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Click on the dates below to read the eye witness account from
Prasanthi Nilayam

Sai Baba Darshan  : Eye witness account submitted to SBOI-Group

24th Aug 08 Krishnastami




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Om Sairam dearest Sai Family,

Greetings from Kali Yuga's Mathura , Puttaparthi. Puttaparthi is full to its brim with devotees from all parts of the world. There are devotees in some thousands from Vishakapatnam, a city in the state of Andhra Pradesh on Parthi Pilgrimage. Added to that as Krishnastami, falls on Sunday, the crowd has doubled in number.

Sai Kulwanth hall, was full by 8am and all eyes were glued at the Abode of our Lord Sai. People from all walks of life sitting together, waiting for a glimpse of our loving Sai Ma, some meditating, some praying, some appreciating the beautifully decorated Kulwanth hall, the dias in particular was decorated with beautiful curtains, of Krishna's colour, dark blue. At 9:00 am, there was some music played in the gate right across the dias. Excitement mounts ups beautifully decorated Sai Geetha Jr Sathya Geetha, Our beloved late Sai Geetha's successor, walks into the Divine Abode, reminding us the beautiful days of Sai Geetha's visit to Sai Kulwanth hall during festivals. Looked exactly like her, except the height. Sri Pedda Reddy, Sai Geetha's caretaker was assigned the same job again. as soon as she entered the hall, it started jumping, moving her head up and down, a treat to all the devotees young and old, men and women.

Just behind her were some students, specially dressed like cow herders with cows from Swami's Gokulam, some students were holding other animals and some students holding white pigeons. Now the whole atmosphere was all set for a grand welcome to the Lord, who cared all these animals and who is caring them like before, to grant His divine darshan. In 10 minutes or so, all the boys near Swami's house stand in attention and in no time arrives our beloved Sai Krishna, glowing like the morning sun, giving us a feeling that the sun risen from West, clad in TURMERIC yellow robe, symbolizing auspicious ness, seated majestically in His mobile Throne, what a treat to the eyes!!! With His beautiful smile, Sai Krishna of yesteryears, Sathya Sai Baba of this modern Age, enters the Sai Kulwanth hall, all the thirsty souls dip in the ocean of Happiness, that ocean which is nectarine, Divine, blissful, that ocean which doesn't exist in the map of the world, but still exists, that ocean which is water less, still good enough to soak every heart in that infinite bliss, that ocean which is intangible but still one could feel the coolness from it, that oceanic experience which can be experienced only in the immediate presence of Lord Sai...

Smiling sweetly at the ladies Swami's Throne is slowly wheeled. All the animals in the center of the hall, stand in rapt attention as their Lord gets closer and closer. If we, the devotees present this morning where the Gopis and Gopalas of Dwapara Yuga, what would these animals be, probably the same Cows which were looked after by Lord Krishna, those cows which were fortunate to listen to the sweet music of Lord Krishna's flute and forget about grazing. Wasting no time, Swami stops by the Little Geetha, which was already in ecstasy, caresses her and Swami slowly went bit forward. He passed by each cow and other animals. Swami took 2 white pigeons and freed them into the open air, those fortunate pigeons, who could sit in the divine hands for those fraction of seconds, flew high in happiness to the roof of Sai Kulwanth hall and land in a nice spot for BALCONY darshan , as we devotees joined our hands for a big round of applauds to show our happiness Swami with His sweet smile got back to the dias skipping the gents lines. Sending white pigeons also has a significance since ages in India . It symbolizes peace and tranquility. The Lord of the Lords, by letting free those white pigeons has send the Peace message, and very soon INSHA SAI (Sai Willing) there will be peace and tranquility in this world and the world will very soon be a place FIT for Human dwelling.

Clad in His yellow robe, Swami was all smiles looking at His devotees who were here on His divine invitation. Keenly looking at every one, probably checking if there were any one missing from His invitation list!!! As the Veda chanting continued for about 15 minutes..

Swami then signaled for songs. Students rendered beautiful songs on Krishna and later there was an unique music programme in which Lord Krishna's flute dominated. The programme was done by Swami's students and after 30 minutes or so, Swami signaled for Arathi.

My favourite Doodh Peda (a sweet made of milk) was distributed and Swami stayed for more than 10 minutes on stage even after Arathi, looking at the students majority of them from Swami's primary school) art work on various themes. Swami blessed each and every one, spoke to a few and granted Padanamaskar to all. And like a icing on the cake, Swami raised both His hands to bless us all and that was so kind of Swami, after which Swami's Toyota Porte headed to His Abode..


The morning session of Krishnashtami had all the SAI ELEMENTS and if there was any thing that was missing it was the divine discourse, which usually starts with a Sweet poem on Krishna ..


In the after noon Swami came at 4pm and headed to interview room. He gave a very long interview to a group probably from Japan if Iam correct after which bhajans started, most of them on Lord Krishna. Swami left to His divine Abode after Arathi at 6:30pm ending yet another memorable day in my Prashanthi diary..

Submitted to SBOI-Group Join Group Sai Baba Of India - "SBOI"

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