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Images From 80th Birthday Celebrations

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Read: 23rd November 2005 14:00 Hrs. IST Reporting from Prasanthi Nilayam

Latest  birthday Photos large size      KING og kings Lord Sri Sai Baba On His silver throne 23 -nov-05

Swami's arrival in the morning & cheerful devotees  - Latest live report 1  Latest live report 2

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The highlights of Swami’s Discourse today: 23 -nov-05  at 8.52 a.m.  - 

Video Clips:   6 video clips From 80th Birthday Celebrations - Morning Session

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23rd November 2005 14:00 Hrs. IST Reporting from Prasanthi Nilayam

Festival of Bliss

Finally THE DAY ushered in! Much before the Sun made its appearance in the eastern horizon, the chunk of Sai Fraternity from all over the globe thronged to this Spiritual Capital, occupied their position well in advance to ensure a rare glimpse of the most beauteous form of the Lord walking on two feet, whose physical frame entered into the 80th Year of His sojourn on planet Earth. Yes, it is eighty years now since the world of today began to see God in human form – a rare privilege that is reported to have been enjoyed by human race in the Tretha and in the Dwapara. But today’s world is certainly more fortunate than that in the earlier Yugas, for now only the Lord chose to move with His creation more freely revealing His identity occasionally making the coveted access to the Avatar of the Age possible for all with no discrimination. …and TODAY was yet another occasion to taste His greater magnanimity, greater benevolence!!! The Lord of Compassion, Lord of Love…Who is often hailed as …Love in Action…Love that Conquers…was out there...just for the happiness of His Own…His Own Reflections!!! …as was reiterated by Him over and over again, to the tune that there is no birthday festival for Him; Just for the sake of fulfilling devotees desire and fill them with joy that He goes on celebrating birthdays.

The overcast conditions and shower during the penultimate night and another bout of rains during the previous afternoon cast a pall of gloom on the last minute preparations at the main venue, Sri Sathya Sai Hill View Stadium. But, it was indeed His sheer Grace that Willed and made it possible for the proceedings to continue unhampered, in spite of intermittent drizzle that was reluctant to stop on a day when sun was forced to take backstage under the overcast conditions.

The Lord was accorded a traditional, grand, red carpet welcome that was majestic and just, unmatched by any, by Bhagawan’s pet elephant Sai Geeta., the Veda Chanting students followed by Bhangra dancers at 7.40 a.m. IST. It was indeed a sight to see, as the whole of the stadium went agog with bursting colourful ribbon crackers as Bhagawan made His grand entry in His open car, in the backdrop of a welcome song hailing His Advent. Bhagawan went straight on to the specially decorated Shanti Vedika to occupy the Special Throne to grand His coveted Birthday Darshan. It was indeed a wonderful sight to see the Lord in His white shining robe benevolently smiling at the devoted gathering that filled every nook and corner and galleries of the Stadium.

Soon the stage, which was specially erected at the western end was taken over by a group of dancers who were dancing to the tune of a welcome song which was followed by Telugu film star Sai Kumar who paid glowing tributes eulogising the Lord on the 80th Year of His Advent on earth. Soon after, cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar, an ardent devotee of Bhagawan for the last three decades took over the mike to pay His obeisance on his behalf as well as all others assembled at the Stadium. Simultaneously, there was a procession of devotees from different continents with diverse cultures united with one single thread of Love for Bhagawan paying obeisance at His Lotus Feet in their traditional style. Sri Gavaskar who compered the show in English introduced Maj. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, India’s Silver Medalist at the Athens Olympics, followed by members of current Indian Cricket Team, namely, V.V.S. Laxman, Murali Karthik, R. P. Singh, J.P.Yadav, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, Sreeshant, and Sachin Tendulkar. Maj. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore was invited by Sunil Gavaskar to hoist the Global Peace Insignia for the well being of humanity. Maj.Rathore after receiving blessings from Bhagawan took it out of Shanti Vedika went on to the specially erected stage to show the Insignia to the mammoth gathering before hoisting the same to the high end near Hanuman Statue. Soon a scroll rolled down on the western slope with the message, “May there be Peace, Unity and Love in the World”. Sachin Tendulkar in his prayer to Bhagawan said they are extremely honoured to be in His presence on this auspicious occasion. He further prayed on behalf of the entire cricket team members to bless them and stay with them.

The first speaker for the session was Sri Indulal Shah, formerly World Chairman of Sri Sathya Sai Organisations, and currently Advisor to the Prasanthi Council, the overseeing body for Sri Sathya Sai Organisations, Overseas. Mr. Shah while offering his prayerful salutations at His Lotus Feet mentioned that he has been under the Divine Grace and Protection for the past forty years under whose Guidance he could see the birth and growth of Sri Sathya Sai Organisations. Bhagawan’s Message of Love is beyond countries, culture, religion and race and it is time for all of us to blend into Brotherhood of Mankind.

Dr. Michael Goldstein, Chairman, Prasanthi Council, the overseeing body for Sri Sathya Sai Organisations, Overseas in his exhilarating speech highlighted that the era of peace is here for us to experience. Bhagawan is fathomless, never ending Divine Love and we have the golden fortune to be here on this day of age when God walks on Earth. Talking about the Divine Mystery of Bhagawan, he said that he had the temerity to ask Bhagawan to see the world through His eyes for which Bhagawan replied that if he was allowed to see through His eyes, he would not want his family, his wealth, his body or anything in life. Dr. Goldstein then prayed to Bhagawan to bless the huge concourse of devotees with His Divine Benedictory Message.

Bhagawan in His Divine discourse highlighted the importance of Sathya, Dharma, Shanti and Prema in one’s daily conduct. These seminal values should permeate one’s conduct from dawn to dusk. Man is not ‘Manava’ if he does not help fellow humans in distress. Referring to people who involve themselves in social work, He said that people instead of doing social work do ‘show’ work. Realisation of one’s innate divinity is one’s goal of life. But, unfortunately man today craves for the deep wine of worldly pleasures instead of pursuing the path of self-realisation. Bhagawan asked people to emulate His ideal of selfless love and service for humanity. In all His Divine discourses He invariably speaks on the values of Truth and Love. The quintessence of His teachings is Truth and Love. He expressed His joy at the vast concourse of humanity that throng the Hill View Stadium and blessed them to enjoy long, peaceful and happy life. He said that people would derive real ananda by practising His teachings.

After His Divine Discourse there was display of fireworks and Bhagawan personally distributed prasadam to each member of Indian Cricket team.

evening:23- nov- 05   evening celebrations Photos

"Swami was accompanied to mandir by bands and dance groups at around 5:00 pm. It was one of best night time events in Puttaparthi in a long time. It was a musical night. Some very well known Indian musicians participated in the program. Pundit Shiv Kumar Sharma, Kavitha Krishna Murthy and Dana Gillespie to name a few. Even the drizzling rain could not stop the event from going. The whole stadium was filled with beautiful music. Any one worried about the darkness in the stadium would have been reassured by seeing Swami in glowing yellow dress. To top it all up after the musical program there was one of the best fire works displays ..."  click on the picture (left & above) to see large size  source

Note: Watch out for Sanskar TV around 9 PM (India) and 3:30 PM (GMT) for Telecast of Birthday Celebrations.


Past Birthday messages

You are really fortunate, having done great merit, for you are able to enjoy the Divine proximity of Sai. It is your great good fortune that you are able to sing with Swami and play with Him. You are with Sai and Sai is with you. That is why I often say, "I and you are one." The power and glory of God is beyond the ken of human understanding. Develop unwavering faith in him.

- 23 Nov. 2003

On this Birthday, you have to learn something very important, i.e., do not waste your time in idle talk. Time once lost cannot be regained. Consider truth as God. Sathyannasti Paro Dharmah (there is no Dharma greater than adherence to truth). Hence follow the path of truth and practise righteousness.

-23 Nov. 2002



"When I was coming here this morning, everyone wished me "Happy Birthday"! I am always happy. You have to wish a Happy Birthday to one who does not have happiness. I do not need it. If you want to attain happiness, you should understand that happiness is union with God. Every human being imagines that happiness is somewhere outside him and strives to attain it through various activities.

-23 Nov. 2001

"What can I tell you for the day? Whenever I see you, My heart overflows with love. When I visibly see so many of you exhibiting your love for Me, there is no limit to My joy. I have not sent out invitations to any of you. The love in Me has drawn you here. Your love to God and God's love to you is the true message. What can one say as a message? I give and you receive and you give and I receive. This exchange is the true bondage between man and God. You should all be comfortable and happy. Increase your spiritual dimensions. Live with the firm conviction that there is a single divinity resident in all."

-23 Nov. 2000


"Who invited you here? You have all come here out of love for Swami. Out of this love alone, so many thousands have assembled here. Here is Bhagavan ready to be taken away by you. Carry Him away with you as you like. Those who love Bhagavan wholeheartedly, to them He belongs wholly. All that Bhagavan asks of you is your wholehearted unconditional love. Recognize this truth and lead your life filled with love. Take this as Swami's gift to you. Do not hate anybody. Hating anybody is no different from hating God Himself. Surrender your whole being and belongings to God. Experience unalloyed Divine bliss."

-23 Nov. 1999


"This is the birthday of this body. Truly speaking I have no birthday. Since all of you have assembled here, I am celebrating this day as birthday. This birthday is not important for Me. The day when all of you are happy is My true birthday. I desire nothing but your Bliss, Love and Sacrifice. My Bliss lies in your being the embodiments of thyaga and yoga and experiencing divinity there from. I wish that you all live an ideal life in peace and security. On this auspicious day fill your hearts with noble feelings and chant the name of God."

-23 Nov. 1998


"As I was coming to the Hall, many devotees greeted me with the words, "Happy Birthday!" They should wish for "happy birthdays" for those who are not happy. I do not need your birthday greetings. The Divine is perennially in bliss (Nithyaanandam)."

- 23 Nov. 1997


"Today thousands of people have gathered here. What has brought them together here? Love is the main cause. Without love few of you would have come from such distant places (cheers). How does this love express itself? It is a process of give and take. You have to receive God's love. And you have to offer your love. But both are one and the same love. God's love is reflected in your bodies. That is the meaning of the Gita declaration: "A fragment of Mine is present in everyone in the cosmos".

 - 23 Nov. 1996


"We celebrate birthday. What is this birthday? Whose birthday? We say my birthday. Who am I? You don't ask that question. You say my birthday because you identify yourself with the body. But later you say it is my stomach. If you say my stomach, then who are you? You say my senses, my mind, my intellect, then who am I? You are separate. This is my kerchief. When I say this, I am different from my kerchief. When you say my body, you and the body are different. Therefore, the body, mind, senses, intellect, all are instruments. But you are the master for all these. That is I. Make an effort to recognize that I.

It is the 70th birthday of this body. You have to know one important thing. Swami does not need anything. He does not expect any dress. Swami belongs to you. Swami is not separate from you. You are not separate from Swami. That is the intimate relation between Swami and you."

70th Birthday- 23 Nov. 1995


"Today as an offering to Swami, give up meat eating, consuming liquor and smoking. By renouncing these three, you will benefit yourselves as well as society and the nation. If you wish to carry out Swami's aim, renounce from this moment itself these three bad practices. Do not put it off to tomorrow. Take the resolve from this moment. Expecting that you will carry out Swami's wish and thereby promote the well being of your family and the nation, I bless all of you"

- 23 Nov. 1994

"You celebrate the birthday of Bhagavan. But do you follow the teachings? You will experience the fruits of celebrating the birthday only when you follow the teachings."

"You should not be concerned with how many have come for Swami's birthday but how many are following Swami's teachings. If every devotee is able to influence two persons, soon the whole world will be reformed. Embodiments of love! There is only one thing you have to offer to Me today. Pray that people in all countries, may the entire humanity, should be happy and at peace. "Lokaas samasthaas-sukhino bhavanthu" (Let all the worlds be happy). Then alone there will be real unity. Do not wish me only for the peace and prosperity of India alone. Pray for the welfare of all countries. All are our brothers, whether they are in Pakistan or America or elsewhere." 

- 23 Nov. 1993


"Why is it that so many lakhs of people have gathered here today? There must be some compelling reason for it. You must be seeking something which you have not found in your native place. There would be no need for you to incur all this expenditure if you could find what you wanted in your own place. Here there is Divine Love. It is this powerful magnet of Divine Love which has been attracting all the iron filings in the form of human beings."

- 65th Birthday, 23 Nov 1990


" I desire one thing from you. Develop brotherhood with all. Adopt right conduct always. Give up selfish activity. Welcome all chances to serve the illiterate and the poor.
As part of the sixtieth Birthday Celebrations, I am prescribing a test which you have to accept. When you undergo it and emerge victorious, you can be pronounced as real humans. The farmer ploughs the field, sows the seed and watches the crop grow, until the grain is harvested. The next process is winnowing. The light chaff will then be carried away by the wind and the hard grain will stay. I shall start winnowing from now; the test will remove the chaff."
- 60th Birthday, 23 Nov 1985

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