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Onam Celebrations

Wishing all the noble souls of Kerala, spread across the world, a very happy Onam. May Swami bless all of us with happiness and bliss..
Before I start this Onam update.. I would like to share a beautiful and hair rising miracle that happened this morning (27th Aug) in the verandah of Sai Kulwanth Hall.... which is right in front of the interview room....

This morning Swami came out for darshan just after 8am and no one would have thought in their wildest dreams that this miracle would happen except our sweet Lord... After taking the round Swami slowly came to the verandah..According to eye witness, The moment He entered the verandah, one elderly devotee, aged about 75, a active office bearer in Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, Tamil Nadu, collapsed on the floor no one knew what was going on or what would happen except Swami and our sweet Lord, according to sources, asked to bring water in a tumbler.. He with His own divine hands poured water in the devotee's mouth and in few seconds, the blessed Soul left the body and merged at the Lotus feet. Millions long to come to Puttaparthi and equal number of people pray to die in Puttaparthi but this kind of HEAVENLY death is very rare and one of the blessed ones.....


In the afternoon Swami came out for darshan around 3:30 amidst veda chanting.. Swami was kind enough to bless us all with Wheel chair darshan right from His abode, giving a clear view of the form ful of Love.... Swami, after taking a full round, came on the stage to witness a drama based on the life of Saint Tyagaraja, an ardent devotee of Lord Rama and beautiful musician who composed ever green songs like endaro mahanu bhavulu...
The play was of 1 hour duration after which Swami walked down the stage and blessed the 40 kids with a group photo...
He again went inside the interview room and came out in 5 minutes this time with bundle of clothes for the tiny tots... Swami called each one of them to the dias and gifted the divine present which the kids will cherish in their entire life......

I was 5pm by then and Swami asked for the bhajans and a box containing banana chips, a sweet made of jaggery made in Kerala style was disributed to the devotees...

Even though the most famous ONAM discoure was missing,,, Swami gave us enough love and good recharge to our spiritual batteries.......

Thus ended another beautiful day.. the most auspicious ONAM...... in the immediate presence of our beloved Lord...
With Pranams at the Lotus Feet of our beloved Lord
Satish Naik
Brahamanapalli Thanda.... Member



The kind of noble life one must lead

 - 27th morning
Today morning the devotional hordes from God's own land had arrived to the haven of peace. On the Onam day, the Keralites believe that their king Bali comes out of His abode to grant them Darshan and joy. All awaited the arrival of Swami. At 8:30am, Swami came out on the wheelchair. There was a huge procession consisting of a band, children holding lighted earthen lamps in their hands and a contingent of Veda chanting children. Bringing up the rear of the procession was our dear Swami. There was the traditional Panchavadyam being played by students from the Institute. Swami crossed the ladies side and then moved across the gents side. When He came front, He saw the huge 'floor'al decoration which consisted of multicolored flowers. He slowly moved along the students of the Primary school and then turned to the portico.

And then it happened. Mr.G.K.Raman, a long standing devotee of Swami, collapsed in his place. Mr.Raman was the Trust convener in Tamil Nadu and the director of Sundaram finance. He had suffered a massive heart attack and the heart had stopped as he glimpsed Swami. Swami immediately enquired as to what had happened and came close to where he lay prostrate on the floor. He was told what had happened. Mr.Raman had arrived to the mandir in the morning looking very tired. He had not had a proper sleep in the night. When asked as to why he should not take some rest in the morning, He said, "I must have Swami's darshan. Then I will go.Swami will come at 8:30. Till then I will sit." It was in these circumstances that he collapsed when Swami came.

Doctors- the best in their fields from the SSSIHMS - came there immediately. They tried very hard, pumping at his heart and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Swami sat watching the whole seen quite steadily. The Veda chanting continued, the mandir was agog with devotees and yet the portico was in a state of freeze. The next ten minutes saw the doctors try everything they could. The pulse would return weakly and at one point, Mr.Raman also weakly moved the eyelids and saw Swami maybe. Swami then asked for a glass of water to be brought. He gave to Mr.Raman's son to put it for his father. Then Swami went into the interview room. While the body was shifted to the general hospital, Swami asked the students to start bhajans. It was during the bhajans that Swami was 'informed' that he had passed away.Truly blessed indeed is Mr.Raman that on the holy Onam day, as the Vedas were being chanted, he breathed his last in the presence of Swami. And it happened so quickly. The statements he made before that moment seem specially significant. As it is said, a person's death is an indicator of the kind of life he lived.
Blessed indeed was Mr.Raman that he had such a holy end. The pious soul must have found fulfillment at the feet of its Master.

Death is such an awe-inspiring phenomenon. It is a powerful reminder of the temporary nature of everything that we see around. In its wake, the problems seem to torment us, differences that we promote, negative feelings that we harbour- all just melt away into relative insignificance. The importance of just thinking of the Lord and doing His work alone hits very hard into our innermost being. All else but the Love of God, that we achieve in life, are just
absolutely worthless. The lonely journey becomes a beautiful sojourn of solitude only if our lives have been saturated with love for God and service to Him.

After the bhajans, Swami received Aarthi and left. The discourse and speeches that were scheduled were cancelled. Swami might not have spoken, but this Onam day, He conveyed to all who were "listening", a wonderful example of the kind of noble life one must lead. Loving Regards
Jai Sai Ram



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Music Programme
August 26, 2007




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