Prof Anil Kumar was in Singapore from 10-13 May 2005. Mp3 downloads of satsang

He spent 3 beautiful days with Singapore Sai Devotees. He had satsang with Sai Devotees on Wednesday, 11 th May and spoke to youth on 12 th May. Both sessions held at the Singapore Polytechnicís Convention Hall were well received by Sai devotees and youth. Listening to Professor Anil Kumar's speech transported many of Sai devotees to Prashanti Nilayam where Prof Anil Kumar translates when Swami gives his divine discourses. His talks were not only enlightening but filled with humorous expressions. He answered several questions raised by the devotees.

Besides the talks, he also visited some places of interest like the Jurong Bird Park, Little India, Geylang Village and Bugis Junction. Prof Anil Kumar also visited Sunlove Home, Bukit Batok Home and Sathya Sai Kindergarten as part of his official visits. He also met representatives from the Islamic Fellowship Association, Buddhist and Jain faith.

Though the visit was short, Professor Anil Kumar touched many hearts and left a lasting impression of his love and warmth among all those he came in contact with.

Prof. Anil Kumar's Talks over the two days have been recorded and can be downloaded below.
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Day 1 - An Evening of Satsang

Low Quality
Day 1 - Part 1
Day 1 - Part 2
Day 1 - Part 3
Size - 7 MB
Day 1 - Part 4
Size - 7 MB

Day 2 - A Talk for the Youth

Low Quality
Day 2 - Part 1
Day 2 - Part 2
Day 2 - Part 3
Day 2 - Part 4
Day 2 - Part 5

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