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Sairams to one and all from the abode of our beloved Lord. Today India celebrated her 60 years of independence. There were many celebrations, plays and speeches all over India
but one celebration stood apart and that is the independence day celebration in Puttaparthi. Our UNIVERSAL Lord,was kind enough to celebrate India's independence day celebration and
yet again, He took this opportunity to ignite the Modern Man's brain, to know His real self..The day, which was supposed to be a normal festive day turned out to be a memorable day and thanks to Swami, for all the surprises He had today...This afternoon the Kulwanth hall was almost full and a large group from West Bengal state youth is here in Parthi. They were scheduled to perform a drama in front of Swami and the stage was set for the same..Swami arrived to grant darshan around 3:30 pm and after taking full round in the hall, got down from His car near the interview room. It was 3:45 by then and Swami was seen speaking to some devotees in the verandah, As Swami went into the interview room, Mr.Gokak, the present Vice-Chancellor of Sathya Sai University, announced that Swami has blessed three speakers this afternoon, which included Mr.Venkatraman (my all time favourite), Mr.Giri (former Vice -Chancellor) and Mr.Srinivasan (President of Sathya Sai Trust in India) which would be followed by musical programme by the students of Swami's college and followed by the drama b y the west Bengal youth...The three speakers were at their best, combining patriotism with spirituality and many times reminding the youth to live the life of our great freedom fighters and follow the path of
Ahimsa...It was 5:05 pm by then and just then surprising every one Swami signalled for the discourse table and before all of us could realise what was going on Swamistarted His divine discourse which seemed to be emotional and full of Atma Gnana....
It was not usual discourse where Swami would say a line or two and wait for Prof.Kumar to translate.. today, Swami spoke in telugu non stop... The discourse went on exactly for 25 mins..Excerpts from the discourse..The speakers who spoke before mentioned many incidents happened in the freedom struggle and many mentioned names of various freedom fighters but every one forgot to remember Subhash Chandra Bose (for people who are new to Indian freedom struggle, Mr.Bose was a freedom fighter, who formed his own army by name Azak Hind Force to fight the British. He, with his speeches attracted hardcore fighters, and formed a separate army.. His death was and even today is surrounded with controversies, as some believed he died in a air crash and some say he is still alive, but brushing aside all the stories, Swami today said, he didn't die in a air crash)
back to discourse...Bose is one such a leader who preached and practiced what he said. Now a days you find many preaching but none is practicing.... of what use are such people. All are saying but no body is practicing.. they are saying crores of things but not practicing even one. Subhash Chandra Bose's daughter was a great devotee of Swami...She used to come to Puttaparthi and when I went to Kodai,Whitefield she also came there. she was with me always. Subhash Chandra Bose sent her to me... He was also a great devotee. He had come to Bukkapatnam to meet Me and appreciated the work I was doing in a tender age. India is a land of such great people. He worked for independence without any trace of selfishness. He had no difference of caste, creed. He believed that all are one.  all are one. love all serve all. Atma is present everywhere...there are many rich people around.. But if any beggar comes to the door step asking for food, how many are giving food. What for is your richness, when you can't fill one poor man's stomach. there are so many such rich men in
India. U say sisters and brothers outwardly but you never consider any body as brothers and sisters. this country gives more importance to values.. there are many who were ready to sacrifice thier lives for values... DONT forget our great values....be like brothers and sisters and then only you will have swaraj...
 all are doing village service. only when you do service with love, u will have independence, then only this life will have a value. Students are studying here, if you don't practice all this there is no use... i bless you all to lead a more valuable life, fruitful life as Human life is the RAREST.....

Later Prof.Anil Kumar, who was seen taking notes fastly while Swami was speaking, took permission from Swami to give a summary of His 25 minutes discourse, and he finished his job in 10 minutes. after which followed patriotic and spiritual songs by the students and then followed the play which was done so well.

Swami blessed 4 children with Vibhuthi and after interacting with the kids, stood up for a group photo....Arathi was given at 6:30 pm and thus ended a great day full of Sai love...

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