed but it is a big building so there is no congestion. What a relief from the cramped & congested lines we used to wait in, unable even to pick our own produce! Thank you Swami!

The bakery building is also big, clean and convenient.


online source: http://shivomindia.tripod.com/brinda/sisters-news.htm

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