Dear All,
Allow me to share some of my experiences with you.
My first ever visit to see Baba happened about 10 months ago in May 2006. The visit was not planned at all, and in my mind, I never could ever have dreamt of making my way to India to see Baba. It all happened so suddenly. A couple of my friends, asked if I would like to join them to see Baba in Whitefield, Brindavan.
I was so excited at the opportunity and sincerely wished that I would have the financial strength to pay for the trip. But my generous friend offered to absorb the cost and told that I could return the money later. Hearing this, I quickly agreed to join the team for this trip.
A few days prior to our departure, I received another surprise in the form of a cheque. Here again , I have not expected this cheque. I have lost all hope of getting this money back and have actually forgotten all about it. But the timing of the cheque was perfect. Baba knew that I had no money, and he made all the arrangement for the cheque to arrive just prior to my departure. The money was more than enough to pay for the trip. I left my home with a peace of mind for my journey to see my GOD.
It was truly a different feeling from the moment I touched down at Bangalore Airport. We made our way to Brindavan Ashram and managed to get a place to stay. We attended in total 8 sessions and we were lucky that each time we were able to see Baba. Tears flowed freely upon seeing Baba. The bhajans were superb. Baba even sang a song and we all followed. Baba also gave a speech and it was my first time hearing Baba’s voice. It all seemed like a dream to me, and kept asking myself if this is really happening. When I called home and spoke to my children, parents and wife, I was very jovial. Such was my happiness while in Brindavan. All my problems disappeared and those 4 days that I spent in Brindavan felt like eternity. There was nothing to fear as you are in close proximity of Baba.
Prior to the visit, I told myself that I shall be a vegetarian for the duration of the trip and rightly so, I observed vegetarian diet without a complain. I loved all the food that was served at the Western canteen in the Whitefield Ashram. I have never tasted such a delicious vegetarian meal. It was fantastic.
For the last 37 years , I have been a staunch non vegetarian. My favourite meals are chicken ,mutton, crab, fish , and prawns . I did not realize that 16 May 2006 was my last non vegetarian meal ( I did not bid farewell to my favourite dishes ! J). Ever since returning from Brindavan, I have continued to maintain a vegetarian diet. The reason : Baba has given me an opportunity to come to his abode and see GOD , what is a meal after all compared to seeing the GOD in action. With that , I do not consume meat anymore.
(Please, I do not look down on those who eat meat in anyway whatsoever as I firmly believe in the principle of :
“Not all vegetarians are good at heart ,
Not all non vegetarians are bad either”
In my life , I have seen some vegetarians who have acted in evil ways and have also witness non vegetarians who have done absolute kindness to the less fortunate).
I returned home a HAPPY man and there is more meaning to life than before.
Recently, I attempted a professional certification examination. The application process is very stringent before the governing body would allow anyone to attempt the exam. In random , some applicants would be selected for audit , and only upon passing the audit , would the candidate be allowed to sit for the exam.
As normal, I made my application for the exam, later received news that I was randomly selected for the audit process. I was shocked ! I prayed to Baba to help me. My whole family was supporting me. Each and every one of them said a prayer for me to our dear Baba.
I supplied all the relevant information required by the governing body, and two weeks later, I received an email, notifying me that I am now eligible to sit for the exam.
Finally, I scheduled the exam on the 25th Jan, 2007. Before entering the exam room, I prayed to Baba and read the Namavalli. Throughout the exam, at every “hurdle”, I thought of Baba and 4 hrs later, the exam results appeared  on the computer screen. It read:
“Congratulations ….You have passed the examination”
I thanked Baba for this news and could not hide my happiness. Baba was there all the way throughout the whole episode.
There are more instances that Baba has played a role in my life. If there are more opportunities, I would love to share this with you all from time to time.
My family and myself are always ever so grateful to Baba for all his blessing and love that he has given us. We are praying for a day that everyone in the family would be able make the trip to either  Brindavan or Puttarpathi.
SAI RAM to all.
Kind Regards,
Saitheran M. Member SBOI-Group