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Vibuthi Oozing in Large quantity from our beloved Bhagawan's photo at Chennai

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" Have a Blissful Tuesday.
"Vibuthi in large quantities oozing from the Photo of our beloved
Bhagawan at Chennai Sundaram.  I am sharing the inspiring photos
taken by me last Sunday (4-12-2011) at Sundaram.


I am also sharing 2 photos taken by me on 4-12-2011 at Sai Bro. Shri
T.N. Seshan's (Former Election Commissioner of India) residence at 
St. Marys Road, Chennai.   You will find that our Bhagawan (Face in Vhibhuti) 
appeared in the materialized Vhibhuti at his residence. Really 
inspiring one.

With love and light.

Om Shri Sairam.

In Sai Service.


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