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Prasanthi Nilayam

Sai Baba Darshan  : Eye witness account submitted to SBOI-Group

Sunday, July  20, 2008


Monday, July 21,2008

29th July - 5th Aug. 2008

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29th July -5th Aug. 2008
Om sairam dearest Sai Family,

Many elders in India say, Life is a Puppet show and the puppeteer is none other than Lord Himself. Every thing in our life happens according to His will and the string is always in His hands. Very few of us realise this truth and the person whom we can refer to at this juncture is Mr.Ajit Poppat, who very rightly and truly calls himself and addresses himself as PUPPET..

This particular Puppet is very disciplined and very hardworking and a humble servant of our beloved Lord, who has taken the responsibility to take the Sathya Sai Mission to leaps and bounds..
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To do so, in the early hours of Monday,29th July 2008, 173 Puppets (children) of Sai Kingdom (United Kingdom) the chosen souls landed in the holy land of Puttaparthi, the Puppeteer's land on a 9 day Sadhana Camp. A camp planned by the PUPETEER Himself, with some chosen puppets, this time from the UK, probably to tighten some strings which other wise were going the other way, a DIVINE CHANCE to mould one self, and a rare opportunity to experience the SUPREME BLISS, that bliss one can experience only in the immediate presence of our beloved Lord.

After seeing the whole group for the first time, I was so thrilled and happy. Every one of them seemed very fortunate and they were pretty well aware that they were there on the Divine Invitation. Many of them wearing a cosmopolitan look, yet very humble and simple. Many of them would have been living a lavish life, with all the comforts the WORLDLY WORLD could provide, yet some lacuna in their hearts. They all came to fill that VACCUM. The camps they had and the kind of speakers they were exposed to during non darshan hours was very well received by them..

One particular brother, whom I met, a young boy of Indian origin, said, I just can't imagine how my life would have been without Swami. I would still come to India to visit my relatives, but it would have been a pure WORLDLY trip, with a visit to family members, and a week or two in a hill resort to an exotic location in India. Now that I am in Swami's fold, I don't think of any such trips and my only focus is SWAMI and just SWAMI..

This unique and spiritually uplifting camp comprised of workshops based on Swami's teachings, bhajan sessions, yoga classes and spiritually motivating talks by guest speakers.


Photo slide show by SSSBPT Org


Onward Forward Godward - Pilgrimage by the UK youth - (Source- SSSBPT.org)

July 31, August 01 & 03, 2008

They came not seeking God, but to see God in human and with a motive to experience Love in Action. 173 devotees from the United Kingdom, including 133 Youth embarked upon a special pilgrimage to Prasanthi Nilayam with a firm commitment to participate in a 9-day Youth Sadhana Camp at His Divine Lotus Feet, at specific instructions and blessings from Bhagawan.

The journey originally began on the 17th May 2008, with a formal youth meeting in the UK to discuss and explain the purpose of the Sadhana Camp, finally culminated with a most beautiful stint at His Divine Lotus Feet in Prasanthi Nilayam. Just before embarking on to the pilgrimage, the entire troupe participated in a Summer Course held in Leicester in the UK from 25th to 27th of July 2008 which served as a preparatory camp before the Parthi sessions. This unique and spiritually uplifting camp comprised of workshops based on Bhagawan’s teachings, bhajan sessions, yoga classes and spiritually motivating talks by guest speakers.
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The excitement within the group could be felt by all those around! After all how can the intense yearning of the heart be
contained? They were about to be reunited with the Master!! (in the physical sense). Swami came out for darshan at 4.35pm and the immense joy and bliss that the group experienced during their first darshan was beyond words! Swami took a full round of the Sai Kulwant hall in His chair and gave joy and bliss to one and all. Swami took the Aarthi and as He was leaving for His Divine Abode, Swami very graciously called Puppet (the leader of the UK Group) and enquired about the Group and showered His blessings.

Wednesday 30 July 2008

On the morning of the 30th at 5.00pm exactly, the group Sadhana began with 21 Omkaras, Suprabhatam, Spiritual session, Jyoti Meditation and Yoga Asanas, which was conducted by trained Yoga teacher a disciple of famous Yoga Icon Baba Ramdev . Thereafter, they all gathered in the Sai Kulwant Hall and were eagerly awaiting the arrival of our beloved Lord. However, Swami did not come out for darshan and the devotees enjoyed the bhajan session with the Aarthi being offered at 9.30 AM. In the afternoon, Swami came out at 4.30pm to bless all with his divine darshan. During darshan, Swami stopped and took letters from many of the ladies and also spoke to a member of the UK Sadhana Camp group. Swami left for his divine abode, Yajur Mandiram, just after 6.10pm.

Thursday 31 July 2008


The group left for Sai Kulwant Hall at 7.30am. During morning Darshan, Bhagawan called Puppet and enquired about the group.

On the afternoon of the 31st of July, the children of Sai Kingdom UK were blessed to offer a heartfelt programme at the Divine Lotus Feet of Bhagavan Baba. Swami entered Sai Kulwant Hall at 4.35pm. His effulgence and divine radiance could be seen from afar!! During darshan, Swami showered His Divine motherly love to one and all as He went around the entire hall bringing great joy to barren hearts! Swami spoke with Puppet and out of His infinite grace allowed the UK Sadhana Camp group to offer a garland of group songs at the Divine Lotus Feet. These group songs consisted of a Telugu Song, a Telugu-English song and three English Songs, which were created, composed and musically arranged by the group members with the assistance of three of Swami's students, who were also part of the UK Sadhana Camp group. This was followed by Bhajans. Swami sat for a full hour looking at the group and blessing them all. In particular, an 82 year old English lady offered aarthi to Swami. Interestingly, Swami had commanded that she should accompany the group in July. Whilst she was offering the Aarthi, Swami was constantly smiling at her and raising his hands to bless her. Being our Divine Mother, Swami also sang most of the Aarthi with her, so as to make her comfortable! ! Furthermore, during Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu, Swami used his hands to gesture what the Shloka meant as He recited it out loud!!How lucky the world is that the Creator Himself is blessing His own creation to be happy and prosperous.. if there is any mishappening then it is not to blame Him but our selves as its all our BAD DEEDS which bring all the calamities and not the CURSE of God as many of us feel. Because GOD is ever loving and ever caring.. How can we explain the Divine Love of a million mothers? Seldom does Swami express such pure joy at physical level. Even after the aarthi had finished, Swami continued to sit in his chair and could not stop smiling at her and the group. What a sight to see! Swami then left for Yajur Mandiram at 6.10 pm.

Friday 1 August 2008

It was the morning of Friday 1st August and everyone was waiting anxiously for Swami to give His Divine Darshan. Bhajans began at 9.00am and whilst devotees were revelling in the joy of singing the glory of our beloved mother, our Swami brought immense joy to all as He entered the Sai Kulwant hall at 9.45am on his mobile throne!. Whilst Swami was giving darshan on the Verandah, he spoke to Puppet and enquired as to what the program was for the afternoon. He humbly responded that the group would like to offer a loving musical program but only if permitted by the Divine Will, which Swami was more than happy to do so and blessed the group!



Afternoon darshan was beautiful. Swami looked as fresh as a newly blossomed rose! At 3.55pm, a message was received from Swami's Divine Abode, where Swami had sent instructions from the divine residence for the group to begin their programme at 5.00pm even if He Himself was not present. Swami's immense compassion was evident as He was concerned that the devotees would have to wait for a long time otherwise. The UK children of Sai were also informed that they should finish the program by 6.00pm. However, to their utter surprise Swami came for darshan at 4.15pm!! This was a classic example of when Swami says 'Love My Uncertainty' . The programme started with a vocal and instrumental offering by an English girl, who was physically challenged. As she played the Piano, we could see that Swami was extremely happy. The second offering was a set of group songs, which consisted of four English songs, which were followed by Bhajans. During this time, Swami interacted with Puppet and blessed the entire group. During the Bhajans, Swami signalled for her and her mother to come onto the veranda, where to the surprise of everyone, Swami materialised a bracelet for her and spent several minutes interacting with them. Swami was extremely happy and raised his hands in benediction many times. Swami took Aarthi and returned to his divine abode at 6.15pm

Saturday 2nd August 2008

This morning Swami did not come out to give Darshan .

In the afternoon, Swami arrived for Darshan at 4.40pm and immediately called the Italian group for an Interview, which lasted for 50mins. After which Swami emerged from the Interview room and entered the Mandir. Swami accepted the Aarthi and left for Yajur Mandiram at 6.00pm.

The same evening the group was addressed by Dr Anil Kumar, who is the Head of Cardiology at the Shree Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences in Whitefield. He spoke about the real need for Medicare and how the youth can help raise awareness within rural areas in India and other developing countries with regards to hygiene and other health preventive
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The nexy day Dr.Voleti, the famous cardiac surgeon cum photographer (btw his 108 magical moments CD is a treat to watch and a testimony for his photography skills) , gave a beautiful talk to the group. Dr.Voleti was a famous surgeon the USA and had lived a lavish life in a house which had only 7 bedroom house and he had about 7 cars to drive around still couldn't find peace of mind... Even though he was born just 100 miles away from Parthi, he came to know about Swami only when he was 50 years old. He was of the opinion that Swami's timing is impeccable. He came to Parthi, when some one told him that there is a hospital which is 100% free and that could be worth a try. The very firstday Swami calls him for interview and the first question of the Doctor to Swami was Swami! I have everthing, I WANT PEACE.. Swami's answers are very simple and even a very fluent English speaker can't give answers like Swami.. Swami just replied the doctor Remove “I” remove “WANT” and only PEACE remains..

Now the doctor lives in a very small apartment with only one car and he is the Happiest person on Earth.

This afternoon 5th August Swami came for darshan at 4:30pm in His mobile Thorne and took a right turn infront of the stage skipping gents darshan lines..

As I type this email, a beautiful music programme by the Sai Youth of Himachal Pradesh is going..

This evening Prof.Anil Kumar is speaking to the UK group.

With humble pranams at the Lotus Feet of our beloved Lord

R.Satish Naik..

a puppet from the PUPPETEER'S ABODE...


Monday, July 21, 2008

Om Sairam dearest Sai Family,
Its 7;30pm and darshan has just finished and wanted to share this beautiful incident which occured at 7:05pm when a large group from previous Soveit Republic gave a breathtaking concert and the music director of the concert was at her best and many times the audience couldnt stop applauding even though the language they sang was not known to us..
I was very sure that Swami would be materialising something to this very talented lady and after all the songs, Swami signalled the lady to sit down and it was bit surprising for us and our Lord's ways are always mysterious and WE SHOULD LOVE HIS UNCERTAINITY.. and after 5 minutes or so, when the students were busy distributing Prasadam there came big screams from the singing group, who still had the mikes before them..and to our surprise, we saw a dazzling GOLDEN LINGAM double the size of a normal egg in Swami's hands which was materialised by wave of His hands.... I couldnt believe myself, I thought, hope its not SHIVARATHRI and Swami very lovingly called the Music director and as all of us joined our hands, Swami presented the golden lingam to her and she was the happiest person on this earth and she definitely has a reason..... a DIVINE GIFT and a VERY VERY RARE GIFT FROM SWAMI.. Will update about the divine discourse and others talks later...
Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sairam Om Sai Ram dearest Sai Family, The Abode of our beloved Lord is
full of festivity & gaiety. One gets a feeling as if one is seeing the whole
world compressed into a tiny place Puttaparthi. People from all walks of the
life, culture, religion and to be precise devotees from more than 150 countries
are here,

it would be appropriate if I say HAVE BEEN SENT THE DIVINE INVITATION to be part of this non-religious yet highly spiritual festival..every one of us were looking forward to the afternoon  session when our beloved Lord was scheduled to inaugurate the Sri Sathya Sai world Education conference
2008.Swami came at 4.30 pm and the SAI SYMPHONY orchestra was all set for a
performance. Swami in His wheel chair came on to the dais after giving
darshan. After settling on  the dais Swami asked for two more chairs for Sri
Goldstien and Sri Srinivasan. both of them were blessd to speak on the
occassion.Sri Goldstien who was in a blue blazer,looking more
slim & trim went upto to Swami to take His blessings. Goldstein a well
known person within the circles of Sai family highlighted the importance of
Education in human values and the role played by Sai Schools. He reminded the
active role to be played by the Balvikas Gurus.Sri Goldstien who gave a very
inspiring talk later requested Swami to give suggestions & guidance for the
participants. it was the turn of Sri Srinivasan to take the center stage and Sri
Srinivasan was of the opinion that Balvikas is the foundation for any
child’s bright future.He said there are close to 99 Sai schools in
India itself and about 50,000 students have been enrolled for the
programme. many schools are asking to  conduct balvikas classes in their
respective premises..after he finished

the talk all eyes were on Swami as if
asking HOW ABOUT A DIVINE DISCOURSE SWAMI? and Swami in no time signaled for the mike and our own Prof.Anil Kumar came closer to Swami and thus confirming
that we will be blessed to listen to the nectarine voice, the pure and unsullied truth directly from the SOURCE
Seated on His throne Swami started His discourse with His most famous PREMA SWAROOPULARA address. Today, Swami preferred to use Prof.Anil Kumar's mike instead of His regular tiny mike, so Prof.Anil Kumar had to wait for the mike and once it was set up, the nectarine river of Brahma Gnana flowed incessantly.
Swami started by Saying, Goldstein and Srinivasan have said about Education and its values and not much is left to say…Swami highlighted the importance of Educare. He was of opinion that there are crores of people who are educated BUT how many are practicing the real HUMAN NESS, how many are compassionate, its just COME FASHION and not COMPASSION.
Swami urged all the youth to be united, lead a harmonious life. Not to divide this world into countries and regions. Swami amidst loud applauds said, in another 20 years THERE WILL NOT BE ANY CASTE, NO RELIGION AND NO GEOGRAPHICAL BARRIER AND THERE WILL BE ONLY ONE GOD.. That was the highlight statement of today's divine discourse.
He also cautioned the wicked to give up their evil tendencies as  for every action there is REACTION, REFLECTION AND RESOUND. No one can escape the consequences of Bad actions. He also said, many developed countries are behind oil rich countries harassing them and imposing un necessary restrictions which is not good.
Swami also said, don’t give much importance to the body. To make it clear He took His hand kerchief and said, This is MY kerchief. Which means KERCHIEF is separate and MY is separate. Who is this MY. My is the ATMA. If any one asks Who are you? You should say IAM GOD. Just that statement of yours will make you GODLY and that is the way one should lead the life.
Swami also urged not to divide the  society as RICH  and POOR. The one who can’t earn God’s grace is the poorest of the poor and not in terms of Money and positions.
As thousands were listening to Swami attentively, Swami re assured that He would be speaking again tomorrow (21st July) and would clear all the doubts from our minds and it was getting closer to 6pm and Swami whose voice was sweet and firm concluded His divine discourse after which He asked for the Sai Symphony Orchestra to take over the stage.
Sai Symphony Orchestra consisting a mix of  devotees from various countries were practicing for quite some time now. and they rendered a blend of music from various countires starting from Russia, then Italy, Germany, UK and so on..
The introduction between every song was very good
As the time was getting closer to 7pm, Swami signaled to close today’s session and thus came the curtains down for a beautiful SAI fill day..Today it was a beautiful experience and a very energetic SAI DAY and no one felt like leaving the Kulwanth Hall,  Like every one of us, surprisingly even the sun probably didn’t want to go to His duty to USA, and was still in the west and after bidding farewell to the LORD OF THE LORDS as HE entered into HIS Physical abode, the SUN GOD went to USA to wake all the brothers and sisters there..
With Humble Pranams at the Lotus Feet of our Beloved Lord
R.Satish Naik